How To Update Gopro 2022: Top Full Guide For You

How To Update Gopro 2022: Top Full Guide
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Updating a GoPro is a great way to make sure your camera is never out of date. You will be able to add in any new features that may arise and share all of your photos and videos with the newest devices. In this article, we’ll tell you how to update GoPro cameras.

Why Should You Update Your GoPro?

Why Should You Update Your GoPro

GoPro periodically releases a firmware upgrade to its cameras. Always ensure your GoPro firmware is current. This allows you to access new features, performance improvements, usability enhancements, bug fixes, and general improvements.

Requirements to Update GoPro Camera Wirelessly

The best and most convenient way to upgrade your GoPro’s firmware is wirelessly using the GoPro app. This feature is available for the following models

  • Hero 8 Black
  • GoPro Max
  • Hero 7 Black/Silver/White
  • Fusion
  • Hero (2018)
  • Hero 6
  • Hero 5
  • Hero 4
  • Hero 3+
  • Family Hero+
  • Hero Session / Hero 4 Session

Before you can update your camera’s firmware with this method, there are some requirements. These are the requirements:

  1. You must ensure that your GoPro app is at least version 3.1. You can update your cameras wirelessly from the GoPro app.
  2. You must have one of the GoPro models listed above.
  3. You must have the GoPro app on your mobile device.
  4. It is essential to have an active internet connection. By default, The GoPro App download automatically from the cellular data network The file size of the software is approximately 25MB. You can change the app settings to avoid using cellular data to download this file.
  5. Your GoPro must have at most 2 bars of battery, and your phone must also be fully charged. If you don’t have enough battery life, wireless updates won’t work and a warning message will be displayed.
  6. An SD card must be installed in the camera.

How To Update GoPro Firmware: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Update GoPro Firmware Step-by-Step Guide

While the GoPro app is by far the easiest and fastest way to upgrade your camera’s firmware, there are other methods (as explained before). These are the steps to update your GoPro camera firmware using various methods.

#1: Use the GoPro App

Here’s how to update your camera wirelessly via GoPro App

  • Step 1: Download and install the GoPro app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) on your compatible mobile device.
  • Step 2: Make sure your device has internet access.
  • Step 3: Turn on your camera’s WiFi, and then connect it to your phone’s wireless settings. Bluetooth must be enabled for Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero+ families as well as Hero Session/Hero4 Session cameras.
  • Step 4: Open the GoPro app on your smartphone.
  • Step 5: Select Control your GoPro, then select your camera in the menu.
  • Step 6: Once you have selected your camera from the list, the GoPro app will prompt you to update it if an upgrade is available.
  • GoPro App OTA Update
  • Step 7: Now you will reach the upgrade page, where the app will display the latest release notes. To continue, click Update
  • Step 8: Go through the legal disclaimer. Click Accept and Continue.
  • Step 9: Now, the GoPro App will transfer the new camera software onto the camera. At this point, the camera will display Transferring files to your camera.
  • Step 10: The camera will turn on and off a few times while it updates its software. The camera may disconnect from the App’s Wi-Fi when it turns off.
  • Step 11: Connect to your phone’s camera via the WiFi Settings. The GoPro App will notify you when the update is complete by launching it again.

#2: Update with Quik for Desktop

  • Download Quik for Desktop.
  • Make sure your camera is fully charged.
  • Launch Quik for Desktop from your computer.
  • Connect your camera to your computer using the provided USB charging cable.
  • Quik Desktop will notify you that a camera upgrade is available. Follow the on-screen prompts to perform the upgrade .

#3: Manual Update

Manual update is your only option for updating the firmware of a Hero 3 and earlier models. Here are the manual update instructions. A manual upgrade can be used for any GoPro model that fails to work with the other methods.

HERO (2014)

Two ways to upgrade your HERO (2014) camera are available:

  • Quik Desktop (Recommended)
  • Manually

Quik Desktop Update

  1. Install Quik on your desktop.
  2. Launch Quik on your desktop.
  3. The USB cable connects the HERO camera and the computer.
  4. The Camera Software Update window will be opened if there is an update. Continue.
  5. To confirm your acceptance of the terms, read the GoPro Firmware License. Click Next.
  6. The software update for the camera will be downloaded and installed.
  7. After the upgrade is complete, click Done.

Manual Update

  1. Go to the HERO 2014 update page.
  2. Click “Update your camera manually” under “Other ways of updating”
  3. Click Next to enter your serial number and any other information.
  4. Click “Download Update.”
  5. Click “Click Here to Download Firmware”
  6. For detailed instructions on your operating system, follow the steps shown on the screen.

Updating Hero 8 using App (3 Solutions).

Solution 1 – Update GoPro Hero8 with App

Follow these steps to upgrade your GoPro using the app.

Get the latest updates from GoPro App

  1. Google Play Store) onto your compatible mobile device.
  2. Make sure your camera is fully charged
  3. Next, pair your GoPro camera with the app.
  4. Once you have paired the GoPro app, it will notify you when a camera upgrade has been made
  5. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the upgrade.

Solution #2 – Manually Update GoPro Hero

You will need these items before you can start this update process:

  1. Your GoPro Hero Camera
  2. A laptop/desktop computer (Windows/Mac OS).
  3. Cameras Micro SD Card
  4. Only if your computer doesn’t have a micro SD slot

Once your GoPro and phone are connected, the app will display an onscreen prompt to allow you to upgrade the firmware. If the GoPro app does not notify you about an upgrade , that means that the camera is running the most recent firmware. No update is required.

You can manually update if this happens. This will fix any errors in the firmware version or installation. Follow the Manual Update steps to perform a manual upgrade.

  1. Manual Update
  2. Visit
  3. Choose your HERO camera.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see “Other ways” and then select “Update your Camera manually“.
  5. Click “Next Step” to enter your serial number and any other information.
  6. Click “Download Update.”
  7. Click here to download firmware
  8. For detailed instructions on your computer’s operating system (Windows/Mac OS), follow the steps shown.
  9. If you’re using Windows OS, the downloaded file will be placed in the default “Downloads” folder.
  10. Next, insert the Micro SD Card into your computer.
  11. Navigate to your Windows computer’s Downloads folder and locate the “” folder.
  12. Right-click the folder to extract its contents
  13. You will see a folder called UPDATE.
  14. Right-click the UPDATE folder, and choose COPY
  15. Navigate to the micro SD Card inserted into your computer.
  16. Take the SD Card out of the computer and put it back in your camera
  17. Turn on the camera, and wait for the automatic update to begin.
  18. The update should be displayed on the Camera screen.
  19. Before the update is complete, the Camera will restart 1 to 2 times
  20. After the update has been successfully completed, you will see a checkmark in the camera screen

Solution #3 – GoPro Hero Update with Quick for Desktop

The following items are required to update your GoPro with Quick software:

  1. A computer/laptop (Windows/Mac OS).
  2. Install quick software on your computer
  3. GoPro USB charging cable
  4. GoPro fully charged

Quik Desktop Update

  1. Quik Desktop Software can be downloaded and installed.
  2. Make sure your camera is fully charged
  3. Quik Desktop can be launched on your computer.
  4. Use the supplied USB charging cable to connect your camera and computer.
  5. Quik for Desktop will notify you that a camera upgrade is available. Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade .


This guide should provide all the information needed to upgrade your GoPro camera’s firmware and software update instructions. It is a good idea to update your device to the most recent software. This will resolve software bugs, and may also introduce new features or functions.

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