Potensic A20w Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Potensic A20w Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of the Potensic A20w drone. We will be covering these details throughout the article so keep reading! The introduction for this article is going to be pretty informative with a section on the pros and cons of this drone. Follow along with us if you want to learn more about this drone.

Potensic A20w Review

Potensic A20w Review

  • Flight time: 5-8 minutes
  • Flying distance: 30 meters
  • Charging time: 40 Minutes
  • There are 3-speed options
  • A camera integrated for video and photos
  • FPV with the Potensic app
  • Mode of headless
  • One important takeoff and landing
  • Mode of holding altitude
  • Propeller guards provide a good finish


  • Safe for Children – The drone has safety features that prevent accidents.
  • Real-time transmission – The drone is controlled by Wi-Fi. Enjoy FPV transmission in real-time.
  • Easy controls for children – Just one keypress is required to launch or land the drone. The drone’s altitude hold function makes it easy to use and provides no operational difficulties.
  • App Control- Flightpath can be controlled using a smartphone app. The gravity sensor mode will make your life easier.
  • Two batteries are required to provide long playtime.


  • Only a smartphone can be used to fly this drone.
The Potensic A20W drone is small and lightweight, with many functions and features. This drone is great for beginners and advanced FPV pilots.
The Potensic comes equipped with a transmitter. It can be flown either alone or with the help of a smart smartphone that fits into the holder. This allows you to view live FPV feeds from your smartphone. The standard features include Altitude Hold (Hover), One-Key Take-off/Landing, and Low Battery Alarm. However, there are some cool and unique features, such as Flight Path Plan (draw a route on the App and the drone will follow it) or G-Sensor Mode (tilt your phone to control the drone).

What’s inside the box?

  • 1x Potensic Drone A20W with camera
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 2x Drone Battery
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 4x Extra Propellers
  • 1x User Manual

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Design and Build

This drone is very small and lightweight, as you can see. It is small at 3.5×3.1×1.25inches and can be carried anywhere. He is protected from all angles, so the propellers are safe in case of an accident.

Because of its weak motors, it can’t resist wind and works best in closed environments. You can use it inside your home safely. You should not hit anything with it.


potensic a20w mini drone- Batteries

The drone’s small size means that it can only have a small battery. This can limit the flight time to around 5 to 8 minutes depending on factors such as temperature and flight style. Potensic knows how much you love flying and has included 2 batteries to increase your flight time.


Although the drone is small, it has many nice features that will make flying even more enjoyable.

Altitude Hold Mode

Altitude Hold mode

This simple but useful feature locks the mini drone at a specific altitude. This makes it easier to control the drone and stabilizes your camera when you take photos or videos. This is a great tool for beginners.

Low Battery Alarm

The low battery will not be an issue if you don’t fly your drone at high altitudes. It’s better to have an alarm. The transmitter will notify you when the drone’s battery runs low and remind you to land it ASAP.

Flight Path Plan

This feature is usually only available on larger camera drones. However, Potensic’s manufacturers have suggested that this feature might also be useful in the drone. This feature requires you to open the app and draw the path. Next, your drone will follow the path that you have planned.

One Key Take-off and Landing

One Key Take-off and Landing

The controller has a button that will cause the drone to fly up automatically. It will stay in the air until you give it another command. You can also command it to land by pressing the same button. The drone will slowly descend and land on the ground after it is in the air. The propellers will also stop once the drone has landed.

G-Sensor Mode

This mode is fun and can help you train your motoric senses. This feature allows you to tilt your phone to control the drone. You can tilt your phone to control the drone and it will follow you.

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Hand Controller

potensic a20w mini drone with Hand Controller 

This drone is a great value for the price. It comes with a very small, but well-designed hand controller and two USB rechargeable battery. The controller is very well-equipped. It has a cradle to hold a smartphone, an automatic take-off/landing button, three flight speeds, and a headless mode. The headless mode is great for beginners as they don’t have to worry about the drone’s position in the air. The drone will follow the same path no matter what direction its front ends point. If the child moves the right stick forward or back, left, right, or left, it will move in the exact directions intended and not on a confusing trajectory.


The package includes a front-mounted WiFi HD Camera capable of recording 480p video and stills. The footage that the camera captures is not cinematic quality. It’s fuzzy and blurry, much like a poorly edited YouTube video. But it will work well for children. The camera does not have a gimbal, so footage may pitch and roll while the drone moves. To get the best results, release both joysticks to ensure the drone hovers at a single spot. Then start recording.

The camera can’t be manually tilted down like other models and is therefore fixed in a forward-facing orientation. It does have the advantage that your child can fly FPV with the screen of a smartphone to see where he/she is flying. To enjoy live-feed video transmission, make sure you download the Potensic App (iOS or Android).

Flight Performance

The A20W is easy to fly, with its excellent flight characteristics and overall stability for such a small aircraft. Simply pull the joysticks inwards and outwards to activate the props. It can be calibrated mid-flight if it tends towards the right, left, or forward.

Although the drone was designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors if there is only a slight breeze. It doesn’t have GPS so it can be positioned in the right spot if there is wind.

There are three speeds for the A20W. To get used to the controls, start in slow mode – especially indoors. The drone will slowly move in the direction that you desire. The medium-speed mode can also be used indoors, but it responds much faster to stick input. The fastest mode responds quickly to stick gestures and is extremely fast. This mode should only be used outdoors if you don’t have large living rooms with delicate ornaments. If you are using the drone outdoors, and the wind causes it to drift off even though you try to fly it back to it, put it in max mode immediately. It will fight the wind better.

The Headless mode, as explained above, is worth considering when your child first flies. Your child may change the orientation of their craft during flight, or become confused if the drone’s trajectory doesn’t match what you input.

Each battery should provide about six minutes of flight time. They can also be recharged via a USB pocket charger and a desktop computer. The batteries take approximately 30 minutes to fully charge.

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Lucidcam hopes that my Potensic A20w Review was helpful to you! This is one of the best drones under $100. It has a lot of features, but it’s not too complicated to use. The flight time is about 7 minutes, which is great for beginners who are just learning how to fly drones. We highly recommend this drone to people who are looking for an affordable beginner drone!

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