Hubsan H501s Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Hubsan H501s Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Drones have been one of the more interesting gadgets of this century. It has been proven that drones can be put to a variety of uses, from photography to rescue missions. With relatively new technology like this, it is necessary to determine which drone will work for you. This Hubsan H501S review explains more about this model and what customers had to say.

Hubsan H501s Reviews

  • 1080p HD Camera
  • 6 Axis Gyroscope
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Remote Control with Integrated 4.3 Inch Screen
  • Dual GPS
  • Automatic Low Battery Return Home


  • This device features a precise GPS module.
  • Many interesting features are available, such as One Key Return, Mode of headless, Flow Me and RTH Mode, OSD Live Data, and FPV.
  • It comes with a powerful camera unit that captures stunning images.
  • Its quiet flight behavior will be loved by users.
  • This drone is the best option for taking selfies because of its follow-me mode.
  • Maximum flight time is 20 minutes for distances of 300m or less.


  • Its FPV system can be considered partially weak.
  • Users have reported sudden drops in altitudes, but this is nothing to be concerned about.


Hubsan H501s- Design

Although it can be easily broken if it’s crashed lightly, it weighs in at about 450g. It won’t be too heavy if it isn’t being used for travel. However, if you do want to take it with you, a foldable drone would be a better choice. They are usually smaller and lighter.

The drone measures approximately 47.5x31x5 cm in size and weighs about 480g.

Before I continue, I want to remind you that the drone weighs in at more than 250g. This means that you must register it if you are located in the USA, Canada, or the UK. Please check the regulations in your local area if you are a resident of another country.

Hubsan’s H501S drone was the first to have brushless motors. They are more powerful, efficient, and last longer. These motors provide drones with more thrust during takeoff and make them fly faster than drones equipped with brushed motors.

The big LED lights are located under each rotor. They not only look great when the drone is in flight but also indicate when the drone’s compass has been calibrated. The LED lights can be helpful for experienced drone pilots, but I recommend that you keep them within your site and not fly too far from your eyes.

Rubber landing legs are also included on the rotor arms. This is a handy feature that protects your camera from damage when you land.

You can use the micro SD card slot to record your images and video. It supports 4GTF cards with a maximum memory of 8-32GB.

Hubsan H501S Camera Drone

Hubsan H501S Camera Drone

My favorite feature on any drone is the cameras. They allow me to see the world from the air, which is always incredible.

Although the Hubsan H501S may be a bit old, the cameras included with it is still quite good, even if you compare it to other drone cameras.

This HD 1080p camera features a wide-angle lens which will allow you to capture great aerial photos and videos.

The cameras don’t have any stabilization features such as a tripod, but the images and videos are sharp with very little distortion. The videos may have a jello effect, but this is not enough to ruin the quality. You won’t be using the cameras in a professional capacity, so any distortion will not affect the quality.

The video streaming quality impressed me especially. There is some lag, but not much interference, as long as you fly on clear days. Although the streaming quality isn’t HD, it is standard 480p. If you choose to record, which you should, the video will be in high resolution.

Another feature that I would like to mention about the cameras is the ability to connect a VR headset with the controller to receive the live video feed to the headset. This allows for more immersive flying experiences.

The Hubsan Hubsan H501SX4 in Flight

The Hubsan was quickly in the air, and we got it moving. First, you should know that the X4 is difficult to fly. The short legs and low takeoff surface make it difficult to lift the drone into the air. The drone doesn’t have much stabilization, and there isn’t a gimbal. This makes it difficult to keep the drone stable while taking photos.

The X4 can be flown in general and has many good features to keep your drone safe. For beginners, the X4’s one-touch return to the home button is very useful. The flying modes are also useful. Headless mode makes it easy to control your drone. You can move in any direction you wish with the right stick.

The drone’s battery life is excellent, and we got about 20 minutes of flying time. This is a remarkable stat at this price, and it is why the Hubsan H501S X4 is so competitive with other budget drones.

Battery Life

The drone has a 2700 mAh Lipo battery with a 7.4 Volt rating. The drone can fly for up to 20 minutes. It takes approximately one hour to recharge the battery using an EU adapter.

The drone’s battery is 7.4v 2700mAh lipo. This is an impressive battery which gives it a flight time of approximately 20 minutes. It is also very affordable considering the drone’s age and the fact that budget-friendly drones did not have that much flying time back in the day.

The battery is located in the drone’s back. Unlike other drone batteries, it has an EC2 connector.

It is important to remember that 20 minutes is a long time for drones. However, it is not enough to enjoy the drone. Extra batteries are a must. They will prolong your flying time, and you won’t have to wait for it to charge before you can fly again.

Flight Mode

drone hubsan h501s- Mode Of Flight

Although the HD camera is the main feature, it also comes with many other features that will improve your flying experience and make you more comfortable with the drone.

These features include:

Auto Return Home

This device can automatically return home thanks to its advanced GPS navigation system. It can also remember the flight takeoff address. FailSafe mode is activated in the event that your drone loses connection to its transmitter for any reason. Your device will return home safely.

Follow me Mode

This is a great option for selfie-lovers as it allows them to set their drone on tracking mode and continue visiting different sites.

Altitude Mode:

This mode allows the drone to maintain a specific altitude according to pre-installed readings from the barometer. It can be used for both horizontal and rotational movements

Headless Mode

This enabled the drone to operate intuitively, so novice pilots could easily control all forward and reverse movements.


Hubsan H501S X4 controller features a 4.3 LCD screen that allows users to easily use FPV cameras. The LCD screen displays all flight telemetry data. The controller works at 2.4GHz frequency, while the controller works at 5.8GHz.

Brushless Motors

Hubsan H501S has a unique feature: it uses a brushless motor design. The motor’s durable design and power allow for long flights.

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This controller is large and reminiscent of old remote controls from the 1990s. It may not be liked by everyone, but I find it cool, and it feels great in my hands.

The integrated 4.3-inch LCD display is one of my favorite features of this controller. This allows you to stream live video from your tablet or smartphone, which is much more convenient. This feature would be great for drone controllers.

You can cover the LCD screen with a sunshade. However, if it is necessary, the sunshade will make it easier to see the screen in bright sunlight.

You can easily identify all controls by their icons. The control sticks are also easy to use. The antennas at the top are real antennas, not fake ones like those on cheap drones. The one used for FPV has a paddle-shaped shape. You can read more!

In optimal conditions, the transmission range is 400m. The controller uses 8 AA batteries that are not included in the package.

Drone Comparison

Drone Comparison

The Hubsan H501S radio remote control deserves a lot of praise. This remote control is truly a masterpiece, with a professional appearance. The heart of the controller is located in the middle. It has a color LCD screen that allows you to receive FPV video transmissions in real-time. You will also find the telemetry, which displays all flight parameters, GPS position, and any other useful parameters.

You will see two buttons on the screen to control your drone. These can be adjusted in either one or two modes. The default setting for the radio control is Mode 2. This mode is ideal for most operations. You will find a micro USB port for updating the firmware on the radio control and an output feature that allows you to connect external screens or goggles.

The Hubsan H109S X4 Pro, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful drones in their family. It supports 1080p video capture and lives to stream. This quadcopter is an affordable competitor to the Phantom 3.

The MJX Bugs 3 Mini’s flight time is relatively short. The Hubsan H501S drone is approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how it is used.

The Bugs 3 Mini drone does not come with a camera. This is a benefit in some ways, as it allows MJX not to restrict pilots and reduce costs. Users can attach their own action cameras to the devices.

Customer reviews

Most user reviews, both online and on Amazon, show that Hubsan H501S customers love its features and performance. This drone’s best feature is the remote controller. Customers agree that the Hubsan Hubsan H501S Drone is a great value for money.

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The Hubsan H501s is the most-recommended beginner drone for many reasons. It has a great price, it has good features, and it’s also very easy to use. Anyone who wants to get started with flying drones will feel right at home with this one. So if you want to enjoy flying but don’t know where to start, then the Hubsan H501s would be the best choice for you.

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