GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review 2022: Best Choice For You

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review 2022: Best Choice For You

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is a top-of-the-line action camera that can take stunning photos and videos. It’s perfect for capturing all your outdoor adventures, and it even comes with a built-in touch screen display for easy viewing and editing. If you’re looking for an action camera that can do it all, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver is definitely worth checking out.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review


  • Excellent video and photo quality
  • Simple but sophisticated
  • Vivid touchscreen
  • High-quality Wi-Fi


  • Battery life is limited
  • Pixelation can cause some problems
  • Can’t deal with bright, direct sunlight

Design and Features

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review - Design & Features

You get the camera, waterproof housing with a depth of 131 feet (40m), touchback and skeleton doors, horizontal and vertical quick-release buckles, and a three-way pivot arm that allows you to mount the camera on top, front, and side of helmets.

The small locking plug, also included, can be used to prevent the buckles from accidentally being released from the mount by vibration or force. The camera comes with a Mini-USB cable to charge via a computer or USB wall adapter, but there is no charger. You will need a microSD card for storage.

GoPro cameras have kept the dimensions of the Hero3/3+ the same, so even if you own one, those housings can be used. Your old batteries are not allowed.

Redesigned battery compartment so you can slide the door open at the bottom to load the puck into the slot. This makes it much easier to swap batteries but also requires a new battery design. My conspiracy theorist side believes that GoPro made this offer to make you buy new batteries for $20 (AU$34, PS16) and a new charger (although Blue Nook has its non-OEM Wasabi packs already in production).

The Micro-HDMI and Mini USB ports are protected by a removable, easy-to-lose covering. There is also a MicroSD slot that supports cards up to 64GB. You can use the Mini USB port to charge and transfer content from your microSD card. It can also be used with an optional stereo mic cable (3.5mm) so that you can attach an extra mic. The Hero port allows you to attach GoPro’s Battery BacPac. However, this will block the screen.

Although the button layout of the camera remains the same, the WiFi power button to the right is now a “Highlight Tag.” It can be tiring to go through hours of video trying to find that one moment. The Hero4 records immediately after the cool moment occur. It’s then tagged so that you can quickly find it later in GoPro’s mobile app or desktop studio software. Although it isn’t the first action camera to offer this feature, it is a great addition.

The button opens your settings menus when the camera is not in use. The menus of older models were confusing. But GoPro has made it easier by making everything more sensitive to the mode you are in. This means that if you press the settings button while in video-capture mode, you will only see the video settings.

This reduces menu hunting significantly, as there are many options for resolution, frame rate, and other shooting options. You don’t have to enter a separate setting mode to turn WiFi on. This means it won’t accidentally get in your bag and drain your battery.

You can also use the 1.5-inch touchscreen at the back to change modes and settings. Simply swipe up from the right to select your model. Next, swipe up at the bottom to change your mode settings.

It is far more efficient than the tedious button-mashing that is required to use the buttons and the small screen on the front. The screen is still not lit, so it can be difficult to change the time at night. It lights up perfectly and can be used to preview your shots and review them after.

GoPro’s mobile application allows you to view, review, and even transfer content. Simply connect the Silver via WiFi to your smartphone, and you are good to go. Bluetooth has been integrated into the Hero4 to make it easier to connect. You can also update firmware using the app, which is much faster than loading a microSD card.

You can connect to the camera’s WiFi to connect to an optional remote wirelessly that mimics the front LCD screen and three buttons on the camera. A new version of this remote supports tagging with Hero4 cameras.

WiFi doesn’t improve battery timing, so turn it off if you aren’t using it. Although battery life isn’t the best, it’s what you get for a small, powerful camera. My continuous recording tests at 1080p at 60fps with WiFi off took me about an hour and thirty minutes.

Although it’s not as powerful as other models, such as the iOn Air Pro 3 and Drift Ghost-S, the former has a built-in battery, so there is no need to swap out in the field. The latter is quite large.

Image Quality

GoPro Hero 4 Silver- Image quality

GoPro’s Hero4 Silver camera is the first to have an integrated screen. This makes it much easier to frame your shots and navigate its many functions than previous models. Technically, it’s not the highest-end model. The screenless ‘Black edition captures 4K footage at 30 frames per second and has a faster frame rate. This will be a great way to excite geeks. However, if you don’t care about ‘4K/30fps’, the ‘Silver edition is more affordable and easier to use.

The image quality is exceptional, and you can still shoot in super-smooth slow motion and experiment with creative features like night and time-lapse shooting modes.

The camera produces excellent still photography with 12-megapixel images. Burst mode captures action sequences quickly with up to 10 frames per second. The GoPro is a great companion for any expedition due to its superb imaging and ease of use. Advanced users will still be able to enjoy many of the more advanced features.

Remote & App

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is extremely easy to use. The buttons on the exterior cover basic functions such as turning on the camera and taking photos. Additional options can be accessed via the touch screen on the rear. You can either get a remote control or an app to place it where it is not reachable.

Accessories & Mounts

GoPro Hero 4 Silver - Accessories & Mounts

GoPro spends most of its life in waterproof housing. This allows GoPro to benefit from a wide range of accessories that can be added to the camera. These accessories include suction mounts and chest mounts. The cameras are as fragile as regular cameras. A friend dropped his camera from their waist while changing the battery, and it cracked.


The battery is generally good, although the rear screen can significantly decrease it. You can always rely on the LCD screen, and spare batteries are readily available for a fair price.

Live Streaming

GoPro Hero 4 Silver- LiveStream

The Hero4 Silver and other GoPros can be connected to a smartphone or tablet for remote control, as well as to send live video to apps such Livestream and Meerkat. This allows you to stream directly to the Internet.

Livestream introduced the option in its iOS app to allow users to choose a WiFi-connected GoPro over the iPad or iPhone camera to be the video source. (Meerkat is another streaming service that can accept GoPro streams directly from its iOS app. Sony action cameras can also be used with Ustream, a rival streaming service that runs on Android or iOS devices.

It’s easy to set up: Just connect to the Silver using an iPhone as you would normally. GoPro Hero is one of the three input options available when you open the latest version of the Livestream App. It follows the Front Camera and Rear Camera. Your videos will appear on your Livestream channel after a 10-second delay.

Performance and Use

GoPro’s packaging can be cumbersome. There’s no way to get the product out of it without having to open it. Once the camera is charged, it can be turned on and recorded. The default resolution of the camera is 1080p SuperView at 30 frames per second. We tried several resolutions but settled on 1080p SuperView at 60 frames per second for most of our shots.

You can adjust the settings of most cameras using the LCD on the front. It can be difficult to navigate through the layers of submenus and menus on a small LCD. Although it’s confusing at first, you will soon get used to it. It’s easy to frame photos and adjust settings with the rear touch panel. The front LCD is only used for checking status.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver is as easy or complicated as you wish. You can use the Silver straight out of the box if you’re a full-auto user and still get great results. Filmmakers who wish to adjust the controls can adjust white balance and color, ISO (up to 6,400), sharpness and shutter (when used with Night Photo or Night Lapse modes), as well as exposure compensation.

The Silver uses MicroSD cards, just like all Hero cameras. You will need a Class 10 card or UHS-1 card to shoot the video. We tested the Silver using a UHS-1 card by SanDisk. You don’t need to get a card larger than 64GB, as that is the maximum capacity that the Silver supports.

In the past, we’ve tried different types of POV cameras, including Action Cams from Sony and Polaroid Cube. Although the iconic “GoPro boxy shape” of the Silver is not very well-designed, it’s an established design that works. It is lightweight and can be carried around in your pocket (without housing).

The Silver can be shot by simply holding it between your fingers. But, as any action camera enthusiast will tell, the mounts are what make the difference. The included adhesive-based mounts allow you to attach the Silver to a helmet, on a car or on a skateboard, or even on a wall. GoPro sells many accessory mounts, including ones made by third-party companies.

This is why the Hero cameras are so popular. There are many accessories that you can purchase for your Hero camera, including a harness for your dog, an amount to hold your rifle, and a microphone stand. Steadicam-style stabilizers are available to help you capture smooth cinematic videos. GoPro supplied us with the Jaws mount, which clamps to any steady surface, a chest harness, and a head strap that you can wear on your forehead.

We loved the latter because it was comfortable and minimally noticeable. It’s not compatible with accessories that use standard tripod screws. We would love to be able to attach it to our Manfrotto handheld tripod camera.

Silver is a Silver action cam that produces better quality video than other cameras. The Silver produced some of the highest quality videos we have ever seen from any action camera or portable device. The colors look vibrant and have a wide range of hues. The Hudson Valley, New York, was where we took the camera. We were amazed at the color changes in the leaves as they changed from green to orange.

The videos look smooth with slow panning. However, the blurry footage taken with the head-strap mount suggests that a Steadicam is recommended if you want smoother video. Although the camera has trouble with bright light and some pixelation is more apparent than we would prefer, overall, we were impressed by the video quality. It was definitely superior to any other POV cameras or smartphones.

The GoPro Hero4 cams have a new feature that allows you to press a button to save your favorite moments from a video. This feature is very useful later when you edit your videos and want to find those moments.

The camera performed well in a dark and early morning. The video had some noise (ISO set at 6,400), but it was not too bad. The camera was able to capture clear videos even though it was overcast.

We usually tell people not to bother taking photos with action cameras. It’s a useful feature, but it’s not essential. However, the Silver captured some of our favorite photos from a POV camera and showed the progress GoPro has made in photography.

They are not DSLR-quality, but the photos that we took were as good as any taken with point-and-shooters like smartphones and pocket cameras. It’s not fast, so unless you are using burst mode, shots-to-shot times can be a bit slow. Also, you need to make sure it stays steady while you shoot.

It takes some time for the camera to turn on and off, but QuikCapture is now available. This is a standby mode that allows you to instantly wake up the camera and begin shooting. However, we have left it off in order to preserve battery life. We already said that the battery doesn’t provide a lot in terms of charge time. We also noticed that the battery doesn’t hold its charge well when it’s not being used.

One of our batteries was fully charged, but when we tried to use it the next day, the battery had completely drained. Sometimes the camera would not turn on, and we had to remove the battery to get it to work again. The problem could be with the battery, but it isn’t expensive to fix.

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The GoPro Hero4 Silver is a great camera for capturing action shots. It is easy to use and has many features that make it a great choice for athletes and adventurers. The camera is also affordable, making it a great option for those who are looking for a quality camera without spending a lot of money.

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