Best GoPro For Surfing 2022: Top Brands Review

Best GoPro For Surfing 2022: Top Brands Review

Looking for the best GoPro for surfing in 2022? Look no further than the top 8 GoPro for you! These top-of-the-line models offer excellent image quality and powerful features that will let you capture your surfing adventures in stunning detail.

Top Rated Best GoPro For Surfing

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof...
3,804 Reviews
GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver
1,982 Reviews
GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof...
3,469 Reviews
GoPro Hero7 Black —...
7,038 Reviews

1. GoPro HERO9 Black


  • Captures 5k Videos
  • Front-facing color display with 23.6MP sensor.
  • The larger rear screen and removable lens cover
  • Simple user interface.
  • Video quality and image stabilization are excellent.


  • Bulkier.
  • Compatibility with accessories from older models
  • Touch may lag sometimes.

The new Hero9 Black is reportedly the best GoPro for surfing. This is a major upgrade to the Hero 8 Black. Its 1.4-inch front display color and 23.6MP sensor are the most notable features.

The new flagship retains its built-in mount, 33ft water depth, and the same waterproof depth as its predecessor. The lens cover can be removed for easy replacement or accessory support. The rear touch display measures 2.27 diagonally.

Surfers can now capture 20MP images using the new sensor. This allows for better image stabilization. The HDR process is slow, and night photos may not look as good. The Hero9 Black is capable of recording 5k videos in addition to 4k resolution.

The Hypersmooth 3.0, Timewarp, and Timewarp make videos look amazing even while surfing. The mic can record 4K 60fps, 5, 30fps, and 1080p, 240fps videos in many different modes. It also offers impressive noise reduction.

The HERO9 BLACK is heavier and can’t fit into older models. The larger replaceable 1720mAh battery and USB-C are located on the left side. It has a simple UI and easy connectivity.

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof...
3,804 Reviews

2. GoPro HERO7 Silver


  • Supports 4k recording, 10MP photos
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Robust, water-resistant body
  • Remote control and wireless connectivity
  • It is easy to use


  • The lens cover and battery cannot be removed.
  • Could become unresponsive.
  • Lacks Hypersmooth image stabilization.

GoPro HERO7 Silver, a budget-friendly version of the HERO7Black, is a more affordable option. This camera is a great choice for surfers because of its many features. It features a rugged, waterproof body that is resistant to water and has very low flooding potential at 33ft.

The HERO7 Black design is similar to the HERO7, except that it has a front screen and a removable lens cover. An LED tells you when the device is in operation and replaces the front screen.

The HERO7 silver can take 10MP photos in either individual or burst modes. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature allows for shadows and highlights to be maintained. The 4k30-video high detail capability is a fascinating feature. Also, you can record 1080p or 1440p videos.

Although image stabilization works well, it’s not as good as Hypersmooth. The compression type makes files take up a lot of space. Dual mics reduce wind noise and are included in the camera.

The Hero7 Silver’s 1220mAh battery is non-removable. Once the battery is dead, you can’t remove it. Wi-Fi is available for remote control, app usage and wireless connectivity. It may sometimes seem slow, despite its simple interface.

GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver
1,982 Reviews

3. GoPro HERO8 Black


  • Built-in fingers for mounting.
  • Amazing microphone and mod attachments
  • Good battery life.
  • There are many shooting modes.
  • Easy integration of mobile and desktop apps with simple UI.


  • Fixed lens
  • There is no HDMI or mic jack.

The Hero 8 Black is still a popular flagship. It features a sleek, slimmer design and rubberized skin for grip. It is waterproof to 33 feet.

Two screens are available: the front screen displays camera status, and the primary screen is 2-inches. It has a fixed lens, so it may be difficult to replace damaged. The HERO 8 Black’s 12MP sensor has the same resolution as the HERO7 but is smaller than the HERO9’s.

The HDR enhances the quality of images. Images often have great detail and are less blurred with good color tuning. Low-light images can make pictures look blurred. There are many modes that can be used to capture videos. These range from 4k 60fps up to 1080p 24fps.

It features HyperSmooth 2.0 (for image stabilization) and TimeWarp 2.0 for time-lapse videos. It boasts a remarkable microphone performance. Mods include a shotgun-style microphone, 200-lumen flash, front-facing external display, and a versatile internal display.

The Hero 8 Black’s UI is simple and allows for easy integration with both mobile devices and computers via Wi-Fi. You can stream live at 1080p and use 256GB SD cards. Except for intense modes such as 4k, the battery life is good.

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof...
3,469 Reviews

4.GoPro HERO7 Black


  • Many accessories are supported, including those from the predecessors.
  • Waterproof body
  • Live streaming and HDMI port.
  • Integration seamless with smartphones
  • Can record 4k or 2.7k videos at 240fps.


  • Sometimes, may become unresponsive or slow.
  • Special mount required

The Hero 7 Black was a sign of a better start to an action camera performance, which continued with the newer models. It’s a great camera that offers excellent value considering its price and performance.

The HERO 7 Black is very similar to the HERO6Black. It can also reuse accessories such as special mounts. It is waterproof to 33ft below the water level. The HERO 7 Black has a rubberized skin that allows for grip and a removable lens covering.

The screen is 2-inch in size and has a status screen that faces the front. The camera takes 12MP photos with vibrant colors and HDR in good lighting conditions. You can use the night mode or super photo mode to detect faces and smiles.

A record at 4k-60fps and 120fps with resolutions up to 2.5K. You can also record at 240fps with 1080p. This model features the Hypersmooth for image stabilization and Timewarp for time-lapse videos. They may not be as perfect as in the new GoPros.

Live streaming is possible with the Hero 7 Black. It has a better noise-reducing microphone performance. It integrates seamlessly with smartphones via Wi-Fi. It has a replaceable battery and an HDMI port. The user interface is updated, but not always responsive.

GoPro Hero7 Black —...
7,038 Reviews

5. GoPro MAX


  • Great audio capture.
  • Durable, waterproof construction
  • Easy to use and responsive screen
  • Useful mobile app.
  • Top-notch image stabilization.


  • No 4k video.
  • Fair image stitching
  • Lacks subject tracking.

The GoPro MAX 360 camera is an option. It is durable and waterproof up to 16 feet below the water surface. Rubber coatings ensure maximum grip.

It features a touch screen of 1.7 inches with a 16/9 ratio. The lens can be placed on either side. It also has an integrated mount to hold sticks and tripods. It features a left-side door that seals the SD card, battery, and USB-C ports.

The MAX can capture 360 videos at 5.6k resolutions. This allows you to see everything around you. Stabilization is excellent, and the picture quality is exceptional in good lighting. Although the details are amazing, image stitching is poor.

Camera resolution is limited to 1440p 4;3 or 1080p 16.9 and includes horizon leveling. You can digitally choose from four focal lengths: 27mm, 19mm, and 16mm. A single lens can be used at either 24fps or 30fps.

You can do any editing with the GoPro MAX app. You can connect via Wi-Fi, and live stream. This six-microphone setup provides excellent audio quality. You can purchase spare batteries to extend the battery life.

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 +...
274 Reviews

6. GoPro Fusion


  • Digital stabilization and image stitching are excellent.
  • Two SD cards are available.
  • Amazing OverCapture.
  • Apps for desktop and mobile.
  • Excellent image, audio, and video quality.


  • No live streaming.
  • Connectivity issues
  • Large files and slow file transfers

This 360-camera is also available for surfers who are looking for an affordable option. This camera is simple, but it has advanced capabilities. It is heavier with rubberized skin. The rugged body is water-resistant up to 16 feet.

It comes with two lenses, just like the GoPro Max. It comes with two screens. The front-facing screen displays camera status. It is compatible with most GoPro mounts, thanks to its built-in fingers.

You can also shoot 18MP 5K 360 video at 5.2K/30p and 3K/60p 360 videos. Digital stabilization effectively smoothens juddering and vibrations. While image stitching is great, video stitching could be even better.

The photos are sharpened but have accurate color fringing. The easy-to-use OverCapture is a major advantage of the GoPro Fusion. Although the camera’s app is easy to use on both mobiles and desktops, connectivity issues can sometimes occur.

The four-mic system ensures the excellent audio quality. A removable 2,620mAh battery powers the GoPro Fusion, allowing for more than 75 minutes of uninterrupted use. It has WiFi and Bluetooth as well as a USB-C port, GPS, GPS, and 2 SD cards.

GoPro Camera Fusion - 360...
931 Reviews

7. GoPro HERO 6 Black

The HERO6 Black camera for surfing is your best friend if you are a surfer. GoPro is the most well-known brand of action cameras. They can be used for many sports, but they are especially suitable for surfing.
4K video is possible with the HERO 6, and image quality has been improved to 2x that of previous generations. The GP1 chip, a new feature, is optimized for the best photo and video capture. This allows you to get clear images with smooth footage, thanks to the built-in stabilization. The 2-inch touchscreen display can be adjusted to any setting, making it easy to read in water.

GoPro made the HERO6 5Ghz WiFi compatible so that you can view and edit your photos and videos immediately.

GoPro HERO6 Black —...
7,036 Reviews

8. GoPro HERO 5 Black

GoPro is a popular choice among the most adventurous surfers, who love big drops into bigger waves. The proof is in the cameras like the HERO 5 Black, which is a camera for surfing. Another awesome option for surf cameras is the HERO5 Black. It offers a great combination of convenience and performance.
The GoPro camera features 4K video, voice control, and a touchscreen display. It also connects to the GoPro app. It’s waterproof and rugged without the need for a separate housing.

It features an easy-to-use one-button control that turns it on and starts recording. This makes it simple and intuitive for everyone. This GoPro is ready to go waterproof, so you can capture all the action in the waves.

GoPro Hero5 Black —...
4,636 Reviews

Buying Guide

Buying guide to purchase GoPro For Surfing

A durable, waterproof, and high-performing camera are essential for surfing as a watersport. A camera that stops working after a few days is not what you want. GoPro makes some of the most advanced surf cameras on the market.

These amazing tech accessories boast impressive features that can leave many people baffled. Here are some things to consider when buying a GoPro for surfing.


When choosing a surf camera, your budget is key. This is true for GoPro surf cameras. It is important to determine how much you can afford while not breaking your budget.

The newer flagships will generally be priced higher than the older models. The older GoPros are still available for purchase if you wish.


The majority of GoPro cameras are identical in design, but there are still some differences. Some models, such as the HERO8, have lens covers that cannot be removed. They are very difficult to replace once scratched.

The HERO8 Black, as well as the HERO7 Black, have a front screen that shows the current status of your camera. The HERO9Black has a front LCD but a color LCD. This makes it an awesome choice for selfies or vlogging.

Also, you need to decide if you want a 360 degree or regular camera. Three hundred sixty cameras are perfect for taking selfies and cinematic shots. They also capture more action. The ordinary camera is easy to use and does not require any editing.

The older GoPros, unlike the more recent models that have foldable mounting fingers, have none. To mount them on your bodyboard, surfboard, windsurfing, or bodyboard, they require a specific casing.

Waterproof Depth

Electronics and water are enemies. Your electronic gear must be protected against moisture since surfing is a watersport. Different levels of protection are available for GoPro cameras. This is indicated by the waterproof depth.

All GoPro cameras made after the HERO4 have waterproof capabilities and don’t require an external case. The waterproof depth of the most recent models is higher. The 16ft value for the GoPro Fusion and Max is lower.

This waterproof feature is very reliable, but it is better to have extra protection with a waterproof casing. This is especially important if you are going to be doing other watersports, such as snorkeling.

Image and video quality

The main purpose of a camera is to capture exciting moments. Image and video quality are crucial in your decision-making. It is important to consider the maximum resolution, frame rate (fps), megapixels, and bit depth (MP).

Higher resolution means more details and better quality. The HERO9 Black is capable of recording 5k and 4k video. The HERO7 Black, HERO8 Black, and HERO9 Black can record 4k videos at 60fps. They also have the ability to shoot slo-mo videos at 1080p/240 fps.

The HERO7 silver peaks at 4k-30fps and 120fps when slo-mo. The Fusion and MAX can each shoot 5.6k 360 videos and 5.2k 360 videos, respectively. The MAX can record 1080p videos in single lens mode.

Picture quality can vary. The Hero7 Silver is the best at 10MP, while the Hero7 Black, Hero8 Black, and Hero9 Black are at 12MP and 12MP, respectively, and the HERO9 Black is at an incredible 20MP. Image stabilization is an important feature that is continually improved with every GoPro model.

The newer HERO series features HyperSmooth to reduce vibration and “shaky hand” issues. 360 GoPro cameras are ideal for people with shaky fingers. You can just focus on what’s happening and keep taking pictures.


Given the many functions of GoPros it is not difficult to run out of battery life in a single charge. Some GoPros do not have removable batteries (e.g. HERO7 silver). If you plan on surfing long and intense sessions, you might want to get a GoPro with a removable battery.

How to Film Yourself Surfing with a GoPro

Best GoPro Surfing - How to Film Yourself Surfing with a GoPro

The mounts that you have will determine how well you can film yourself surfing with your GoPro. There are two main options:

  • Mounting tabs for your surfboard with adhesive
  • Handheld sticks.
  • Straps for the head
  • Helmet mounts.
  • Mouth-bite mounts.

You will need to consider the type of shot you are looking for and your personal preferences when choosing the best GoPro mount.


FAQs about Best GoPro For Surfing

1. What is the best place to mount a GoPro on your surfboard?

Mounting your GoPro at the front-facing you is the best, but a mouth-mount can also be good. For the best angle, mount your GoPro 4-8 inches away from the noise of the surfboard.

2. Is it possible to mount a GoPro on a foam surfboard board?

To capture your session, mount your GoPro to your soft top (foam surfing board/SUP/bodyboard) to capture it from the barrel to shore. You can capture immersive POV footage or selfies while SUPing or surfing. Compatible with boards from 1.5″ to 3.5″, (3.8cm to 8cm) in thickness.

3. Are GoPro surfboard mounts reusable?

Re: Rental surfboard

Allow at least 24 hours for mounts to bond to the surface. You can soften adhesive mounts with a heat gun or hairdryer and then slowly peel them off using a heat gun or hairdryer. You cannot reuse adhesive mounts once they are removed.


The best GoPro for surfing in 2022 is the GoPro HERO7 Black. It is the latest and most advanced GoPro model, and it is perfect for surfing. It has a waterproof design, and it can capture stunning 4K video and 12MP photos. It is also equipped with powerful features such as HyperSmooth stabilization and TimeWarp video. In addition, you can pick another GoPro if it suits your needs. Thanks for your reading!

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