Hubsan Zino Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Hubsan Zino Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Welcome to our Hubsan Zino review This 4K camera drone is very affordable and offers advanced features like smart follow and image tracking. Hubsan drones are well-known because they are affordable. Hubsan Zino drones cost less than $200, and they have great features. They can compete with DJI Mavic or Parrot Anafi, but at a lower price. Let’s explore with Lucidcam if the Hubsan Zino is a good choice for you.

Hubsan Zino Drone Reviews


  • There are many spare parts readily available
  • super smooth gimbal
  • Return to Home feature
  • foldable design
  • Flight functions like waypoints or follow me
  • 4k camera
  • three-axis gimbal
  • This drone is a great budget option and a cheaper alternative to more expensive drones


  • No low battery warnings on the drone’s controller
  • No obstacle avoidance or position hold sensors

Hubsan Zino Camera

Hubsan Zino Camera

Hubsan Zino’s main feature is, in our opinion. The 4K camera allows you to take great aerial photos without spending a lot of money.

It includes a 4K Ultra HD camera and 3-axis mechanical stability. It also features a wide-angle 89o lens at f/2.2 with a fixed aperture. It can shoot 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 30 frames per second using the MPEG-4 codec and the highly compatible MP4 format. It also has a bitrate of 60Mbps, which is very good for its class.

The camera drone can record videos in FHD at 30FPS. This camera is very affordable and the quality of video footage is excellent. The camera can also capture clear images in 13MP. This camera features a state-of-the-art Ambarella image processor, and a 3-axis gimbal to ensure that images and video are free from distortion.

You will need a microSD card to capture videos and images at their highest resolution.

Hubsan Zino also has FPV capability. This will let you stream live video straight to your mobile device and the 5G technology ensures excellent streaming quality. You should be aware that the Hubsan Zino transmits the video over 5g WiFi. If you don’t have this technology your smartphone may not allow you to use its FPV or smart flight features.

Quality Of The Photos and Footage

We are happy with the quality, that is something we have to admit. It may appear blurred at the edges, but it is still the best option we know.

We have no complaints about the gimbal’s stability in all three axes. It runs well and is one of our most reliable gimbals.

Quality & Design

Quality & Design

Many drones available today have a similar foldable, collapsible design to DJI’s Mavic. This drone is no exception. This is not necessarily a negative thing. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The compact design of the bag makes it easy for you to carry around in small backpacks. Its small size will be obvious at first glance. It is roughly the same size as an iPhone 11 when collapsed. Unpacking the drone gives it a size and shape similar to the DJI Mavic. It weighs in at just over 700g and will need to be registered with the FAA before it can work. It is compact and lightweight overall.

Brushless motors are stronger, more stable, and last longer. It also has a MicroSD slot for capturing footage, and a Micro USB slot that allows for file transfers to a computer. Hubsan comes with a protective cap that protects the camera from damage during transport.

The drone’s build quality is excellent for its price. It is solidly built, sturdy, and sounds great. The drone’s jet white finish and stark charcoal finish give it a modern look and professional appeal.

Hubsan Zino offers a complete line of replacement parts. You can be sure to get replacement parts if there are any damages. The box also contains a spare set of propellers.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Hubsan rates this drone at 23 minutes of flight time per charge. This is 30% more than DJI’s Spark 16-minute maximum. It also surpasses Mavic Air’s 20-minute maximum. Life of Battery overall is exceptional for the class and, arguably, class-leading.

The battery housing is very robust. Clips are used to secure the battery in place. They are strong and well-made. The clips can be easily removed without any difficulty. Great design.

Remote Controller

Remote Controller

Hubsan also includes the HT106 foldable remote control. It features two antennas and a functional layout. The controller communicates with the drone using the 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz bands. This ensures a quick and reliable connection. The controller includes a mount that can hold phones up to 7 inches in size. The holder is very sturdy so there are no worries.

The controller is very comfortable to use and hold from a handling and ergonomic standpoint. The controller’s two control sticks provide a lot of resistance to tactile control during flight. For ease of use, the controller has dedicated function buttons that are pre-labeled. You will find a Sport/Normal Mode toggle button, Photo, and Video modes as well as gimbal pitch control and one-click Return home. The controller can charge the smartphone connected to it, which prevents the phone’s death when used directly.

It uses Wi-Fi onboard to connect to the device. This is almost always lag-free. The drone’s FPV capability allows you to view a live stream from its footage straight to your smartphone. The video streaming is excellent. Hubsan Zino does not require you to use an 802.11ac-compatible phone, although the controller has a 5G repeater.

If your phone supports 5G, the drone can be flown by you alone. However, this will limit the live feed distance to 300m. If you don’t have access to 5G, your device can be connected directly to the controller using the cable provided in the box.

Hubsan rates this drone for a maximum flight distance of 2500m without a live stream or 1000m with a feed. Both are great for this class.

The Zino’s speed

  • Two main flight modes are available for the Zino: ATTI and GPS.
  • It will fly slower in GPS mode. In ATTI mode, the aircraft can be unlocked at 60 km/h.
  • Another thing, 40 km/h should be enough for most people.

Flying App & Flight Experience

The X-Hubsan App, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to fly the drone. Most of the control is done via the connected smartphone with the on-screen display. It is easy to use and well-designed. It walks you through the pairing process and both GPS and compass calibrations during initialization. This is very helpful for beginners. It is simple in design. The app’s top display displays all important information about flying, including the life of battery and connected satellites. Overall, however, the layout is great.

You can adjust the drone’s flight performance (maximum vertical or horizontal speeds, or yaw speeds), and the controller responsiveness via the settings menu. You can also adjust the pitch speed to allow for slower movements. You can also customize the map settings. These are great additions that allow you to customize your drone for your flying style.

It’s easy to take off and land. Just press and hold on to the Return Home key on your controller and you are ready. Dual GPS+GLONASS systems are used to fly the drone. It can hover in a stable position even when it is idle, thanks to recent firmware updates. The drone can reach a maximum speed of 37 MHP which is a great performance for its class. The drone responds quickly to controller inputs.

With 5G connectivity, latency and transmission are minimized. The controls are easy to use and it is lightweight, which makes it very accessible for beginners. The movements are not fast so beginners should not be afraid. The drone is easy to fly.

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Different Flight Mode

Different Flight Mode

There are many Intelligent Flight Modes available on the drone. The following are some of these:

Automatic Return Home Mode

This is a common option for GPS drones, but it’s an important safety feature. The drone will safely land when it reaches 20% battery. There are two options for this model. You can choose to have it return to the original take-off point or to come to your current place.

This feature is excellent. The drone returns much faster than rivals of this price. It’s also quite accurate considering that it doesn’t have landing sensors. The drone can land within 5 feet of the original landing spot, which is remarkable considering that the standard here is 10 feet. The drone can even recognize landing pads by using the “Search Parking Apron” option. It can even land directly on it using software recognition. This mode is extremely helpful and a blessing for new pilots.

360o Panorama Mode

The drone can rotate 360o to capture a panoramic video.

Follow Mode

This mode will allow you to track subjects. Hubsan Zino also installed ActiveTrack on the drone, which allows you to draw a box around your subject for intuitive tracking. Although the drone performs a little slower than the DJI competitors, and it isn’t as fast as the competition, it does an amazing job for the price. It locks on regardless of whether subjects run, move, or face it directly. And overall, it’s quite tenacious, possibly even class-leading.

Orbit Mode

This mode keeps the subject within the frame, while the drone circles around them. It is easy to set it up and the app allows for great customization. You can adjust the radius, altitude, orbit, and move the gimbal in the orbit. Additionally, you can set up various points of interest.

Waypoint Mode

This mode allows you to draw points on the map that the drone will use as its flight path. This feature is very useful and allows for a lot of customization, including altitude.

Line Fly Mode

In this mode, the drone will fly in a specific direction. You can also rotate the drone and control the operation of your camera independently during flight. This is a great tool to create more cinematic shots.

Other Features

Intelligent Flight Battery

This new generation Lithium-Ion battery provides a longer flight duration than other drones within its price range. The drone will return to its original location if the battery is low. The drone can fly for around 20 to 23 minutes on a 3000 mAh charge.

Even though 20 minutes is a longer flight time, it’s still enough to enjoy your drone. It is a good idea to buy a few extra batteries before you start flying.

Headless Mode

This mode is designed for beginners and allows you to fly the Zino in any orientation without having to know where the drone’s head and tail are. You can turn off this feature as you get more experience, but it is best to use the headless mode at the beginning.

Although the drone’s transmission range is stated at 1KM, it can transmit video from a distance of approximately 0.5km. Video transmission is not very good from this distance. Please be aware of the drone regulations in your area. You may need to register your drone in some countries before you can fly it. Also, there may be restrictions on the area you can fly.


If there isn’t much interference, the Hubsan Zino can travel a maximum distance of 1km. This number drops to 600m in cities, for example. This is to be expected due to wifi interference. It was actually possible to fly it up to 1 km, as stated in the specifications.


The aircraft can fly up to 500m. However, you can limit this setting via the application.

If you want to practice without making any mistakes, there is also a beginner mode. It will limit not only the distance but also the height.

The Best Drone Accessories For The Hubsan Zino

As it grows in popularity, there are more accessories online to the Zino.

Although you can obtain most of what you see, we haven’t found any ND filters that could have made this drone more professional.

  • Spare Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Tablet Extender
  • Prop Guards
  • Charger

Transmitter and Mobile App

Although the transmitter is a bit more expensive than the higher-end drones, the sticks feel a lot like cheap toy drones made in China, but the controller does its job very well.

If all functions work properly, transmitter quality is usually a weak point.

You can set the drone to fly in either standard or sport mode. This will allow it to fly much faster but not produce smoother cinematic movements.

The wheel allows you to move the camera up and down, and there are a few buttons that allow you to launch automatic launches and return to your home.

  • Scroll wheel to move the gimbal
  • Click on the RTH button
  • Automated takeoff
  • Switch between GPS Mode and Altitude MOde
  • Phone Holder at the Bottom
  • Indicators for batteries

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The Hubsan Zino drone is small and powerful. It also has a stunning 4K cam. This drone is great for anyone, including beginners and aerial photographers. It also weighs in at a small size making it easy to transport. You can find more options for drones in a similar price range by checking out my list of best beginner drones.

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