Potensic D58 Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Potensic D58 Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Drones have become fairly inexpensive, increasing rivalry among first-time fliers. For the most part, this is probably a good thing. This implies that even if you select a random drone, you’ll most likely end up with a good one. For individuals who want to get the most bang for their buck, it is critical to consider each drone’s performance. In this article, we will make clearly Potensic D58

Potensic D58 Reviews

potensic d58 reviews

The Potensic D58 drone is both suitable for beginners as well as advanced enough to be used by budget-minded expert flyers. Compared with similar models, the Potensic D58 drone flies longer than other models and performs better.


  • 7.4V high capacity battery
  • Expert design engineering
  • Multiple flight modes with special features
  • Lightweight design allows for easy transport
  • 2 batteries storage grids
  • Reduces heat to improve flying efficiency
  • Two antennas are used to reduce interference
  • Detachable battery
  • Special parts are available
  • HD 1080P camera/Equipped with 2K camera to shoot high-quality pictures and live video
  • Capability to capture footage from various angles and perspectives
  • GPS Assisted Safe and Stable Flight: GPS Mode and altitude hold function makes the D58 hover in the air safely. One-button return, out-of-range, and low-battery alarm, and out-of-control protection all contribute to a safe flight.
  • Easy operation
  • Intelligent Operation–Multi-function with custom flight, follow me, orbit mode, optical flow positioning, GPS auto-return, and so on.


  • Not as sophisticated as professional drones for camera and video capture.
  • Brushless motors offer less power but better stability
  • Not the best choice to race and speed
  • Gimbal with one axis, instead of two or more

Design and Engineering

Potensic D58 drone- Design and Engineering

Most people love the look of this sleek drone. Potensic D58 is lightweight and can be flown subtly, without drawing attention unless you wish. To draw attention, you can do some hovering and flips or aerial acrobatics. The camera’s most unique feature is its high landing gear. This gives it a wider range of motion, including tilt and swivel. You can capture more background detail with stills or videos thanks to the camera’s position. The camera never touches the ground. This adds protection and increases the camera’s range.

The fuselage of the D58 drone looks very high-tech. Your friends may think it’s a spy drone on a mission. Potensic D58 is able to withstand the sun’s glare, and its black finish makes it easy for you to see in daylight. The large LEDs make it easy to track the drone in the dark or dimly lit flying conditions.

Although the motors are quiet and stable, they have a lower power consumption. The propulsion system delivers more power and speed than other similar models. This allows for better control and more maneuverability. When you tell the drone to turn, hover, or return home, it responds immediately.

Transmitter and Flexible Phone Holder: This remote control comes with a telescopic smart phone holder. It is large enough to hold your phone no matter how large it may be and strong enough to keep your phone will not drop easily

Camera System

potensic d58 Camera System

A drone flying is one thing. But a good camera is the heart of almost any drone type. The D58 FPV Drone has a 120deg HD camera and a wide-angle lens for a high-quality image and smooth live video. With 5G WiFi, clear aerial images can be viewed in real-time transmissions. The camera can be moved up and down by pressing a button. The remote control has a camera adjust button. One button is all it takes to adjust the camera upwards or downwards by 90 degrees that capturing beautiful scenery upper and below your quadcopter.

GPS-assisted flight allows commercial users of GPS to precisely plot routes to film stunning landscapes, properties for purchase, and other important local events. GPS allows you to record your flight trajectory so you can find the area you have filmed even when you are traveling in unfamiliar areas.

It is mounted differently from other drones. The unique configuration allows you to take stills in any direction and film video in high resolution. You can zoom in close-ups or pan through the settings. Professional quality footage is possible without blurring and shakes.

The camera drone is priced at $159. This is an exceptional and solid technology. Potensic D58 is perfect for both novice and experienced pilots. Professional users can customize their drones to suit their commercial or specialty flying requirements with accessibility options.

Flying Features

Flying Features

In Safe Assured Flight Mode, the drone records its flight trajectory, and if the WiFi signal is lost or the battery runs low, the drones automatically fly home. You can also engage the. One Key Return function manually at any time.

Orbit Mode and Waypoint Mode offer exceptional flying benefits. For example, you can follow a flight path between GPS-set point points or hover in a predefined area. This allows you to keep your drone close by or survey your surroundings.

Flight Performance

Flight Performance

The drone performs like a champ, fighting beyond his or her weight class. Based on overall performance, it beats the DJI Spark by offering a longer flight time and a punching punch to the Eachine E511S. The Potensic D58 performs well and is responsive to your control inputs even when it’s being used as a long-range drone. It has a 500-meter range for controllers and a 5GHz Wifi operational frequency that allows live FPV feeds to be transmitted.

Drone brushless motors are designed to fly steadily, last longer, and operate quietly. Advanced modular batteries provide just the right amount of power to ensure safe landings and flawless takeoffs. However, Brushed motors have shorter service lives than brushless counterparts, are less efficient, and produce more heat.

Instead of downloading the videos from your SD card, you can view the videos immediately. This allows you to revisit certain points, re-shoot commercial videos to get a better shot or explore a new angle on any subject.

Mounted on a 1-axis stabilizer, the camera has greater stability and can compensate for bumpy or turbulent flight. The drone hovers almost like a hummingbird and is considered the most skilled bird flyer in the world. The hovering drone is stable in stills, but commercial drones do a better job than professional camera drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 or Mavic 2 Pro.

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Battery Life

D58 drone - Battery life

The Potensic D58’s 1120 mAh battery provides an 18-minute flight time. However, this can vary depending on the flight settings and wind conditions. In order to get the best performance from your flights, it is a good idea for you to fully charge your battery before each use.

Eighteen minutes is a remarkable time for a drone this expensive. Potensic includes a second battery module to double your flying pleasures and prolong flight time. We recommend that you purchase a few batteries to extend your flying time. These are inexpensive and easily available online.

The smartphone app can also be used in conjunction with an intelligent battery in that it displays the current battery level.

Controlling drones

Controlling drones

Based on the control distance of the camera, you can view the footage from the camera via the app in real-time. The footage moves quickly and smoothly, thanks to the 5G transmission. However, 5G transmission means that you must maintain a clear line of sight between your drone and you at all times.

Potensic D58 has landing legs that make it easier for you to land safely. These legs are essential because they protect the camera. It’s nice to have a little safety net for those who don’t feel confident landing the drone safely on their own.

You can also create flight points as the Potensic D58 is fully integrated with a Glonass/GPS device that allows you to perform a wide range of smart flight functions. The GPS support can give the drone some stability, whether it is flying alone or manually.

The remote control is easy to use and very effective. You can control the drone up to 500 meters away. That’s approximately 1,600 feet. Technically, the distance of 500 meters can be reduced with wide variety of things. Are there a lot of particles in the air? Does it rain? Is it raining? These types of situations can reduce your range to approximately 400m for Wi-Fi transmission distance and 300m for remote control. This means that you can expect to travel approximately a thousand feet in the worst-case scenario.

Potensic D58 Features


It is not surprising that a drone with a price tag of the Potensic D58 comes with GPS, but Potensic’s decision to include dual GPS and GLONASS means the drone has better location and positioning capabilities. The drone can also connect to 24 orbiting satellites to provide a more accurate readout on the smartphone. This not only makes the GPS-assisted features more functional but also keeps the drone stable while hovering and allows it to follow the predetermined path when automatic flight presets are activated.
The redundancy provided by the dual positioning and location system gives the drone an advantage in case of failure. It acts as a backup system to protect the craft during flight.

One-key taking off/landing

One-key taking off or landing

The Potensic D58 is designed for beginners in drone flying — professional UAV piloting can be difficult — and provides useful features such as One Key Takeoff, Landing, and other helpful beginner-friendly features.

This is a great option for amateurs who want to have a fun experience but don’t want to worry about unexpected crashes while initializing the drone or landing it. For lazy people who don’t want to do the tedious task of landing or taking off.

The altitude hold function keeps your D58 flying at a constant height, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble manipulating the throttle stick.

Waypoint Mode

Waypoint technology allows the Potensic D58 to fly in a predetermined direction. This functionality can be accessed via the smartphone app. The map can be used to set points that the drone will follow at a certain speed and altitude.

This feature is useful when you need to adjust camera perspective while flying or just when you want to be hands-free when moving between shooting locations. This feature is usually included in products that are a bit more expensive than the D58. It’s definitely a nice addition.

Orbit mode

Orbit mode

The Potensic D58’s Orbit mode allows you to capture 360° views of your subject by having the drone circle it. It also uses its GPS to accurately plot its path and record, which is much more accurate than a manual pan.

Orbit helps you to capture a panoramic picture of yourself in the middle of the frame.

Follow me

Follow me

You can also use the Follow Me feature on the Potensic D58 to have your drone follow you wherever you go. This allows you to capture the scene beyond your frame and still keep you in the frame. The transmitter sends a signal to the camera to track you. It will keep a steady distance and speed so that you can enjoy the views.

Easy To Use

The Potensic D58 is a minimalist controller with a dual joystick layout and neatly lined buttons. Although ergonomics are not possible due to the fact that the smartphone attaches beneath it via an adjustable rack below, there are no handles to adjust your hands. We believe that the small profile and lightweight design are feasible.

What Do You Get When You Place Your Order?

What Do You Get When You Place Your Order

The Potensic D58 drone comes to complete out of the box. You will receive the remote controller, screws, and a USB charger. The camera, propeller set, and user guide are all included in the kit. Although some assembly is necessary, it’s not difficult for most tech-savvy enthusiasts to do on their own.

Is the Potensic D58  living up to its promises?

The speed of the drone and wind conditions can affect flight time. You can expect to fly the drone for 16-18 minutes with a 7.4V 1120mAh battery. However, you’ll get a shorter flight if your cargo is larger or you add accessories. Flight time may be cut if you need to deal with strong winds. It’s simple to increase your flying time by having a holder that holds a spare battery.

The flight controller can be used on your smartphone. This is essential if you are going to use 5G WiFi. Your phone must support 5G technology. You can control the drone from your remote within a range of 500 meters or 160 feet. You can be affected by dust storms, buildings, and other environmental conditions that could decrease your range to 400 m (which is the WiFi range) or 300 m if you have just the remote.

Smart Travel: My Drone and I


Smart Travel My Drone and I

With its GPS function, high-quality photos and fluent videos, stable flight, and altitude hold, the D58 is the best in comparison. It comes with an amazing carrying case and can be easily folded up and unfolded to travel. It is lightweight, but sturdy and holds the drone, controller, spare parts, and other accessories.

You can fly longer with an extra battery, which will increase your flight time. The 1080P camera captures stunning images and fluent storylines thanks to the wide-angle lens.

The detachable battery can be used to double the flight time. Double batteries provide up to 36 min flight. The transmitter includes a phone holder which telescopes to ensure a perfect fit. You don’t need anything else to enjoy perfect drone flying experiences. Fly with the birds, explore rural areas, and get a bird’s-eye view of urban scenes, pastoral settings, or other unique views that your suburban neighborhood has hidden from the world.

Here is the full of Potensic D58. If you are interested in knowing more about other Potentic drones, then check out:


After comparing and searching for the best deals, you will likely be confused by all the choices available in the $200 price range. We’re happy to report that the Potensic D58 is a pretty solid drone and has some great specs and performance and is ideal for outdoor flying. You can search it on Amazon to know price and availability information displayed

Potensic D58 is priced at a fraction of the price of comparable drones. The D58 offers superior flight time, greater control range, and a low price. Many drones with These advanced features are available on many drones that cost $300-$500. You can check out the list of drones under 300 or drones under 500

You get a highly responsive craft with impressive flight time and sharp 1080p images. Its GPS capabilities are not to be dismissed. They give you the precision and accuracy necessary to make the drone’s assistive features work and keep it safe. This drone is a suitable birthday or holiday gift for kids and friends, a 3-speed mode for pilots of different operations.

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