Hohem Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Hohem Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You

The key to smooth shooting is a smartphone gimbal. It can be difficult to find the right one. While giants like Zhiyun and DJI are dominating the market, there are some smaller players worth your consideration. Today we are examining the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus. Let’s see if this is the right camera bag for you.

Hohem Gimbal Review


  • Stabilization is excellent, comparable to more expensive brands
  • Mounting holes available for an additional microphone
  • Cool presets for cinematic effects that run automatically
  • The object tracking works very well
  • Battery life is long


  • Arms can’t be locked in place
  • Don’t forget a micro USB port

Design and Build Quality

isteady mobile plus -Design and Build Quality


The Hohem iSteady X came with a plastic handle and a metal piece for the controller. However, it was very small and difficult to use if you didn’t have the tripod. Although the iSteady Mobile Plus has a plastic handle, it is almost twice as large as the X. The handle measures are only 6-inches tall. It’s soft and has a leather-like texture at the front.

The iSteady Mobile Plus also comes with a plastic handle. However, it is almost twice as large as the X. Hohem added a 1.4-inch extension screw hole to the handle. This allows you to attach the Gimbal either to a tripod or the one provided in the box. Although it doesn’t feel very solid, it does its job well.

It is the exact same tripod I used with the iSteady X, and it has lasted the test of time. The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus looks identical to its predecessor. However, we can see the Trigger button on the rear of the handle.

This button will activate the Sports Mode by short pressing it. It will allow the Gimbal’s response to finer movements so that you don’t miss any of the action in front. Double-click the button to update the smartphone. There are four LED indicators on the right side of the Gimbal. Each shows 25% of the battery. On the right side is the microphone screw hole.

You can also add accessories to the microphone. The silicone cover covers the micro USB charging port as well as a USB-A port for keeping a mic alive, and it can be removed from the silicone cover.

Hohem basically recycled the ports section of the iSteady Mobile when I discovered that the iSteady X also had a USB C port. The dedicated controls area is located on the front. It’s easy to reach with your thumb, especially for the joystick. Although the joystick responds quickly to movements, you must be precise to get the action to register.

If you light-press it, the arms may not move – this behavior can also be modified in the app to make it more responsive. There are two LEDs next to the joystick. One is for Bluetooth and one for Mode. It will turn red if there is an abnormal load. It is located underneath the joystick and may seem a little confusing.

The icons are located next to the button. One tap will activate Pan Follow (PF), two taps will activate Pan/Tilt Follow(PTF), three taps the All Locked (AL), and four taps the All Follow Mode.

The Power button is located under the Mode button. It has a different function than the iSteady X, which could switch between horizontal and vertical Modes. To enable the Camera mode, press the button once and twice to activate the Video Recording mode.

The T/W switch can be found on the left, which allows you to adjust the Zoom level. Except for a few clamp parts, the entire upper part of the device is made of a metallic alloy. Each joint has a motor. The iSteady Mobile Plus is distinguished by its retractable roll arm. This has a lock button that can be adjusted depending on which type of smartphone it’s being used.

Rubber pieces protect your smartphone from scratches. I noticed that the clamp doesn’t push against my Pixel phone’s volume control. However, it does cover the USB port at the bottom.

However, you cannot connect a microphone directly to your phone. There is a screw hole at the clamp on the other side, so it can be used for connecting a microphone. Technically, yes. However, most microphones are too heavy to work well with the stabilizing motors, so it’s no. The arms cannot be locked in place so that they can be transported. This is a problem that makes the iSteady X stand out in this area. The provided case should be used to ensure that the Gimbal remains in place.

Software and Setup

The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus setup is very simple. It is also different from the one I used for the iSteady X. First, install the Hohem Gimbal App on an iPhone or Android device. Next, attach your phone to the clamp by pressing the Power button (I could also insert a Pixel 2Xl with its cover). Once the app detects the iSteady Mobile Plus, you should be able to use the camera app as you like. The Hohem app looks a lot like the native app but has different features and options.

First, I was drawn to the Z/F functionality. You can adjust it using the physical switch. Then there are all the gestures you have access to, such as Smile Detection or Gesture Control.

The Gesture Control, which can be turned on from the camera settings, allows you to start recording or take a photo depending on the current enabled Mode. You do this by either showing the high five or a peace sign to your camera. Your face must also be included in the shot; otherwise, it will not work.

The EV, ISO, and White Balance can also be adjusted by clicking on the icon at the bottom. However, the vast majority of options can still be found by tapping the cogwheel icon.

You can also adjust the Camera Settings, which includes the Resolution (can go as high as 4K, 30FPS), the Shutter sound, whether the Video stabilization is enabled, and enable Bluetooth microphone (if connected). You can also set the Zoom speed.

The Gimbal Settings allow you to configure the stability in detail (including the Follow Speed, Joystick Speed, TRIM, and Follow Dead Area), as well as the ability to add a Watermark and Calibrate your Gimbal.

The Firmware can also be upgraded. You can also upgrade the Firmware by returning to the main camera app window. On the bottom right side of the screen, you will see the Panoramic icon. This allows the Gimbal to automatically create panoramic shots at 180° or 360°.


The 4,000mAh battery in the Hohem isteady Mobile Plus is rated to last for 12 hours. With the Micro USB charging cable, it will fully charge in 3 ½ hours. It can be used as a power pack, so you can charge your phone even while you’re recording your video. It even supports 2-way charging. You can plug a portable power bank into the Mobile Plus and still charge your phone at the same time.

Device Compatibility

isteady mobile plus - Device Compatibility

The Hohem isteady Mobile Plus fits most smartphones well. You can adjust the clamp from 58 to 90mm. This is enough for phones up to 6 inches in size. The clamp can be adjusted from 58 to 89mm, which is enough for phones up to 0.6 pounds. This is more than any other smartphone on the market.

You can adjust the settings of your Gimbal with the Hohem Gimbal App. It is used primarily to program the trigger. It can also be used after the photos and videos have been taken.

It can be used to create slow-motion videos and time-lapses as well as 360-degree panoramic photos. It is especially impressive in the time-lapse Mode. This Mode can run for up to 12 hours which is perfect for overnight shots. To track faces and individual objects, you can use panning mode. The retouch mode can be used to enhance facial features. Pair your phone via Bluetooth with your Gimbal, and you are good to go.

Gimbal has compatibility issues, so be aware. It will work with any iPhone version. Many phone manufacturers have their own versions of the Android operating systems. The app is not compatible with all Android phones.

The Gimbal app currently supports Samsung, Huawei, and OPPO phones. Although it might work with other phones, Hohem will guarantee that these are the ones supported by Gimbal.

A standalone camera is a great way to avoid compatibility issues. A camera drone is a better choice than any standalone camera. The Potensic D58 is an excellent choice and offers many attractive stabilization and tracking features.

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You can enjoy many fun features like face tracking, object tracking, and a variety of shooting modes. The app also offers excellent video quality. There are also filters, panoramas, and many types of time-lapse options. This is a great package for the price. Although the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus is a premium smartphone gimbal that performs as well as the mid-tier, it costs twice as much.

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