How To Charge VR Controllers 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Charge VR Controllers 2022: Top Full Guide

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headgear (now simply referred to as “Quest 2” by its parent company, Meta) offers a number of novel features, not the least of which is hand tracking, which turns your bare hands into game controllers.

If you are looking for a way to charge your VR controllers, then you have come to the right place. In this article, Lucidcam will show you how to charge VR controllers using the charging cable that came with your VR headset.

The Battery Life of Quest Controllers is Surprising

Battery Life of Quest Controllers is Surprising

Meta chose to forgo an internal rechargeable battery because the Quest controllers consume very little power. Their battery life can be measured in months using disposable alkaline batteries.

This will reduce or eliminate the need to charge your controller batteries unless you are a heavy VR user. This issue may not occur to you even if you are a heavy user of VR. Upload VR’s team, who, we believe, use VR more often than most, had to change their controller batteries only after three months. It seems that people change their batteries the most often around the one-month mark. This is a serious battery endurance.

Keep Extra Disposable Batteries

Consider how long the Quest 2 controller batteries can last. The easiest strategy is to purchase spare disposable AA batteries and keep them around in case your current batteries go flat. This is faster than charging them and will allow you to beat those sabers in no time.

Although there is an environmental argument for rechargeables, it really doesn’t make any difference to the Quest 2 controllers. Alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of. You can still reduce your waste by using rechargeable batteries.

Alkaline batteries can last a long time if they are not connected or left in their original packaging. You can check the expiration date on the pack and keep it in a drawer for when you use it. You can store them in a controller, or any other device.

Use Rechargeable AA Batteries

Use Rechargeable AAs

Any battery that is compatible with the Quest 2 controllers and fits within the AA size standard will be accepted. There are many options for rechargeable batteries.

To power your controllers, you can use NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries and an external charger. Many controllers can charge four batteries simultaneously in sets of 2. If you buy four NiMH battery packs and charge them all at once, you will always have one pair of charged batteries to swap between.

It can be cumbersome to use a dedicated charger. We instead use lithium AA batteries that charge using USB power. These batteries come with a removable cap which allows you to plug them into a USB-A port. Some batteries have ports that allow you to charge your cable with them.

Although this works well, we have found that these lithium batteries self-discharge regardless of whether or not you use the controllers. It is possible that the battery circuitry of the controllers causes self-discharging. However, the long life of the other lithium batteries we have tested is not as good. It’s not a big deal, as you can recharge them quickly and easily.

What to Know

  • One AA battery is required for each controller of the Oculus Quest or Quest 2.
  • You can avoid downtime by purchasing two pairs of rechargeable AAA batteries and leaving one on the charger.
  • You can charge the controllers with the optional Oculus charging station, which allows you to do so without having to remove the batteries.

How to Charge Oculus Quest and Quest 2 Controllers

Although the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 controllers may appear to not have removable battery compartments on their packaging, they do. You’ll notice a small eject symbol molded into each grip. It is located roughly opposite the trigger button. This is the battery compartment cover. Inside, you’ll find a single AA battery. These controllers come with alkaline batteries that you can’t recharge.

You will need to change the alkaline batteries in order to charge Oculus Quest 2 controllers. The compatible charger can be used to charge the batteries as they become depleted. You might consider buying four batteries instead of the usual two and leaving two on the charger so that they are always available.

Here are the steps to charge your Oculus Quest controllers.

1. You can hold an Oculus controller with one or both of your hands. The small eject symbol is facing away.

2. To unlock the battery compartment cover, gently push your thumbs or thumbs away from you.

3. Take off the battery cover.

4. Take out the AA battery.

5. Replace the battery with a rechargeable AAA battery

6. The battery cover should be replaced. Next, repeat steps 1-5 for the other controller.

Optional: You can place two more AA batteries on the charger.

Swap out the dead batteries from your controllers for fully charged ones.

How to Charge Oculus Quest Controllers Using the Charging Dock

How to Charge Oculus Quest Controllers Using the Charging Dock

Oculus Quest controllers can’t be recharged straight from the manufacturer. However, the Anker Charging Dock For Oculus Quest turns them into rechargeable controllers. The dock is made by Anker, but it’s an Oculus-licensed product. It makes charging your headsets and controllers almost effortless.

The dock comes with rechargeable batteries and battery covers that make wireless charging possible. . You can also charge your Oculus Quest 2, simply by placing it on top of the dock. You don’t have to open the covers every time you want.

This is how to charge Oculus Quest controllers with the charging dock

1. Take off the battery covers.

2. Take out the batteries.

3. Install the rechargeable batteries that came with the dock.

Install the rechargeable batteries that came with the dock.

4. The battery covers included with the dock should be installed.

5. Place the controllers in the charging stations whenever you’re not using them.

How to Charge oculus quest 2 controller

6. To ensure that charging can occur, make sure you have each controller seated correctly.

7. You can also place the headset in the cradle to charge it.


FAQs about How To Charge VR Controllers

1. Do Oculus controllers need charging?

The Quest 2 controllers don’t have a rechargeable because they each use a single AA disposable battery. The controllers don’t have a default charging cable, charging dock, or rechargeable battery system.

2. How long can Oculus controller batteries last?

These batteries can last for up to 10 years stored. So you can pull a pair from the drawer to keep your Touch Controllers charged and ready to go.

3. How can I tell when my Oculus has been charged?

When the headset has finished charging, the indicator light at the headset’s side will change from red to green. Unplug your headset when this happens. After unplugging your headset, turn it off if you don’t plan to use it.


You can easily charge your VR controllers by following the steps outlined above. If you have any questions about this post or want to share your experience, please leave them in the comments section. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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