Potensic A30W Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Potensic A30W Review 2023: Best Choice For You

Potensic is one of the best companies for drone production. The Potensic A30W drone is an excellent quadcopter with great camera capabilities. The A30W has a high-quality 720P HD camera with a 2mp sensor to take professional photos and videos. It also has a 12MP camera on its four-speaker FPV (first-person view) system. It is lightweight, portable, and can do 360° flips.

In this blog, we will cover the Potensic A30W review, best features, specifications, and some other important information.

Potensic A30W Review



  • Drone For beginners, it is very easy to fly
  • Many of the same features as large drones
  • The FPV camera captures great footage
  • It is easy to take off and land with one button
  • For a better FPV experience, you can use the drone with VR glasses
  • In the event that you smash the drone into a wall, the propellers are protected.
  • A good addition is an alert for low power
  • You can remove the battery to get additional batteries if needed
  • It’s a great investment because of its fun features such as altitude hold and custom flight route.
  • The drone is stable and never loses contact with your phone or controller.
  • Black and blue colors look stylish
  • Very reasonable price
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  • You will need to store videos and photos on your smartphone because the drone does not have a microSD card.
  • Only 50 meters would be sufficient to fly the distance.
  • Auto-return is not available

What’s Inside The Box?

What's Inside Potensic A30W Box


  • Potensic A30W Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Batteries
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 8xPropellers
  • User Manual

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Design and Build Quality

A30w- Design and Build Quality

This drone is small, as we mentioned. It measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.71 inches. It can be easily carried in your bag or jacket pocket. It weighs only 63 grams. It is smaller and lighter than the Potensic drone D60, which we previously reviewed.

This drone looks very fashionable in its combination of red and black, either glossy blue or red. Built-in propeller guards are made from durable ABS plastic. The drone is extremely durable and can withstand minor impacts and crashes. The guards also act as shock absorbers to absorb impact, so the drone can remain in the air. High-quality ABS plastic is used to make the casing, which should protect the drone from even minor collisions. This drone is a great beginner drone that anyone can use.


It is simple and does not include any unnecessary buttons or knobs like other controllers. It does come with a smartphone holder, which can hold most smartphones. This is the PFV. We will discuss that later. It’s black so it matches the drone.

It is simple and intuitive enough to be used by even beginners. The controller’s ergonomic design allows you to comfortably hold it for long periods of time without causing any wrist pain. It also has safety features such as the transmitter that will alert you if the battery is low so you can safely end your flight session. This controller has a flight range of 50 meters.

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Potensic A30w Battery

One 500mAh 3.7V lithium polymer Li-ion battery powers the Potensic A30W drone. The battery is capable of providing a maximum flight time of 8 minutes.

If you are looking for more control and more flight time, you can purchase additional batteries from Amazon or the drone maker to increase your flying time. You should also have a good time charging the drone. Flying distance is 50 meters


Many drones, both small and large, now have FPV cameras. The Potensic A30W includes a high-quality FPV camera, which can record the footage. To access the FPV feature, download the app to your smartphone. You can then view the footage as it happens in real-time. The app is very user-friendly and responsive. You can share all of your photos immediately on the app.

The drone’s camera is an HD camera, and the quality of the video and photos it captures amazes many. The drone’s sensors aren’t very good so it is best to only take photos outside in bright sunlight. You will need to be extra cautious when recording something with the camera because it doesn’t have a gimbal.

Physical Characteristics

As we mentioned in the beginning, this drone is small and can fit comfortably in your palm. It measures 5.5 by 5.5 by 1.71 inches. It is compact enough to be carried in your jacket pocket. It is only 63 grams in weight. It is smaller and lighter than our Uvify Oori drone review.

This drone looks very elegant with its combination of black and glossy blue. Black propeller protectors add to the drone’s aesthetic appeal. The drone should not be damaged by even minor collisions because the casing is made from high-quality plastic.

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Altitude Hold

Altitude Hold

Auto-hover mode is the best complement to a drone camera. This allows you to hover your drone at a specific height, then take photos and videos from that level. The drone locks at a height when hovering. You can even take your hands off of the controller so that it doesn’t drop or rise.

Make Your Flight Routes

This is a fun feature. You can create a flight path on the app, and the drone will follow it. The app allows you to draw the route that the drone will follow. Autopilot at its best

Mode Of Headless

This feature is extremely helpful for beginners. This feature is very helpful for beginners. The drone will go to the person who holds the controller when you press this button.

Gravity Induction

The drone can be controlled by your smartphone in this mode. The drone will move to the left if you tilt it to the right. The drone will move to the left if you wave it. This fun feature makes it feel more in control.

Flying speed

Three flight modes are available on the Potensic A30W. You can begin with the lowest speed setting if you are just starting out with a drone. Then, gradually increase the speed as your experience increases. This drone is great for both beginner and advanced pilots.

Who Should Purchase The Potensic A30W?

Who Should Purchase The Potensic A30W?

This drone is available for anyone to own. Although it sounds like it’s made for beginners, many resources show that it can be flown by even experienced users. You can order several of them and it is very affordable.

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You can get one for yourself and one for your partner, and you can fly them around your backyard. This little drone is also very stable in moderate to light wind speeds. This Potensic A30W review will show you why this mini drone is so stylish.

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What Others Are Saying

Positive reviews are generally given to the Potensic A30 Drone. The system’s durability is a major plus for owners. The shell is very forgiving, which reduces owners’ anxiety about flying. Propellers are well protected. They can be thrown multiple times, but they will come back as if nothing had happened. It is stable when hovering and flying. Its bright headlight will help you to be aware of the orientation.

Although this model doesn’t have an automatic return home feature, it has the best of both worlds. If the battery gets low, you will hear an alarm so that it can fly back to its home before it crashes. The control signal becomes weaker and an alarm will sound. Although it takes some time to recover the control signal, you can do it if you act quickly enough. It’s a bonus to have a removable battery. These batteries are comparable to those found in higher-end models. They would have been more useful if they had lasted longer.

Comparative Analysis With Other Drones

The A30 is in congested airspace. There are many competitors to grab potential buyers’ attention. Its virtual counterpart, the A30W, is one of its most formidable rivals. The A30W looks and feels the same, but the A30W has a 720p camera that can be used by children to learn more about aerial photography.

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You can stream the feed via Wi-Fi from any compatible smartphone. The Potensic A20 is identical, except that the battery system is different. The Potensic A20 comes in five attractive color options to appeal to children. You can also check out other brands like the Snaptain H23H Plus and the Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drones, the Oriente Mini RC Drones, and the Dwi Dowellin Drone.

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The drone has a moderate price, making it great for beginners who are looking to try out the hobby without investing too much money. With its onboard camera, live video streaming capabilities, and easy controls, this drone is also suited for people who are already familiar with drones but are looking for something more portable. The drone comes with an extra battery, which means you can fly more than one flight without needing to recharge.

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