Hubsan Zino Pro Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Hubsan Zino Pro Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Hubsan is a well-known brand that manufactures low-cost drones and has the best features. The Zino pro is similar to other drones on the market, but it costs less than $500. Hubsan Pro has been praised by customers for this reason. This Pro version, unlike its predecessor, is much better in terms of specifications.

In this blog, We will highlight the main features and pros and cons so you can decide if it is worth your time.

Hubsan Zino Pro Review

Hubsan Zino Pro Reviews

  • Dual-satellite positioning (GPS+GLONASS);
  • Motor with no brushing that is powerful and reliable
  • 4K camera
  • Stabilization of 3-axis mechanical images;
  • HD Wi-Fi video transmission
  • Panorama photography;
  • Detachable lens protector
  • Failure-safe Return to Home
  • Control range up to 4KM
  • It takes approximately 23 minutes to fly.
  • Intelligent Flight Mode


  • High-quality 4K video and aerial imagery.
  • With level 5 wind resistance, you can achieve precise flight stability.
  • A foldable drone with an elegant design.
  • It’s easy to use the smartphone app
  • Fail-safe mode provides protection in the event that the connection is lost.
  • It supports HD video streaming at 60 frames per second.
  • You don’t need to purchase additional parts as the complete package includes all the essential fittings, except for the SD card.
  • With route customization, the maximum take-off altitude can be reached at a height of approximately 5000m.


  • The manual included in the package is poorly written.
  • For some users, it may be better to mount your smartphone under the remote control.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • HT016P Transmitter with built-in battery
  • 2 x Propellers (pair);
  • 2 x Propeller Screws (pair)
  • Gimbal protector;
  • Propeller Wrench
  • AC Adapter
  • Balance charger
  • USB Charger for Aircraft battery
  • USB Charger for transmitter battery
  • Connector cable (Lightning)
  • 1 x Connector cable (Standard Micro USB)
  • Connector cable (USB Type C);
  • User manual

What is Hubsan Zino PRO?

The Hubsan Zio Pro is a black foldable 4K drone that has a simple logo in white and green. There are very few air vents to help keep the drone cool during flight.

This drone’s design is extremely refined due to its low price. Customers prefer to have foldable drones as they are smaller and easier to transport.

The drone includes a 3-axis Gimbal camera that provides complete stabilization for Aerial Imaging.

Its lightweight of just 700g makes it very easy to use for recreational purposes. The space that the Zino Pro occupies will vary depending on whether it is folded or unfolded.

It measures 187x104x90 mm folded, while when fully extended it measures 304.6×252.4×90 mm. The drone can fly for 23 minutes, which is very impressive considering that it requires minimal airflow.

Design and Build

Hubsan Zino Pro- Design and Build

The Hubsan Zinos drones were always very well designed. The Pro is very similar to its younger brother. It has an all-black color scheme, which means you can’t mix it up. The new black color is actually my favorite. It’s more modern and stylish, and it looks very futuristic and stealthy. The logo is placed on the top of the drone in green. However, it isn’t too bold or large. They kept the best part of the drone, the foldable design. This will make it so much easier and save you a lot of time when transporting the drone.

The Zino Pro isn’t very large. It measures just 30.4×25.24x9cm when unfolded. It weighs in at 700g with the battery. If you are not liable for serious penalties, you will need to register the drone to the FAA in the USA, Canada, or the UK.

This drone is made from high-grade ABS plastic, which makes it feel like a high-end drone. It feels great and won’t crack in a light crash. It also features powerful brushless motors which allow the drone to fly faster and with better control. The drone can travel at a speed of 36 km/h. This is quite impressive. Motor with no brushing is more reliable, produces less noise, and requires less maintenance.

The Zino Pro, like most drones, has nice LED-s. These LED lights can be found underneath each rotor. Both the front and back LEDs have green lights, while the rear ones have red. It can fly at night and will inform you about its orientation. They also inform you before your first flight if the drone has been calibrated.

4K Camera Quality

zino pro drone- 4K Camera Quality

This drone, or any drone, is dominated by its 4K camera. This professional-grade camera will enable you to capture stunning aerial images and videos.

This camera is perfect for slow-motion videography of nature. 4K camera drones were usually around $1000, but drones such as the Hubsan Zino pro have made 4K drones affordable to many more people.

An advanced 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera and eliminates any distortion, shakiness, or jello effect.

This camera features a wide-angle lens. The 3-axis gimbal allows you to rotate the camera in many directions so you can get the angle you desire. Professional photographers can also attach ND filters to the lens to reduce the light entering your images. You will need to buy the filters separately as they are not included. This camera can record 4K videos at 30fps and 2.7k videos @ 60fps. The camera also includes a Sony image sensor as well as an Ambarella advanced video processing chip.

The live stream is available in 1080p. It is best to only fly in good weather. Otherwise, the streams could sometimes be cut off.

This camera can be used to take amazing panoramic photos. It can rotate 180 degrees and capture amazing images.

This is an amazing camera for the price, especially considering the current market. This drone is the best option for photographers who don’t have the funds to buy a DJI drone.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Hubsan Pro charges in about 3 hours. The flight time is approximately 23 minutes per charge. This is an impressive improvement over other drones on the market.

You can also use the fail-safe mode, which is a one-click button to automatically return your drone home if it runs low on battery.

The battery is placed between clips, making it easy to take out if you need to replace it. These clips protect the battery during transport and flight.

Remote Controller

It is easy to fold and has only two antennas. The controller has a mount that holds a 7-inch phone and is very sturdy.

The controller is very ergonomically important. It has a pre-labeled button, which makes it easier to use.

This remote control can be used to communicate with other users at speeds of up to 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz. You can switch between normal, sporty, Video, and Photo modes by pressing the buttons labeled. You can also access a pitch control option, and return home buttons.

Once connected, the controller can charge your phone so it won’t die during flight. It is identical to the original Zino drone. It’s powered via an internal lipo battery, which can be charged via a USB cable.

Video and Photo

We pay a lot for drones and expect HD images and smooth videos. But what if we get exactly the opposite?

This is not what Zino PRO can offer.

The 4K Ultra HD Camera captures every detail and produces vivid, yet warm images.

You can get high-quality images by simply pushing a button on your remote control. The camera has a wide-angle of 90 degrees to 360 degrees.

Advanced image transmission techniques can be used to capture HD videos in panoramic mode with 360-degree rotation. High-resolution cameras can capture 30 frames per second, so it is easy to extract images from the video.

A Sony image sensor is installed along with an Ambarella video processing chip. It will adjust the lens to decrease the light in bright environments. These HQ videos or photos can be stored on a micro SD card. It supports SD cards up to 128 GB.

Flying modes

hubsan zino pro- Flying modes

You have 9 flight modes to choose from. The manual also provides information about each model. These modes are:

1. Line Fly Mode

For users who are looking for cinematic shots, this mode is a great option.

This mode allows drones to fly in a particular direction and gives you complete control over the camera operation. This mode allows you to capture stunning videos and photos.

2. Automatic Return Home Mode

This safety feature is crucial for safe landing your drone, even if the battery drops to 20%.

There are two options for landing, including landing at your current location or at the take-off site. It can land accurately and faster than other competitors.

3. Orbit Mode

The mode of orbit, as the name implies, allows the drones to circle around static objects so that they can capture footage in 360 degrees.

You can customize the radius, altitude, and movement at any number of points.

4. Follow the Mode

This mode allows you to track an object in dynamic or static positions.

ActiveTrack can be used to locate a target and the Hubsan Zino Pro will track that target. It isn’t as fast as other expensive drones, but it does not lag as much as others depending on its price.

5. WayPoint Mode

You will need to mark the points on the map in order for the waypoint mode to work before you can fly.

This feature allows your drone to customize its flight path. It can follow the points and move automatically.

6. Panorama mode

You can capture 360-degree videos with just a tap, as we have already discussed.

You will see your panoramic video as the drone moves.


A GPS + GLONASS module, which is required for most high-end and mid-end drones on the market today is essential. This module allows drones to track their exact location in real-time by communicating with overhead satellites.

This dual configuration is more than just a safety feature. It also ensures that if one of the systems fails, the entire positioning protocol will be taken over by a point-of-redundancy, protecting your drone from any harm.

8. Image Tracking

You can attach a camera to a moving subject, and the drone will follow that subject around. The app allows you to adjust the distance and height. This feature is great, but it doesn’t come with an obstacle avoidance system. You will need to make sure there are no obstacles in the app’s path.

9. Headless Mode

Although the drone is intended for content creators with limited budgets, it also has a mode of headless that can be used by beginners. The drone ignores its front-end configuration, instead of relying on the pilot’s North to navigate.

No matter where the drone is facing, it responds easily to commands. This makes it easy for beginners to fly the craft, without needing to pay attention to its nose position.


The drone is available at a lower price than most other drones on the market. The Hubsan Zino Pro price is below $500, which makes it affordable for beginners and semi-professionals who want a quadcopter that is durable but high-quality for recreational use.

This drone folds up quite inexpensively compared to other Pro drones.

This package includes everything you need to get the drone and all accessories.

The package typically includes a Zino Pro and remote control, blades and screws, charger, screwdriver, and USB charging cable, as well as a manual.

You can also find spare parts to easily replace damaged parts.


The Hubsan Zino Pro’s performance is excellent. It responds well to all control inputs. This allows you to capture shots at the right moment, making sure that your shot composition is consistent and seamless.

The drone’s accelerometer and other positional sensors work together with the GPS to balance the craft and prevent drifting. This is due to the drone’s weight, which gives it a level 5-wind resistance rating. It can withstand gales and rogue winds.

The drone’s brushless motors are able to handle speed better than their brushed counterparts. Brushless motors are much more efficient and produce less heat and friction. They are almost maintenance-free for their entire service life. The motor can reach speeds of 40 mph which is not bad considering most subjects won’t be traveling at such high speeds.

Auxiliary vision landing technology is also available on the drone. This means that even if the Return To Home function fails to activate, the drone will instead find a safe place to land, making retrieval very simple.

Some information you need to keep in mind when flying a drone:

Is Hubsan Zino Pro a good deal?

It is highly recommended for semi-professional customers looking for a simple drone to operate and can record HD footage.

Its specs and features are outstanding, making it stand out from other drones at the same price.

The compact and sleek design makes it easy to transport while on vacation for recreational purposes. It is among the top drones under $400.

It can capture beautiful views that are not possible with your smartphone or other cameras.

The drone will give you an exceptional experience thanks to its outstanding flight performance and aerial imagery.

Its pros far outweigh its cons, as this is the only masterpiece you have access to.


This Hubsan Zino pro review is a quadcopter in 4K resolution. You’ll cost a lot less than a DJI drone and have a lot more flight choices to help you make movies. It lacks sensors, which is unfortunate. However, if you are cautious enough, you will not require them. They are also highly dependable, with a lengthy flying duration and a decent flight range. we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

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