Potensic T25 GPS Drone Review 2022: Best Choice For You.

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Review 2022: Best Choice For You.
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Do you want a drone that is easy to operate, has a lot of fun features and looks good? This Potensic T25 review might be just what you’re looking for.

The consumer drones market is quickly rising, and drone makers are aggressively trying to build a name for themselves in this burgeoning business. Additionally, consumers now have more alternatives and higher-quality drones at reduced rates.

Potensic T25 GPS drone Review

Potensic T25 GPS drone Review

Key Features

  • 2k Camera
  • FPV
  • GPS Autonomous Return to Home
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Altitude Hold
  • 9 Axis Gyroscope
  • Ten Minutes Flight Time
  • Built-in Functions: Follow Me, LED, GPS Return Home, HD WiFi Camera, 3D VR Function
  • Goggles Support: Put your cellphone into the VR Glasses(not included).
  • Safer and more stable flight: The drone is equipped with Dual GPS. It will automatically return home when it is with low power or weak signal or lost.
  • Control Modes: Remote Control
  • Smart and Fun: Follow me Mode & Dual GPS lets you have all the videos & photos simultaneously, while Follow me mode is active. With the Flight Path Function, you can create your own flight path.


  • Follow me mode
  • Live Camera 1080p
  • GPS connection
  • Has WiFi connection
  • Parts that can be easily replaced
  • Small and compact


  • Battery life up to 10 minutes
  • Propellers are not protected
  • Motors could be even better

The Potensic T25 is a great drone for beginners. It’s easy to fly, has many advanced features, and has an excellent HD camera. Two intelligent flight modes make it easy to fly the drone and record videos. You can stream live to your smartphone using the FPV feature and share your images on social media.


Potensic T25 GPS- Design

The Potensic is very similar with an HD camera on the belly and landing legs to protect the camera from damage when the drone is landed. The Potensic T25, however, is smaller than the Phantom 4 Pro. It is also made from high-quality plastic.

It doesn’t have the same advanced features as the Phantom 4 Pro, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. The target audience is drone enthusiasts who want to have some fun and are not professionals aerial photographers.

Each rotor has LED lights that illuminate underneath, making it ideal for night-time flying.

It is small at 10.6×10.6×4.7 inches and less than 4lbs in weight. You can fly the drone indoors if you have a big house. Also, the propeller guards will help minimize any damage that could occur if you crash it.

You will receive a set of additional propellers and guards, 2 batteries, an extra charger, extra landing gear, and the remote control in the package.

It looks similar to a modern video gamepad. The remote control is easy to use and comfortable to hold. You can also attach your smartphone to the remote control for flying with the FPV feature.

You can also connect via WiFi using a Follow Me mode dual GPS free your hands, while the Potense drone automatically follows you, capturing all videos and photos

The T25 can fly as you wish once the custom flight path function has been activated.

The camera is my favorite feature of a drone. The PotensicT25 includes a decent camera for a hovering under $200.

Potensic T25 Camera

Potensic T25 Camera

The Potensic 25  came with an HD 1080p camera, but the 2K camera has been added to make it capable of recording quality video footage for a drone less than $200.

It features a 2K 120deg FOV lens, I real-time transmission camera, and can capture clear pictures even if the drone flies at high speed, letting you see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around.

Electronic stabilization of the images and footage is available. There is no 3-axis gimbal attached, but professional-grade photos can be taken without it.

Live streaming video can be done to your mobile phone. You can edit and share the footage on social media using the drone app.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Intelligent Flight Modes

The Potensic T25, like many drones today, has two flight modes.

Follow me – The drone can be linked to your smartphone via the app and will follow you around. This feature allows you to easily take photos or record yourself while out on a bike ride or walking.

The drone will locate your phone using GPS positioning. This will enable the drone to follow you around and take aerial photos.

Custom Flight Plan – This flight mode allows users to create a path for the drone to follow and return to its original destination.

Both of these flight modes are very easy to use, and anyone can fly them.

Intelligent flight modes are typically only available on higher-end drones. The fact that this drone includes two tells you how feature-rich PotensicT25 is.

You can also use the automatic return home button to reduce the chance of your drone being lost. This will provide additional safety measures in case you feel that you have lost control.

Dual GPS modules on the drone allow for all these flying modes. This ensures that you have precise information about the location of your drone.

Point of Interest

Plan flight routes with the built-in map on the APP. The Potensic T25 drone will fly as you want once the Point of Interest function activated. Making you enjoy more fun.


The drone features a safety and stable flight system. This drone has a modular battery that provides a solid drone battery life to allow for longer flights. It is similar to the Snaptain S5C Wifi FPV Drone.


You will need a good range for your first drone purchase, such as the Altair AA108. The drone has a control range of up to 300 meters, so it can go further and faster than other drones.

Other Features


9 Axis –Gyroscope

While most beginner-friendly drones have a 6-axis-gyroscope to provide flight stability, the Potensic T25 has a 9 axis gyroscope that provides greater stability. This makes the drone more wind resistant and provides better quality images and videos.

3 Speed Modes

Depending on your skill, you can choose between three-speed modes that will affect how fast the drone moves and how much control it has.

Headless Mode

This mode allows you to fly your drone without having to know its orientation or the direction its tail and head are pointed. Because the controls are simple to grasp, this mode is ideal for beginners. You should only turn off the headless mode if you are comfortable with the drone’s head and tail and have a better understanding of the controls.

Intelligent Battery

The drone uses one Li-Po 1000mAh battery. It also has LED lights to indicate power level and can be easily inserted into the drone’s back. The drone will automatically return home if the battery indicator shows a low charge. It is also known as an intelligent battery. This makes it less likely that your drone will be stolen.

Flight Time

Potensic T25 GPS drones Battery life

The battery has a flight time of approximately 8 minutes. We ordered an extra battery to double the flight time between charging sessions.

The more time you spend hovering, and the better your photos and videos will turn out, the more efficient you’ll be.

Your flying machine will automatically return home if it runs out of power. If it does, you can track it down without any difficulty.

Battery life is the main complaint from pilots. If you are flying for 30 minutes, we recommend at least one additional battery.

You can also remove the battery from the controller. It takes 60 minutes for the battery to charge, even if you have a power bank.

Flight and GPS Performance

Flight and GPS Performance

Potensic offers a few features to help beginners pilot the drone.

First, you’ll find a button-free take-off that works exactly as advertised. Auto-land is another option that takes the frustration out of landing by landing for you.

The T25 was responsive to the controller and had minimal lag. This includes footage delay.

Features and Functions

First Person View

This quadcopter features the FPV function, which allows you to view what your quadcopter is seeing in real-time.

GPS Lock

To turn off GPS if you are in an area where there is no signal lock, press the right side joystick and hold it for 2 seconds. This will also turn off all other GPS-dependent features like follow-me or return home.

Follow me Mode

We were excited to discover Follow me. During testing, the drone performed as expected, and should you back it up, it will advance.

There are a few GPS drifts that can occur which sometimes lead to us having to step back and it continuing its advance.

Expect facial recognition and similar features. The drone transmits GPS data using your smartphone. It is still a great use of technology and comes at a reasonable price.

Mode of Headless

Unique function: A headless mode. This means that forward is always forward, depending on the controller’s start position. The left side is in forwarding’s left motion.

This is especially useful if you think grid-type. You will have to mentally remap the controls if the drone flips over due to the fact that you’ve just traveled it behind you.

One-Touch to Take Off

The quadcopter will lift to approximately five feet above the ground when you press the button to take off.

Return to Home

There is also a one-push return to the home function that will send you back with a GPS signal. This feature is very useful as the drone can fly for around 300m, which is quite a distance for a model at this price.

When the drone is in GPS mode, press the Return button. It will return to the takeoff point you have set. You can easily find your drone if it is out of sight. Don’t worry about it getting lost.


Potensic T25 GPS - Accessory

The T25 is well-assembled right out of the box. After the first unboxing, you will realize that you made the right choice.

You will also receive a detailed user manual, an extra protection guard, two additional landing gears, a USB charger, four extra protection guards, and a screwdriver when you order this product.


To extend its life, this Pontensic T25 GPS Drone FFPV RC comes with safety protection guards. Propeller guards protect the drone from damage during rough landings and are ideal for novices or experts to protect their hands. Similar to Holy Stone HS170.

Safety Protection Guards

Safe enough for the beginner or expert because the Potensic T25 drone with durable rubbery plastic and Protection Guards

How to Fly Safely

How to Fly Safely

The drone has many features that will ensure you don’t miss it when it’s in flight.

It is also equipped with GPS tracking technology that allows you to precisely position your quadcopter, preventing any loss.

This drone also comes with 4 LEDs, making it easy to track it while you fly it at night.

The drone can also perform an auto return if the connection drops or the battery runs out, thus preventing any possible crashes.

If your T25 drone is running on GPS, you can tell it to return to the point it took off by simply clicking the return home button.

These security features allow you to enjoy your flight without worrying about losing it.

The essential information you don’t miss when flying a drone if you don’t want to be fined:

Value for money – Is it worth it?

Value money - Is it worth it

This review section on the Potensic T25 focuses on the added value of customer support via online reports. Customers who had problems with their components received replacements quickly. This should add to the convenience of the deal.

The Potensic T25 FPV is not only low in batteries but also offers great value for money, especially for beginners. Apart from the functionality, a large portion of this value is in what the quadcopter comes equipped with. All the accessories are included to help you get started with flying.

The T25 quad is a great value, light and not too heavy, but it also has remarkable features.

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Overall, I believe this is the finest drone for beginners. It’s well-designed, has a lot of cool features, and is really simple to use. The Potensic is a beginner-friendly drone. It can, however, be flown by experienced pilots.

People may be concerned about the flight time. Most beginner-friendly drones, on the other hand, have similar flying times. You may save money by getting additional batteries to ensure that your drone has adequate power to fly. If you don’t want this drone, you can learn about DJI drones

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