Manfrotto Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Manfrotto Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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The Manfrotto MVG220 is one of the most popular gimbals on the market, but it also comes with a very high price tag. It’s a great option for a beginner gimbal, but may not be a suitable alternative for pros. The Manfrotto MVG220 is a popular gimbal that can be purchased for a high price point.

In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the Manfrotto MVG220 gimbal and let decide if it’s right for you! 

Manfrotto Gimbal Reviews

  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 20.9x 35 cm
  • Payload: 2.2kg
  • Tilting Angle: 230 deg
  • Rolling Angle: 360 deg
  • Panning Angle: 360 deg
  • Charge time 1.5 hours, Li-Ion power, USB charging
  • Battery life up to 7 hours
  • App: Manfrotto Gimbal App


  • Quality construction
  • It is simple to use
  • Smooth movements
  • Included are a briefcase handle and shutter release cables
  • Great battery timing and quick charging
  • Mode of Inception (360° rotation)
  • Simple to use time-lapse and Tik-Tok Instagram modes
  • Easy to read LCD touch screen
  • Competitively priced


  • It can be difficult to balance your camera.
  • The locking axes switches are loose.
  • Instructions that are poorly written
  • There is no quick release for the briefcase handle

What’s Inside The Box?

What's Inside The Manfrotto Gimbal Box

  • MVG220 Gimbal
  • Anti-slip Metal Folding Tripod
  • Removeable Undersling Grip Handle
  • Screws and Allen Wrench
  • ARCA Quick Release Plate
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Lens Holder
  • Drawstring Pouch
  • USB 2.0 to Micro USB Cable
  • USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 USB Cable
  • USB 2.0 to Mini USB Cable
  • USB 2.0 to USB C Cable
  • USB-C to USB Multi USB Cable
  • USB-C to DC 2.5mm cable
  • USB-C to TRS 2.5 Cable


The MVG220 has a 2.2kg payload and a battery timing of up 7 hours. It weighs in at 1.1kg. Add the gimbal’s maximum payload to its weight, and you get a total weight of up to 3kg. That’s quite a bit to carry with one handle.

We think that the gimbal’s biggest strength is its inclusion of a second bolt-on handle. This makes a big difference in stability and comfort when using heavier gear or longer shoots. Extra handles can be purchased for other gimbals, but this usually comes with an additional cost.

Camera control leads are also available for Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras. You can also get camera control leads for Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras.

The MVG220 is a gimbal that has a few party tricks. There are Selfie, TikTok Portrait, and Inception modes. Although we haven’t tried them all, the Inception mode is much more appealing than the first handle. This requires a slanted stance and extended arms. To perform some of these fancy gimbal moves, you will need forearms such as King Kong’s.

Handling And Usability

Manfrotto MVG220- Handling And Usability

Every gimbal requires balancing to suit the lens and camera, so the MVG220 offers the standard combination of tilting, roll, pan, and tilt adjustments, as well as locking switches, to make this easy and quick.

However, there isn’t much finesse. Although the axis locking switches are precise and reliable, they feel a bit lose and impractical. The sliding axis arms also don’t move smoothly. Even when the clamp is tightened, the roll axis bar requires a strong set of hand muscles in order to shift.

The MVG220 can be used immediately after it is set up. Although the touchscreen display is a little low-res, it works well and allows you to switch between follow modes quickly and easily. You can move the joystick in any direction, but it will not control pan/tilt movements. It is better to switch to the designated mode or use the multi-function dial on the side.

This dial is very useful. It can be used for precise, smooth, and precise pan or tilt movements. If you attach Manfrotto’s optional follow-focus attachment to it, it can also be used for manual focusing.

The charging was the only problem. The charging problem was the last one. It didn’t matter how long the charger was left plugged in, and the four-color charge lamp kept flashing. This would usually mean that charging is not complete in the universal language of battery chargers. To verify this behavior, we requested another unit. It was exactly the same.

The Manfrotto app controls your Manfrotto camera/lens combinations. This might be your first reaction. You don’t get the DJI Active Track system and phone mount. This may not be a priority for you.


Before you can use the Manfrotto, balance the tilting, roll, and pan of the gimbal while your camera is attached. Once the power is switched on, the motors of the gimbal will automatically balance the camera. The gimbal will work and perform better when it is pre-balanced since the camera weight will be evenly distributed.

You can find detailed instructions in the manual on how to balance your gimbal. You can also access the online manual. Balancing the gimbal was easy and took very little time.

Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal — Out in the field

The rig is very user-friendly once you have your camera on the gimbal. The MVG220 is solid in hand, as mentioned previously. The textured rubber gives you a good grip. It’s also great to have a briefcase handle. Unfortunately, the handle of the briefcase does not have a quick release. To remove it, you will need to unscrew the handle. The Allen wrench can be stored in a magnetized area.

The combination of the thumbstick and the control wheel on the side of the camera makes it easy to adjust the angle. You simply need to press the button to activate the function and then turn the wheel to adjust the position of the camera. Manfrotto also offers a Focus Follow Wheel that can be attached to the camera. The dial can then be used to focus your lens manually.

The LCD touch screen is easy to read and very nice. It has a low resolution. The touch screen can be used to select Pan Mode, Tilt and Pan modes, as well as All Follow Mode. It can also be used to access other settings by moving your finger to the left and right. I am confident that a firmware upgrade can resolve the screen lag.

There Are More Features With The Right Cameras

There Are More Features With The Right Cameras

After connecting your camera to it with one of the provided USB or shutter release cables, you can use either the shutter button or the MVG220 to start recording or taking photos. You can adjust the basic exposure settings with compatible cameras. The gimbals will automatically focus if you do. With the release of new firmware, we hope to expand our list of compatible cameras.

You will love the footage that you can create using the Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbals. You can create stunning footage with the gimbal’s powerful motors and good technique. The gimbals on a flat surface caused some jerky movements that I found odd. However, this did not happen while the gimbals was being carried.

It is also possible to create time-lapse videos. Select the time and set the start and stop points for tilt and pan. The rest is up to the gimbals. For the price, the Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbals can do a lot for a very low price. This gimbal is perfect for smooth video.

Is the Manfrotto MVG220 the Best Entry-Level Gimbal Available?

Is the Manfrotto MVG220 the Best Entry-Level Gimbal Available

Is the Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal perfect? No. Once you have the gimbal set up and the controls figured out, the Manfrotto MVG220 is a great platform for videographers to create very stable videos.

There are many modes to please Instagrammers, Tik-Tokkers, and time-lapse enthusiasts. Apart from the switches, the build quality is excellent. The battery life is excellent. The briefcase handle comes with gimbals and is very stable on flat surfaces thanks to the tripod base.

The Manfrotto Vg220 is less than $300 and can compete with the Zhiyun Tech WEEBILL S and DJI Ronin SC. The Manfrotto MVG220 is an entry-level gimbal that can be beaten with a few firmware updates.

Here is full of Manfrotto VG220 reviews. If you are interested in other reviews, search our website Lucidcam to learn more


The Manfrotto MVG220-3-Axis Gimbal is a great addition to video editing. It will help you get smoother, more steady shots. The gimbals can be placed down to capture smooth, fluid footage, even while you run, climb, skate, or ski. You can also control it with the Remote Control or app. You can also use the Timelapse feature to capture dramatic and amazing footage. If you do decide to use the Manfrotto 220-gimbals, we believe you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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