How To Watch GoPro On TV 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Watch GoPro On TV 2022: Top Full Guide

A GoPro is a small, lightweight camera that can be mounted on almost anything to capture footage while you’re participating in your favorite activity. GoPro cameras are popular among athletes, adventurers, and travel enthusiasts, but they can also be used for everyday activities. If you want to watch your GoPro footage on TV, there are a few different ways to do it.

In this blog, we will discuss the various ways to view GoPro footage on your TV.

How To Watch GoPro On TV

It’s fine to view footage from your GoPro camera, but it can be difficult to share it with friends. This post will show you how to view your GoPro videos on your TV.

1. HDMI Connect to Play GoPro Video on TV

HDMI Connect to Play GoPro Video on TV

An HDMI cable is probably the easiest way to connect your GoPro with a TV. You will only need a Micro HDMI-to HDMI cable adapter like this one.

You will also require a TV that has an HDMI input. This is almost every TV made in the past 20 years. You should always start with a fully charged battery.

  1. Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter to connect your GoPro camera and TV
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to your TV.
  3. Turn on your TV, then turn on your GoPro.
  4. Choose the right HDMI input for your TV. Now you will see a live preview of your camera.
  5. Navigate to Play mode on your GoPro.

What GoPro cameras can connect via HDMI?

Any model with a micro HDMI output. These models include the Hero4 Black through Hero7 Black numbered models.

  • Hero4 Black
  • Hero5 Black
  • Hero6 Black
  • Hero7 Black
  • Hero8 Black: Please note that the Hero8 Black is not equipped with a micro HDMI output. You will need the Media Mod to perform this function.
  • Hero9 Black: Please be aware that the Hero8 Black is not equipped with a micro HDMI output. You will need the Media Mod to perform this function.
  • Hero10 Black: Please be aware that the Hero8 Black is not equipped with a micro HDMI output. You will need the Media Mod to perform this function.

The micro HDMI output is not available on the newer GoPro cameras Hero10, Hero9, and Hero8. The Media Mod that corresponds to your model will be required.

2. Wirelessly Monitor GoPro on TV: Screen Mirroring

Wirelessly Monitor GoPro on TV: Screen Mirroring

Wireless is the best. Screencasting and mirroring allow you to view your GoPro footage on any TV without the need for wires.

You can screencast GoPro footage in two ways:

  1. Upload footage to your laptop or computer. Next, mirror it to your screen with Apple AirPlay (Chromecast) or Google Cast (Chromecast). Here are the steps to connect your GoPro camera to your computer.
  2. Cast from your smartphone directly

This wireless connection allows you to connect your GoPro cameras. The specific model of the GoPro camera is not important because it isn’t connecting directly to the computer.

Your computer or smartphone is the real limitation. It will need to be able to cast high-resolution video wirelessly. It will also need to have the right program or app to mirror your smart TV.

Media Server: Wirelessly casting to your TV from a media server is another way. You will need a media server program such as Plex or PlayOn to do this. It is a powerful tool, but it can be difficult to set up. It takes some time.

3. GoPro Videos on USB (Best for 4K).

GoPro Videos on USB (Best for 4K).

There are several ways to do this. This first option requires a laptop or computer. The second option is quicker and does not require a computer.

Copy the footage from your GoPro camera to a USB flash disk. You will need a computer to do this. Plug the USB port of your TV into the drive.

  1. Take the microSD card out of your camera and place it in a USB adapter like this one from SanDisk. Next, insert it into the USB port of your TV.
  2. You will need a USB 3.0 flash drive to view 4K videos, such as this one from Samsung. An older USB 2.0 flash drive can’t handle this video resolution.

What cameras can be connected via USB? 

Simply transfer the files to your USB stick and then insert it into the TV.

  • Step 1 Connect your GoPro with your computer to transfer videos and photos from your GoPro to you PC.
  • Step 2 Insert a USB drive into your computer, and copy the GoPro files there.
  • Step 3. Insert your USB stick into the TV’s USB port.
  • Step 4 Turn on the TV and select the USB drive from its input settings.
  • Step 5 Use your TV remote to select and open a GoPro photo or video.

4. SD Card to View GoPro Footage

SD Card to View GoPro Footage

Similar to the previous, this is also possible. This option doesn’t require a computer.

Your microSD card should be removed from your camera. It can be inserted into an SD adapter or microSD card reader, as in the previous step.

Next, insert the adapter card into your TV. Look for the SD Card label. Navigate to the SD Card option in your TV’s menu and enjoy your adventures on your large screen.

It costs only a few dollars to get a microSD card adapter. It’s worth having a spare microSD card adapter in your bag. Many microSD cards come with one. I keep a few of these around.

Which GoPro cameras can be connected via SD cards? It doesn’t matter what GoPro model you own. This is because the microSD card will need to be removed from the camera and then inserted into the TV.

5. GoPro Media on TV via RCA cable

GoPro Media on TV via RCA cable

You may not receive the HDMI port if you have a traditional TV. The RCA cable or the composite cable can be used to view the media. Three end cables are included in RCA cables. The wires must be connected to the TV using the same color RCA ports. Connect the GoPro, and you can start previewing media.

You can buy an RCA cable at any of the online or hardware shops. This method will not work with older models. This is only for older GoPro models such as Hero4, Hero3, and Hero3+.

These are the top options for connecting the GoPro to your TV. We are confident that you will find the right option to share your GoPro footage with friends and family.

GoPro Video Playback Problems on TV

GoPro Video Playback Problems on TV

It is easy to connect your GoPro to your TV. It’s not easy to figure out how to fix problems such as the inability to open or playback video on your TV. These problems can be fixed by looking at all possible causes or by using VideoProc Converter.

Error 1. Can’t Play 4K GoPro Videos on TV

You will need a 4K TV screen, a 4K compatible HDMI cable, and a fast internet connection if you plan to stream 4K footage to your TV.
In practice, however, there are many reasons why playback fails. For example, 4K videos encoded in HEVC/H.265 are not compatible with the TV. Also, the file size for the 4K video is too large… You will need to compress or convert the video before loading it onto your TV.

Error 2. TV Does not Recognize any Input Signal

Many TV sets have multiple HDMI input ports. Make sure you select the correct one. If the problem persists, you can either test the HDMI connection on other devices or replace the HDMI cable.

Error 3. Lagging Video on Smart TV

Common 4K movies can easily be cast on TV, but GoPro videos with the same resolution and container are terrible. The reason is that the bitrate of a GoPro camera is higher. This camera delivers incredible quality, but it is much more resource-intensive to playback. You might be able to lower the bitrate.

Error 4. GoPro Video Flickering On TV/HDTV

For playback on a TV, choose the regional frame rate. If you are outside North America, set 60Hz (NTSC) and 50Hz (PAL). The right format for your region will prevent flickering when the GoPro video is played back on TV/HDTV.


How To Watch GoPro On TV - FAQs

1. Is GoPro equipped with HDMI?

HDMI-to USB Video Capture. The HERO7 Black, like many other models (but not the newer HERO8 Black), has a built-in HDMI port. This is the port that you use to connect your camera to a TV for playback.

2. Does GoPro hero 8 have HDMI output?

GoPro Media Mod
The HERO8 Black does not have an HDMI-out port. This was one of the main differences between the HERO7 Black and the HERO8 Black. An HDMI-out port is essential for this because it’s what sends the video signal from the camera.

3. What is the best way to use my GoPro webcam as a webcam?

Your USB cable should be connected to your camera. The other end should be connected to a powered USB port in your computer. Open OBS or Skype and select your GoPro as the source. This will usually display as the name for your Cam Link dongle. Go to Settings > Audio and Video > Camera.


If you want to watch GoPro footage on your TV, there are a few different ways to do it. You can either use the GoPro app to watch footage on your phone or tablet and then cast it to your TV, or you can use a separate device to convert the footage into a format that your TV can understand. Whichever method you choose, you’re sure to enjoy watching your GoPro footage on the big screen!

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