GoPro Karma Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You

GoPro Karma Gimbal Review 2022: Best Chocie For You
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The GoPro Karma Grip is an extension of your hand. You can achieve any angle or perspective with it, even when you’re alone. All the mounts are compatible with the grip, and nothing else is needed. It’s hard to imagine life without this wonderful device.

The GoPro Karma Grip is the only tool you’ll need for filming shots that are not easily accessible by yourself. With mounts that are all compatible with the grip, the possibilities are endless. In this blog, we will discuss the GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro Karma Gimbal Review

What is the GoPro Karma Grip?

What is the GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro’s GoPro Karma drone launch was a disaster. However, its three-axis Gimbal was positive.

The Karma Grip is the amount that can be purchased separately from the drone. It costs around PS299/$299/EUR360. It’s designed to work with GoPro’s latest Hero 5 Black straight out of the box. You can find additional mounts that support the Hero4 or Session cameras. However, it can be difficult to track these down.

This product is a GoPro gimbal and has some advantages over other gimbals like the Removu S1 I tried recently. However, unlike the Hero 5 Black which was able to take advantage of GoPro’s rugged, portable action cameras by improving with each iteration of its product, GoPro’s first attempt as a gimbal accessory has still room for improvement.

What’s Included?

  • GoPro Karma Grip Stabilizer
  • USB Cable
  • Karma Grip Gimbal Ring (holds gimbal while mounting on a standard GoPro Mount
  • Travel Case


  • Stabilization: Karma Grip was designed to make video recording easier. The best stabilization is achieved by the 3 axes Gimbal.
  • GoPro claims that you can use your battery for 8 hours, but it is likely that your cam will eventually run out of juice. It takes only 45 minutes to charge a battery fully. You can now enjoy every moment without fail.
  • Quick charging: Gimbal batteries can be charged in as little as 2 hours.
  • Remote cam controls: You can use the Karma Grip to remotely control your GoPro cam Remote control means you don’t need to adjust the settings of your cam or product each time you record a scene.


  • Awkward Mounting: Sometimes, it can be a bit awkward mounting your cam while using it.
  • Strange bugs: There are some bugs in the Karma Grip that can suddenly appear when you’re using it. These bugs aren’t very serious, and they won’t have any adverse effects on the gimbal.
  • It is heavy to carry: The case does a great job protecting gear.

Design and Set-Up

GoPro Karma Gimbal Reviews- Design and Set-Up

Karma Grip lives up to its name. It has a rubbery surface which makes it easy to grab for handheld use. It conforms better to your hand than the Removu S1’s squared-off design.

Remote control buttons are located at the top of your hand-grip section. These buttons can be used to operate your GoPro connected. The power button doubles as a toggle button for your camera’s shooting mode; the HiLight Tag button allows you to mark your footage for easier editing; and the lock button allows you to toggle stabilization modes. There’s also a record button.

You can connect your GoPro Hero 5 Black directly to the Karma Grip’s Mount via its USB Type C connection. This doesn’t allow for Bluetooth pairing. This means that you will need to take the side panel off your GoPro before sliding it into the frame and locking it.

It’s possible to mount the Hero 5 Black, but it will obscure a good portion of your Hero5 Black’s LCD display. This can be annoying for people who use the LCD to frame their shots. You can pair the GoPro Capture app with your phone to get a live view. However, that’s another thing you have to manage.

It’s possible to mount the Hero 5 Black, but it will obscure a good portion of the display. This can be annoying for people who use the LCD for framing shots. You can pair the GoPro Capture app with your phone to get a live view. However, that’s another thing you have to manage.

The GoPro Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer Features

The GoPro Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer Features

It is simple to use

You don’t need any previous experience with any GoPro products. GoPro has everything you need. GoPro Karma is easy to use and requires no prior experience. Even if you’re a complete beginner, the Gimbal is easy to use.

Before you start to use the Gimbals, it is important to carefully read the instructions and user manual to understand the features and specifications.


Karma grip is compatible with GoPro Hero4, Hero5 & Hero6 Black cameras. It does not need to be adjusted or balanced before you can use it for these cameras. Simply plug the device into these cameras, and you can start creating action videos.

Only compatible with the GoPro action cam is the Gimbals. You will need a GoPro Hero action camera to use the GoPro Karma grip.


GoPro Karma Grip makes it easy to use the various functions of the action cam without touching the cameras. It’s not necessary to change any settings to switch between modes or to transfer files.

You can perform all these functions, including recording the video, switching between recording modes, or mentioning markers, with just one click.

3-axis Stabilization

The GoPro Karma has 3-axis stabilization. This balances the required requirements on each axis of the Gimbals, resulting in better video quality. This simple adjustment saves time and reduces the amount of effort required to adjust the angle of rotation or stabilization.

Multiple mounting options

The included GoPro Karma mounting rings allow you to mount the Gimbals wherever you would use a standard GoPro Mount. Mounting it on your chest, backpack, or any other surface mount is an option that’s endless. If you intend to mount it, I recommend Waterproof Wearable Gimbals (WG2) by Feiyu Tech. You can create videos on your blog or YouTube channel with handheld gimbals.

Weather Resistant

These Gimbals would not force you to stop recording just because it began to drizzle or snow lightly. The Karma Grip does not have water resistance or is water-proof. It should not be wet or submerged in water.

This review will cover all features and any minor drawbacks.

  • This item includes Karma Grip (HERO5 Black version), Karma Harness, Karma Harness, Karma Mounting Rings, USB-C Cables, Wrist Lanyards, Tie-Down Straps, and Karma Grip Case.
  • GoPro Karma can be easily detached from the grip and attached either to the drone, or aerial footage.
  • The camera’s buttons are built-in and allow you to control it easily. You can turn the camera on or off, change modes, record, and add highlights to your photos.
  • The Grip Extension Cable allows you to attach this stabilizer onto a helmet strap or backpack strap.
  • The grip and camera are charged simultaneously by the built-in batteries. It is guaranteed to last for 1h 45 minutes.

 Battery Life and Charging

GoPro Karma Reviews- Battery Life and Charging

The Karma grip is rated at 1hr 45mins with its non-removable batteries. It can be charged via USB-C at the grip’s base. This cable is also used to charge the GoPro Hero5 Black camera. The batteries life of Karma Grip was tested and exceeded this rating. The handle has LEDs that let you know how much juice is left.

The Karma Grip charges your GoPro when it is turned on. This extends your shooting time but also depletes your batteries. This is a great feature because even if your Karma Grip runs low on juice, your GoPro will still be charged so that you can continue shooting, although without stabilization.

removable batteries, however, would have been an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep a spare camera in the same way as the Hero5 Black. For those who go on long trips, a USB power bank is a great option.

Shooting Modes

There are only two modes of shooting on the Karma Grip.

  • The Karma stabilizer in this mode will follow the movements of the tilt (up or down) and pan (left to right), despite footage being captured seamlessly.
  • The Karma locks the tilt angle in pan follow mode, which means that the horizon remains level. The tilt lock button can be used to set the horizon in advance.

Like many other features on gimbals, there is no locked mode. The locked mode will ensure that the orientation of the GoPro is maintained. This means that the camera can be used in the same place. Although it is disappointing that there is no locked mode, it is not an issue.

Stabilization Performance

The Karma Grip’s stabilization performance is undoubtedly one of its greatest strengths. Despite it being an older GoPro camera gimbals, it has received numerous firmware updates that have given it the outstanding stabilization it enjoys today.

Compared to the Feiyu Tech G6, which is much more expensive, I found that the Karma Grip had fewer micro jitters when zooming in on footage. When recording fast-paced action, the Karma Grip was even more impressive.

The audio was a minor issue. The Karma grip has loud motors similar to the Removu S1 that I complained about previously having audible motor noises.

Smooth And Stable Video Quality

This product’s main feature is its ability to create smooth and stable videos. No matter if you’re hiking, riding a bike, or just enjoying your family moments, the handheld grip will allow you to create perfectly balanced videos. This product’s lightweight is a great feature.

It is only 1 lb (500g), which allows everyone to record and handle this stabilizer. It is no longer possible to capture shaky footage. The product comes with a built-in battery that has a significant battery life – it can last up to 45 minutes, according to official tech features.

Some customers have had a slightly longer life expectancy, but we will still keep the official data relevant for the average user. You can recharge the batteries by using the standard USB C connector located on the underside. The batteries can be charged using a personal computer or an AC supercharger. It takes about 6 hours.

Although it was difficult to determine whether the Karma grip accessory charged the standard GoPro batteries or not, this kit certainly puts power into the camera regardless of what the battery’s status is.

What Customers Have To Say

What Customers Have To Say about GoPro Karma Gimbal

We pay a lot of attention to the opinions of users about this item, and what they think its advantages and disadvantages are.

Amazon’s Karma Grip had a score of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars at the time this article was written. This is quite high considering Amazon directed customers in a critical manner.

The majority of customers agreed with the points in this post. They are pleased with the way the main function of stabilizing or balancing was done and are amazed at the immediate results they have been able to get. Grip’s features and add-ons are amazing and well worth the investment if you want to create smooth, balanced videos.

We have been confirmed by customers that there are minor issues with the GoPro Karma Grip. If you want to record for longer than two hours, the battery life can be a problem. To ensure that you have enough batteries on hand, it is worth purchasing extra sets.

It would have been much easier if manufacturers had increased the life of the batteries or included removable batteries that could be used during shooting. It is not a big deal as most serious filmmakers already have plenty of spare sets. The time required to recharge the battery was another issue. It takes 6 hours to recharge, which is quite long. However, you can buy a supercharger to speed up the process if you don’t want to wait.

Customers have complained about noises from the gimbal motors being picked up in the video. Video recording tests have shown that noise is present, but it is not significant enough to affect the quality of the video.

Many are still waiting for GoPro to fix the Karma drone issue. These two devices can be used together and offer great aerial recording capabilities.


The GoPro Karma Grip is a great tool for capturing aerial footage with your GoPro camera. It allows you to capture smooth and stable shots, while the gimbal system helps keep the vibrations at bay. This definitely is one of the most useful accessories that you can have for shooting video using your GoPro. The only issue with this device is the price. It isn’t cheap. If you are planning to get one, then do check out the latest offers available on this device.

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