How To Use OBS Virtual Camera 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Use OBS Virtual Camera 2023: Top Full Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the obs virtual camera. This is a powerful tool that can be used to create professional-looking videos. You can use the virtual camera to control the position and angle of the camera.

What is OBS Virtual Camera?

What is OBS Virtual Camera

OBS virtual camera is a tool that allows video call software like Zoom or Discord to recognize OBS as a video source. This plugin was originally introduced by OBS Studio as a third-party plugin. However, it is now included in all Open Broadcaster Software Studio versions.

This feature allows you to create a custom scene within OBS Studio using overlays, effects, and other media. These scenes will be displayed during the video call. OBS Virtual Cam can be used for webinars, conferences, and company presentations.

OBS Virtual Camera can connect to almost any video-calling software such as:

  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Hangouts
  • Google meet

Lucky, OBS is such an excellent screen recording software that provides functional recording ways for both Windows and Mac users.

Set Up OBS Virtual Camera

Set Up OBS Virtual Camera

OBS 26.0 or higher will automatically install the OBS virtual cam. You can also download an older version of Open Broadcaster Software Studio as a plugin: OBS Virtualcam.

Open Broadcaster Software 26.0+ will include a “Start Virtual Cam” option in the controls menu.

When you’re ready to send the OBS video feed to your video calling software, click that button. Next, go to the cam settings for whatever video-call program you’re using. You will see “OBS Virtual Camera”.

OBS virtual cam can show any media or text that you have included in the scene you created in Open Broadcaster Softwares.

OBS Virtual Cam Installation in Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Softwares

The process is identical if you’re running on Streamlabs OBS. Simply go to SLOBS settings and choose Virtual Webcam. This feature is only required the first time. It takes just a few seconds.

Once it has been installed, simply click on “Start Virtual Webcam” to get started.

OBS Virtual Camera: Setting up Scenes

OBS Virtual Camera Setting up Scenes

SLOBS or OBS Studio, you can set up a scene to add overlays to your live video. You can also add a background, green screen, or other media to the webcam feed, such as images, graphics, and alerts. You can also add animations, graphs, and emoji popups to your live video.

As we have already mentioned, OBS’s source box uses the layer system. Layer different options into your scene. Suppose you wish to create an effect such as snow falling on the screen, for example. In the layer list, ensure that the snow media source is not below your cam source.

Use the + option to add any device that you use for a webcam. You have the option to choose from the list of sources that can be added to a scene. The video capture device option will be used to install the webcam. The preview screen will display the video. This is where you can change the video’s size to your liking.

You can add additional scenes to change what viewers see. You can add text to a scene by creating another one and then adding a text layer in the source box. You can adjust any layer you add to a scene to suit your needs.

How to Use OBS Studio Virtual Camera

Open Broadcaster Softwares can be used as a webcam source because it offers many production features such as picture in picture, green screen, and chroma-key (green screen). This feature is great for delivering business presentations or if you want to entertain your coworkers with a weird green screen background. We will show you how to use the OBS Virtual Cam in Zoom.

  • Step 1. Please download the most recent version of OBS Studio.
  • Step 2. Click the “Start Virtual Camera” button to add sources that you wish to share.
  • Step 3. Start Zoom and choose the OBS Virtual Cam to be your camera in the video settings.

You can check How To Turn Off Camera On Zoom 2023: Top Full Guide if you want to know the way to turn off camera.

Record screen using OBS virtual cam

When you use OBS VirtualCam to pick an OBS camera in Zoom, for example, you may wish to record Zoom at the same time.

You can record Zoom with another recording program such as Bandicam while simultaneously using the OBS virtual cam. Another option is to use OBS studio in two instances.

Follow these steps.

Step 1. You can open Zoom, Discord, and other programs without turning on the virtual cam.

Step 2. Add a source to record and start Open Broadcaster Software studio. Don’t turn on the virtual cam yet.

Step 3. OBS Studio can be opened in another instance. Click “Launch Anyway” if you see the message “OBS is already in operation“.

Step 4. Take out the sources that you have previously chosen and replace them with the cam. Start the virtual cam to Zoom or other OBS programs.

Step 5. Return to Zoom and select the Open Broadcaster Software Virtual cam as a video source.

Guide to Applying Virtual Camera to OBS on Windows

An OBS camera can be used to create a picture-in-picture effect in video conferencing software. Open Broadcaster Software can be used as a virtual cam, and it allows you to add filters and effects to your video. OBS also allows you to optimize the webcam’s exposure, zoom, focus, and other settings. It can improve the quality of your videos.

This is a list of steps to add the OBS webcam.

Step 1. Click “Help” > Check for updates

Step 2. Select “Display Capture” >”Create New“> “OK“. This will allow you to use the screen in any other video-meeting software as a picture-in-picture effect.

Guide to Applying Virtual Camera to OBS on Windows

Step 3. To launch the virtual cam, locate the dock at the bottom. Click “Start Virtual Camera

Applying Virtual Camera to OBS on Windows.

Note: A virtual camera plugin is a great way to get started using Open Broadcaster Softwares. This plugin will allow you to create a virtual cam and use it in your scenes. To use the virtual cam, first select it from the list of available cameras. Then, use the controls to position and orient the cam. You can also adjust the properties of the camera, such as the focal length and field of view.

Guide to using OBS Studio in Zoom Meetings with Virtual Cam:

Step 1.

Download Open Broadcaster Softwares from our official website to install the latest version. Stop using any other software to apply the virtual cam.

Step 2.

Open OBS Studio and click “Start Virtual Camera” after adding sources like images to it.

Start Zoom meeting by clicking “Settings > Video“. Choose “OBS Virtual Camera” from the Camera menu. This will allow you to see how your Open Broadcaster Software is mirrored during the Zoom meeting.

Step 3.

To set the camera to the best settings, click “Sources” and select “Properties“.

Step 4.

Advanced settings can make your webcam look better. Change the Zoom, Focus, or Exposure options in the new window. Next, click “OK” to return to your video calling software.


FAQs about How To Use OBS Virtual Camera

1. How to apply a virtual green screen on the Open Broadcaster Software background?

Open OBS Studio. Click on the Sources dock and hit “+” > Image. Next, click “Create new”. Click “Browse” to import the green background. Select the green screen image.

2. Is Open Broadcaster Software able to output Zoom?

You can use the “Virtual Webcam” option to bring your webcam into Open Broadcaster Software. This button is located in the upper right corner, right below stream and record. Next, Zoom will allow you to select “OBS Camera” as your Zoom webcam.

3. How can I use Open Broadcaster Software to monitor my audio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio defaults to output the monitor audio to the default device. Open Open Broadcaster Software Studio Settings and click on the Audio tab to change the output device. Select the Audio Device that will playback your audio.


Here we give you the guide that we are talking about above. It is very useful in some cases. When you have understood, Lucidcam hopes it will be easier for you to operate your camera. If you still have any questions, you can ask me directly. If you like this post, share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!

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