Holy Stone HS110G Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Holy Stone HS110G Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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Whether you’re an experienced drone flyer or new to the game, there’s always something more you can learn about drones. Holy Stone is a well-known brand in the drone world, but their HS110G quadcopter might be something new for some people. In this blog, we will show you all there is to know about this drone, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Holy Stone HS110G Reviews

  • Weight of the item: 176g
  • Dimensions: 12.04×3.66×3.58 inches
  • Flight time: Around 14 minutes
  • Charging time: 180 minutes
  • Camera: HD 1920x1080p
  • Live Video Transmission Range: 493ft
  • Maximum Control Range: 983ft
  • Battery Capacity: 3.0V 1500mAh
  • Integrated 1080P HD camera that delivers crisp clear footage.
  • GPS Auto Return


  • Intelligent flight battery provides up to 13 minutes of flight time.
  • Professionally designed remote control with a mount holder, battery status, and power status.
  • It is affordable and offers advanced flight functions, making it a great choice for beginners.
  • The remote control is possible from a great distance. There’s plenty of space for you to fly around.
  • Engaging controls make it simple and easy to understand.
  • High definition 1080P HD camera with crisp clarity.


  • No obstacle avoidance sensors.
  • There are no advanced flight modes like ActiveTrack or Tapfly — but that’s what you pay for.

Design and Build Quality

The symmetrical quadcopter design on the HS110G makes it a good drone for beginners who want to show it off. It has minimal markings (just a banding at the arms and a GPS logo in the center) and is finished with a premium black coat. This is a good price considering the drone’s plastic build. The arms also have LED units that light up and serve as markers for night flying and indicate the craft’s pairing status.

Holy Stone HS110G is made from durable plastic. We believe it is ABS. It is more resistant to collisions and crashes, but we don’t condone drunken flying.

As with all Holy Stone drones, the legs are longer, which gives extra safety to the camera when landing on uneven surfaces.

Camera Quality

Holy Stone HS110G- Camera Quality

Imagine a drone with a 1080p HD camera for less than $200. This is exactly what the HS110G can do, with its budget-friendly shooting capabilities. This drone is a worthy choice for anyone looking to buy a cheap drone with a camera.

You can also adjust the perspective using the 90deg tilt function. This gives you some flexibility while shooting. You get more footage with a wider angle, 110deg field-of-view.

The HS110G is a great performer. It can take excellent videos and photos, but no stabilization options are available. Low-light conditions can also impact the quality of your shots, leading to grainy or noisy captures.


HS110G Features


The Holy Stone HS110G’s GPS global navigation satellite system allows it to pinpoint its exact location so that it can use its intuitive features efficiently. This gives you instant access to position and other data. The drone is stable in automated flight and hovers mode, which gives you additional assurance that it won’t drift off course or drift toward impending doom.

It is amazing that the Holy Stone drones included a GPS module in the Holy Stone HS110G. Other drone manufacturers would be happy to skimp on this important feature. Holy Stone drone, you are a great company.

One key takeoff/landing

To make it easy for beginners to initialize or retrieve the HS110G, there is the One Key Landing and Takeoff function. These preset movements take away any anxiety and save you valuable battery time.

Fly with us on a custom flight path

You can also use the HolyStone HS110G’s waypoint mode to help you switch places or just to have fun with it. The drone will obey if you draw a route using the HolyStone app.

Return to Home

You’d bet that the HS110G had a Return to Home feature. This function is useful for drones with low battery or poor transmission signals. It can also be manually prompted for those who are too lazy to use controls. The Holy Stone HS110G records the drone’s initial takeoff point and then tracks back when the mode becomes active.

Mode of Headless

The 3-axis movement of drones can be confusing for beginners, as it is with many beginner drones. The Holy Stone HS110G’s Headless Mode can help with this problem.

Headless Mode disables the drone’s front-end orientation and allows you to control the drone in a simple manner using the directional lever. Forward is forward, left and right are the same, and so forth. The HS110G does not have any obstacle detection features that can assist you in flight.

Follow me

The Holy Stone HS110G’s “Follow Me” mode gives your videos a fresh, third-person perspective. This model is based on the transmission signal from the remote control. There’s no visual tracking algorithm or intuitive functionality. It’s still better than nothing if you don’t want to be involved in the creation of your scenic shots.

Hover Mode

To capture steady videos and selfies, the HS110G can go into Hover mode. The drone will hover at a fixed altitude. However, the craft’s lightweight of 176 grams may make it difficult to stabilize in windy conditions.

Battery Life

Holystone HS110G Battery Life

The Holy Stone HS110G’s 1500 mAh battery can provide up to 13 minutes of flight time. However, this may vary depending on how you use it. This is quite impressive for a drone this expensive since most can only fly around 8 minutes at most.

It takes three hours to charge the Holy Stone HS110G’s battery. To extend your flight time, you might want to stockpile spares.

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Easy To Use

Holy Stone HS110G’s controller is not geared towards gamers or teenagers but instead has a professional look.

The sleek and elegant black controller features a standard dual joystick layout with neat buttons on the face. LED indicators are also added to indicate various statuses, such as battery or pairing status.

You can use the HolyStone HS110G’s capabilities with the smartphone latch and also integrate the drone’s tactile and digital controls into one platform. Overall, the drone controller is ergonomically balanced and pleasing to the eye. This is a rare find for this price.

Remote Control

Remote Control 

A professional remote controller is one of the key design benefits and changes made by Holy Stone. You will be familiar with the designs of Holy Stone’s previous drones, such as the HS170 Predator or HS150 Bolt Bee. This remote controller is one of the most beautiful, and it incorporates advanced functionality such as battery status, power button, and better button locations to make controlling easy.

The remote control also comes with two grips. It makes it much easier to control the drone with the remote control. The HS110G GPS drone also comes with a mount holder and remote control. You can use your mobile device to view a camera live from the drone. For beginners, the controls and buttons of the remote control are simple but engaging.

Flight Performance & Capabilities

Despite the high price, the Holy Stone HS110G GPS drone has incredible aerial capabilities and performance. Because of the integrated GPS module, this drone is simple enough to fly for beginners. On average, a single battery can provide a flight time of up to 13 minutes. Holy Stone HS110G GPS drone is more than the average. It can fly up to 984 feet.

These two features alone make it one of the most popular training drones for beginners. It can also be used as a recreational quadcopter for remote pilots. The drone can be flown without the need for FAA registration, which is a huge plus. The HS110G GPS drone is very precise in flight control. It has a built-in barometer hold function that allows remote pilots to concentrate on their movements and less on maintaining their position.

Don’t be afraid to try drones for the first time. The HS110 GPS has speed mode, which allows for a gradual and smooth learning curve. The default setting of the drone is at the lowest speed to allow beginners to learn basic flight controls. Once you have a better understanding of drone flight, you can adjust the speed setting to test your piloting skills.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The GPS feature is a favorite feature of the HS110G, and many people who purchased it love it. It also adds the Flight Parameter, Return To Home, and other settings to the GPS. The first feature means that beginners won’t have any worries about the drone drifting in the event of unpredicted weather conditions. It helps to prevent the drone from being lost. There is no need to panic as the HS11G features a fail-safe feature and a control feature that allows you to return home. The drone’s ease of use is appreciated by users who are pleased with its overall performance.

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As we said in our HolyStone review, the drone’s high price-value ratio is ideal for infrequent use. The low cost has no bearing on the picture quality or the capabilities of the drones. The drone offers all of the specifications you need if you’re a novice. Because of its extended flying duration, you can use it in practically any place. If you absolutely want to use it, you can always reserve batteries.

We hope the HS110G drone review will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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