Potensic Drone Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Potensic Drone Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Although Potensic may not be as well-known as other market leaders, don’t let this deceive you. They are able to speak for themselves and offer hope for customers who can’t afford top-of-the-line drones.

They make some of the best-priced, yet most feature-rich drones available. While the quality is excellent, some reviewers have pointed out that the design does not meet high standards. It is impossible to expect everything when you consider the specs and caliber of the Potensic drones.

In this article, Lucidcam will give the top Potensic drones for you

Top-rated Potensic Drones

Top-rated best Potensic Drone

Potensic T25 Drone with 2K...
4,381 Reviews
Potensic D58 4K GPS Drone with...
744 Reviews
Potensic D50, GPS Drone with...
405 Reviews
Drones with Camera for Adults...
965 Reviews

1. Potensic T25 GPS

  • The wide-angle HD 1080P camera
  • 3D VR function
  • GPS Return Home
  • Live videos
  • Long control range
  • In color: White
  • Dual GPS
  • Follow me mode
  • All-round functions
  • 4 channels
  • This GPS drone is approximately $140


  • The drone uses advanced 9-axis gyro technology that is more wind resistant and stable during flight.
  • Record clear, fluent images and videos.
  • FAA Compliant – This drone will be registered in the USA without the need to register with the FAA.
  • Sports action can be captured with ease using the detachable camera holder.
  • The drone will automatically follow the signal from your phone when you turn on GPS. This allows you to take images regardless of where you are.
  • Delightful battery life


  • You will need to do some assembly. Many videos are available online to make assembly easy.

The Potensic T25 is a great drone for beginners. It’s easy to fly, has many advanced features, and has an excellent HD camera. Two intelligent flight modes make it easy to fly the drone and record videos. You can stream live to your smartphone using the FPV feature and share your images on social media.

Don’t let the list of features above fool you. It is feature-rich, but it also has a low price considering its performance to be of a professional or high-end drones and specs.

Potensic T25 Drone with 2K...
4,381 Reviews

2. Potensic D58 FPV

  • FPV drone
  • 1080P cameras
  • 5G Wi-Fi
  • HD Live Video
  • GPS auto return
  • 2 batteries
  • Follow me mode
  • A portable case
  • It is approximately $190.


  • Safe Fight Experience – When your drone loses its signal or has a low battery, the GPS mode will automatically return it.
  • Different Speed Modes – Different speeds are designed to suit different drone operators.
  • Wide-angle cameras allow you to enjoy a wider field of view when shooting.
  • This drone’s 1080P camera captures stunning images and live video.
  • This drone is very easy to use because it only requires one key for takeoff and landing. It is easy to use by both adults and children.
  • The case is ideal for outdoor flying.


  • To save your images, you will need a micro SD Card.

Recently, the Potensic 58 Drone’s camera and controller were upgraded. They now rank among the best drones for amazing flying experiences and smarter functions that meet professional photographers and commercial users. The controller can be controlled up to 500m with 5G WiFI transmission. Drone enthusiasts will love the sporty design and top-quality materials. The flight time is only 18 minutes. This product is the first to feature advanced flight functions and smart functions that maximize the use of 1080P HD cameras.

The body of the D58 has a jet-black coating that exudes professionalism as it launches into space. It is compact, durable, and highly functional for all levels of users, whether they are professionals, beginners, commercial users, hobbyists, or professional users. It looks like the DJI Phantom 4, Potensic D85, and HS700 Ophelia quadcopter models.

The D58 is a drone that looks similar to the DJI Phantom 4, Potensic D85, and HS700 Ophelia. However, it has unique features and functions that set it apart from its competition. These include easy-to-use controls for beginners and special flying tricks that can be used by remote pilots.

The Potensic D58 comes to complete out of the box. You will receive the remote controller, screws, and a USB charging cable. The camera, propeller set, and user guide are all included in the kit. Although some assembly is necessary, it’s not difficult for most tech-savvy enthusiasts to do on their own.

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Potensic D58 4K GPS Drone with...
744 Reviews

3. Potensic D50

  • Offers stable flight for 12-15 minutes
  • Dual GPS/RTH mode
  • Three speeds – The drone can fly at 36-40 km/h.
  • 1500 mAh detachable battery
  • 5G Wi Fi transmission
  • 1080P FHD camera
  • Live video 5G FPV
  • The altitude hold feature
  • Follow me feature
  • It is approximately $140.


  • The Potensic drone is now equipped with the most recent image and video transmission technology.
  • Dual GPS and RTH positioning allow for a more stable flight.
  • You can view a real-time panorama of a landscape in VR mode.
  • The drone features a 5G Wi-Fi camera with high resolution. This camera will allow you to capture every moment from the air.
  • Advanced features like altitude hold and follow me. Follow me mode automatically follows and captures you wherever your drone goes.


  • You will need a 16/32GB SD card to enjoy 1080P content. These cards are not included in the drones.
  • Your phone must support advanced 5G WiFi transmission in order to enjoy it.

The Potensic D50 drone is lightweight and comes with an HD camera as well as advanced features. It can record at 1080p and stream live video in 720p. The transmission range is approximately 150m, but this may be slightly reduced if you use the FPV option.

The camera also includes a GPS module that allows for hovering and better tracking. There are also several smart flight modes that can be used, which are quite fun (when they work). It has a flying time of approximately 12-15 minutes.

Potensic D50, GPS Drone with...
405 Reviews

4. Potensic D88 Foldable Drone

  • Ultrasonic altitude setting
  • Positioning optical flow
  • Four brushless motors 1350 KV with case
  • 2K HD Full HD 5G Wi-Fi Camera
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • A 3400 mAh battery allows for 16-20 minutes of flight time with a single charge.


  • The drone can fly safely and precisely thanks to the combination of optical flow positioning and ultrasonic altitude determination.
  • The drone can fly at high speed safely thanks to its powerful power system. It can fly at speeds up to 50 km/h.
  • With its Wi-Fi transmission speed and no delays, the D88 drone allows you to enjoy an FPV experience. Clear images and fluent live video will bring you joy beyond your imagination.
  • A high-capacity intelligent battery provides a better experience on the flight.
  • The wings on the D88 drones can be folded completely. This makes it easy for you to transport and store the drone.
  • Flying the D88 is easy. Only two things are required to fly the D88: your smartphone and the remote control.
  • When the batteries are low, the D88 will auto return to its original state.
  • Way-point Flying – Plan your flight route by drawing dots on the built-in map on the app.
  • The GPS mode will show you the exact location of your drone.
  • The drone will fly clockwise to present a complete image around a point you have selected, such as a building or location.


  • To make the most of this drone, you will need a smartphone with a good camera.

The Potensic D88 foldable drone is decent and features a 2MP CMOS camera. It is also stabilized by a 1 Axis gimbal. The drone features a 2MP CMOS sensor that allows you to capture amazing aerial photos.

It also has dual GPS modules and intelligent flight mode options that will make it easier for you to fly it. This drone is very attractive and can fly for around 15-20 minutes. It is suitable for all ages.

It is approximately $270

Drones with Camera for Adults...
965 Reviews

5. Potensic T35 GPS Drone

  • GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning
  • Adjustable angle of 90 degrees 1080P HD Wi-Fi camera
  • Comes with a 2500mAh high-performance battery
  • Fly for up to 15 minutes on one charge
  • It is approximately $170.


  • Large, white body with nice appearance – The drone measures 16.5 inches X16.5 inchesx16.5 inches. This makes it ideal for outdoor flying. The T35 drone’s body is smooth and easy to hold. It will be a hit with everyone.
  • The new propellers are more efficient and powerful.
  • Fully Equipped Drone – Includes one key takeoff/landing for easier operation, altitude hold, headless mode, and one key landing.
  • Ideal for beginners & kids – Simply press a button and the drone will rise from the ground or land.
  • Fast picture transmission at high speeds without delays
  • Longer flying time.
  • GPS + GLONASS positioning gives you precise positioning details. A drone can also automatically return to base when there is no signal or low power.
  • Follow Me Mode allows you to easily follow the drone from your smartphone.
  • The T35 drone has a 9-axis, gyro which makes it more stable and wind-resistant. The majority of drones use a 6-axis-gyro.
  • One-Key App sharing – Share wonderful moments with family and friends from the app, right after you have recorded them.


  • This is a GPS drone and must calibrate GPS before it can take off. This is true for all GPS drones.

Although the Potensic T35 drone looks almost identical to the Phantom 4 Pro, it is not as heavy or large. The drone is sturdy and attractive.

It also has a 1080p camera with FPV capabilities. The drone also features advanced features such as dual GPS, smart flight modes, and an automatic return home function. The drone is easy to fly and has a good flight time of about 15 minutes. It is a great drone for a reasonable price.

6. Potensic A20 Drone

  • Auto hovering feature
  • 2.4 G remote controlled mini drone
  • Headless mode
  • Only one key for landing or takeoff
  • Durable drone
  • Simple to use
  • It is about $30


  • Improved Protection – The A20 mini drone comes with four propeller guards. These guards protect the drone from collisions.
  • Emergency Stop- Press the emergency button to land your drone in an emergency situation. This prevents accidents.
  • The A20 mini drone is agile and fast. It can fly in all directions. You can also adjust the drone’s speed.
  • Features Rich – The drone features headless mode, altitude holding, and one-key landing/takeoff.
  • Portable- The drone is as wide as an iPhone 5. It is lightweight and portable.
  • This drone can be used in the United States without registration with the FAA.
  • The warranty is for 12 months.


  • Not suitable for professionals. This drone is the ideal first drone for beginners.
Potensic A20 Mini Drone, Easy...
9,167 Reviews

7. Potensic Mini Drone A20W

  • Real-time FPV
  • 6-Axis altitude holding
  • Route setting
  • Remote controlled
  • Portable quadcopter
  • One-key takeoff
  • 2 detachable batteries
  • It is approximately $45.


  • Safe for Kids – The drone is equipped with safety features to prevent any accidents.
  • Real-Time Transmission – The drones can be controlled via Wi-Fi. Enjoy FPV transmission in real-time.
  • Simple controls for kids – One keypress is all that’s required to take off or land. It is easy to operate the drone with no operational difficulties thanks to its altitude hold function.
  • App Control- Flightpath can also be controlled via a smartphone app. You will have more fun with the gravity sensor mode.
  • Two batteries – This allows for long playtime.


  • This drone can only be used with a smartphone.
Potensic A20W Drone for Kids,...
128 Reviews

Facts About Potensic Drones Brand

Facts About Potensic Drones Brand

The Potensic Company produces a variety of drones. The company is dedicated to fulfilling the flying dreams of its customers.

The Potensic brand has a team of drone experts with a broad range of experience in creating some of the best drones on the market. All aspects of the Potensic drones are influenced by their extensive knowledge.

The men and women behind the best Potensic drones think that innovation is unlimited, just like height. They are passionate and persistent engineers, developers, creators and designers, marketers, researchers, and marketers.

Top Potensic drones combine beauty and utility. Potensic Company strives to produce high-quality, affordable products.

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Potensic vs Competition

Potensic vs Competition

The drone market is growing rapidly. There are many drone brands. There are a few reasons why Potensic is different from the rest.

1. Potensic drones are more affordable and functional than the ones offered by competitors. These drones are not only cheaper but also provide value for money. Many products from competitors are too expensive.

2. Many competitors try to copy competitor models. The Potensic Company creates innovative and original products. These products are created by highly skilled personnel.

3. Many brands are only interested in product development. The Potensic Company isn’t just focused on creating top-of-the-line Potensic drones. It is also focused on customer service.

Potensic Company provides highly responsive customer service. They value each customer and treat them with respect.

4. The Potensic Company offers discounts often around holiday seasons, Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other times.

Tips For Choosing A Potensic Drone

Tips For Choosing A Potensic Drone

* Take into consideration Skill Level

The Potensic drones suitable for you will depend on your skill level.

* Take into consideration Camera

This is the most important accessory for a drone. It is important to check the quality of the camera’s photos and videos.

* Take into account flight time

The drone’s battery capacity will determine the flight time. Flying time for beginner drones is between 5 and 8 minutes. Drones with high-end features have a flying time between 5 and 8 minutes.

* Take into account the flight range

This will determine how far your drones can fly. The flight range for Potensic drones is between 50 and 100 meters.

* Additional Features to Consider

It is important to check if the drone has a headless mode or an altitude hold function. These features are standard on all Potensic drones.

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Average Potensic Drones Price

The average Potensic drone cost is about $140 to $180. The most expensive Potensic drones are more than $200, while the cheapest one is around $30.

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The Potensic drones are a fairly good drone for beginners because it is fairly inexpensive and fairly easy to control. However, once you get used to flying it then you will soon want a more advanced drone that will give you a better user experience. However, the Potensic drones do have a fairly good price tag, and if you’re on a budget then this drone would be a good buy.

Lucidcam hopes this article will be helpful for you before purchasing a suitable drone

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