Evo SS Gimbal Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Evo SS Gimbal Review 2022: Best Chocie For You
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The EVO SS is a great wearable gimbal, has a high build quality, and is about $100 cheaper than the best. The Evo SS gimbal is gaining a solid reputation in the community since its introduction. We’ll be giving our honest opinion about whether the Evo SS gimbal is worth buying in this blog.

Evo SS Gimbal Review

  • Control Modes: Heading Follow Mode/Heading & Pitch Follow Mode/Inverted Mode/Locked Mode
  • Height: 11.6″ / 295mm
  • Width: 3.7″ / 96mm
  • Depth: 3.5″ / 88mm
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to 122°F / -15 to 50°C
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 3.7 x 3.5 x 11.6″ / 96 x 88 x 295 mm
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs / 335g (unloaded no batteries)


  • Affordable.
  • It is easy to use
  • Expertly crafted.
  • Feature Modes
  • Flexible.
  • Portable and compact


  • None

EVO SS Gimbal Design

EVO SS Gimbal Design

The Gimbals Evo SS can be used as a wearable gimbal. It is a 3-axis gimbal designed to mount on your body, helmet, or the end of a selfie stick.

EVO has made the gimbal mountable so it is as small as possible. It’s great because the gimbal doesn’t feel heavier when it is attached to your helmet than if you were mounting the GoPro directly. Compared to the GoPro Karma Grip, the difference in size is quite significant

However, the downside to reducing the size and weight of the gimbals and batteries is that motors will be smaller. The motors of smaller brushless motors are less powerful, which makes it more difficult for the gimbal to stabilize the camera.

The payload rating for the gimbal is 75-140g. The gimbal is capable of supporting a 75-140g payload. However, it seems to have some trouble with balancing a GoPro Hero5. It tends to shake when it absorbs large bumps.

Helmet mounting gimbals are not the best option, however. Mounting the stabilizer on a pole, or on a GoPro chest mounting mount is what I prefer. The footage that the stabilizer produces is of higher quality.

You might be able to see why your POV camera is so frustrating if you’ve seen a lot of it.

EVO has made the SS gimbal compatible with a variety of action cams, including the Garmin Virb and GoPro. You will need an adaptor bracket for certain models of action cameras.

EVO SS Build Quality

EVO SS Build Quality

The gimbal is very well made and feels great in the hand.

It’s fragile because it is a gimbal with three motorized working arms. Although the retail box is soft and spacious, it is also large enough to allow for lots of space. The gimbal’s small size means it can’t be folded flat so it would be a good idea to include a hard case like other GoPro gimbals.

The build quality is excellent, but there are design improvements that could have improved overall performance.

When you use near water, snow, or any other moisture source, it is easy to get moisture in the battery door. It is best to keep it dry as much as possible.

The gimbal has 3 motors. These are high-quality brushless motors. For the few months that I have had the gimbal, they have been as smooth and functional as I expected.


Evo SS Gimbal Review- Feature

The EVO SS3 axis wearable gimbal makes it easy to shoot smooth video with your action cam. You might be a little sick of the POV camera footage you are using.

The gimbal can be attached to any 1/4-20 tripod mount and paired with GoPro mounts. The pole can be extended to allow for easy packing and for smooth gliding shots. Bluetooth is available to connect to your Android or iPhone to remotely control the gimbal. We prefer to preview GoPro framing on our phones so we chose to use the EVO Bluetooth remote control.

Other great features include an external monitor with 3.5mm AV output.

There are a few options available to lock motors and smooth out other motions. This is useful if you want to capture a periscope view and keep the frame level. You can also use the setting to smoothen tilting to achieve this effect. You can also lock the position by simply holding the camera in the place you want it stabilize from. This will lock the angle and allow it to maintain that position. The gimbal can also be set up to take a selfie. Just click on the mode button and the camera will rotate around to point at your face. Or, you can film behind your head for chase scenes.

  • Mount options for GoPro Hero 5 Garmin Virb ultra30 & GoPro Session Cams Supports, GoPro 3, 3, Silver, Black and Sessions (With adapter), SJ4000, and Xiao Yi.
  • Compatible with GoPro battery backpack or LCD backpack
  • Precision Stabilization Accuracy: +-0.01deg
  • It works quickly out of the box
  • External monitor/recording device with integrated 3.5mm A/V output port
  • For tripod mounting, built-in 1/4-20” of the threaded base
  • Included charging cable to charge your GoPro battery (only for Mini USB GoPros, not Micro USB).
  • Extended battery life up to 5 hours
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth connection to phone or remote control
  • 5 Modes: Heading Follow Mode. Heading Lock Mode. Heading & Heading Pitch Follow Mode. Inverted Mode. New Turn Back Mode.
  • Brushless 3-Axis motors
  • Multiple shooting modes: Pan Follow Mode; Pan Lock Mode; Pan/Pitch Follow Mode; Inverted Mode, NEW Turn Back Mode.
  • Warranty: Not an international warranty that can take months to resolve, but a 1-year USA Parts and Labor Warranty.

Charging and Battery Life

Charging and Battery Life

This gimbal includes 2 sets of Lithium-Ion batteries. You can charge your GoPro battery several times. You can also supplement your GoPro’s battery with the included cord. Although the cord is very delicate, it does its job.

The battery chargers are small and lightweight, but they have a cheap feel. The micro USB port takes approximately 2 to 3 hours for the battery to be charged.

The gimbal’s battery indicator is a nice feature. Although not completely predictable, there are four flashes that indicate the battery status. They show 75%, 50%, and 25% respectively. The flashes also flash quickly when the battery is less than 25%.

The EVO SS batteries can’t be charged using the USB port located on the side. This port is for updating the firmware on the gimbal, but not for charging batteries. It is a shame that you have to make the effort to add a USB port, but it does not allow charging.

Two charging cables are included in the box. To charge older GoPro models, there is a 3-pin cable. You can also use the 4 pin cable to charge your GoPro or activate the A/V output at the side of the GoPro for external monitoring.

A single charge will give you approximately 4 hours of usage. You will get less in extreme circumstances or when the GoPro battery is used to augment it.

It took us around two hours to use the GoPro when it was connected to a dead GoPro. We were able to use the camera for up to five hours if we mounted it to a tripod and didn’t use Bluetooth.

GoPro Hero5 Charging Support

Because they use Mini USB, the optional charging cables that come with GoPro Hero 5 or Session don’t work. You will need an additional cable to charge your GoPro5 if you wish to use its charging capabilities.

Battery problems

The difficulty of removing the batteries seems to be a common problem. The thumbscrew that opens the battery door is small.

Operation and Performance

Evo SS Gimbals- Operation and Performance

Attach your GoPro to the gimbal using the thumbscrews. An adapter may require you to use an Allen key to remove the mounting bracket and replace it with a few screws. The base of the gimbal is fitted with a standard 1/4″ female screw.

Two buttons are available: one to turn on the gimbal and another to change its mode. After holding down the power button for a few moments, the gimbal will turn on.

You will need to initialize the device by placing it on a flat surface. Once you press the mode button, the device will snap into place and begin working.

Gimbal functionality is flawless. It can lock in the GoPro to take aerial photos, selfies, or ground shots. There are some basic modes.

  • Follow Mode – One-click locks the roll and tilt of the camera, keeps it panning left to right smoothly, and saves you time.
  • Lock Mode – One click. Tilt, Roll, and Pan are still smooth.
  • Heading & Pit Follow Mode – Two clicks, Smooth Pan or Tilt follow but the roll is locked
  • Inerted Mode – To use the camera upside-down, click two times, then rotate it upside-down. You can then switch to other modes.
  • Three clicks to activate the Turn-back (Selfie Mode) Mode

You can check how does a Gimbal work to learn more

GoPro Gimbal Calibration

You can adjust the gimbal if you feel the gimbal is not tilting or panning correctly. Place the gimbal flat on a flat surface. Then, turn on the gimbal. As the gimbal calibrates, the light will flash and power up.

You can manually calibrate your gimbal if this fails. You can do this using the smartphone app or the remote control. To calibrate the motors of the gimbal manually, there are specific instructions that require a 6-point camera position. This can be found in the manual and on the support website.

Cables and ports

The small port for charging the battery is located on the left side EVO SS Gimbal Mount Stabilizer. The modularized battery delivers more power and can run for up to five hours. The gimbal mount can be charged via a laptop, a charger or a power bank. This is one of the key design features that allow you more flexibility and options for how you want to use the footage content.

EVO SS Gimbal Mount Perks

Evo SS Gimbal Reviews- Remote

A gimbal mounting mount for action cameras has many benefits. This mount is a great choice if you want to improve the quality of your footage. It’s simple and straightforward to use the EVO SS mounting system thanks to its smart and advanced functions. Below are some of the benefits it offers.

This gimbal mounting is adventure-ready. It has a built-in 3-axis stabilizer that will help you capture beautiful and smooth footage. You can easily take it with you wherever you go. Its strength is versatility. You can capture a variety of shots, from handheld to mounted to wearable.

Integrated Camera Charging Systems

The EVO SS gimbal mounting comes with a built-in charging system that can double the battery time of your action camera. There will be no need to worry about the battery running out during recording sessions. You can even record longer periods of footage with the included charging cable. This is a significant advantage because it minimizes downtime and maximizes use.

You have the choice of handheld, mounted, or wearable models

The gadget has a threaded base built in that can be mounted onto a tripod. This gadget allows you to take many shots. It is lightweight, portable and compact. Even for beginners, it is easy to set up.

Motion Timelapse

The EVO Remote App allows you to create beautiful point-to-point timelapse motions. You can choose from 6 motion points, which range in time-lapse duration from 30 seconds up to 4 hours. After you have set the motion points, EVO-SS gimbal mounting will do the rest while you relax.

Remote Operation

EVO SS Gimbal Mount allows wireless connectivity. You can control the gimbal remotely via an app or wireless controller. You can use it to take great photos from a distance of up to 40 feet.


Evo SS Gimbal Reviews- Remote

We found the optional remote control very useful. We used our phones to take GoPro photos, but not to control them. It was great to have another device for this. It is very lightweight and compact. It would be nice if there was a mounting for it on the pole.

The remote can display the remaining battery time, Bluetooth connectivity, and control via click and joystick functions. It also provides directions and instructions. The joystick can be used to provide panning and following functions for videos. To quickly switch between functions, the joystick clicks down as a button.

A remote control option is also available. The EVO Gimbals Wireless Bluetooth remote works with the EVO Rage/S, Rage-S, and EVO SS Handheld Gimbals. You can also use it with any other EVO Gimbals products if you have them.

User Interface and Control System

As we have said, there isn’t much of a control interface for wearing gimbals. The main feature of modern wearable gimbals is their small size. Adding a fancy interface will increase its weight and make it heavier. The Evo system is easy to use, and the standard configuration for the gimbal stabilizer that comes with it is sturdy. This should provide the most common requirements without the need to modify the configuration.

The Evo SS is a great choice if you’re looking to purchase your first wearable gimbal. The system is so simple that almost anyone can get the gimbal to work within minutes of opening the box. This means that you won’t need to spend time learning how to optimize your gimbal for the sport you choose. Instead, you can get out there and enjoy your adventure while getting the best image quality.

Smartphone App

The Evo smartphone app can be used as a solid accessory to their handheld gimbals, but the functionality it provides for the SS is limited. This is not an issue with the app, but rather with wearable gimbals. They are designed to perform a single task well, rather than being able to function in multiple situations such as a handheld gimbal.

You can adjust a few settings quickly and easily using the app. However, as we have already mentioned in the article the Evo SS is extremely easy to use. The standard configuration that comes with the gimbal when shipping should allow you to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Evo has created a great little app for smartphones, but most people who use it to record their extreme sports adventures don’t really need it. The app is more for professional videographers who use their handheld gimbals to capture videography jobs. You can avoid downloading it to your phone by simply avoiding the download.


The EVO SS action camera gimbal stabilizer is an affordable option that will provide smoother footage for all your video-making needs. This stabilizer allows you to transform your drone into an aerial photography quadcopter, or enhance your journey by using a stabilized action cam. We highly recommend EVO SS action camera gimbal stabilizer. With the gimbal, you can create some smooth video footage when using a GoPro, Yi 4K+, SJCAM, GoPro Hero 5, and many other action cameras.

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