Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera Review 2022: Best Choice For You

Are you looking for an affordable and highly functional 4k action camera? If so, the Dragon Touch 4k may be the perfect option for you. This camera is packed with features that will make capturing your adventures easier than ever. Keep reading to learn more about the Dragon Touch 4k and find out if it is the right camera for you.

Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera Review


  • Compact in size
  • High-quality 4K video and still images captured
  • Multifunctional with many modes and settings to choose
  • Two batteries are included, which can be combined to increase the battery’s life.
  • Wi-Fi allows you to connect easily with your smartphone
  • It can be used underwater to a depth up to 98feet
  • You get many accessories with it


  • No sensors for image stabilization
  • The remote is not waterproof
  • An SD micro card is not available


Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera Review - Design

The black and silver action camera features an ergonomic design and a 2″ LCD screen that allows for easy viewing of images and videos. It is made of a mixture of plastic and rubber. Its front section is made of soft rubber material, which gives it a clean appearance. The chassis is made from plastic and has a texture at the sides that makes it easier to hold.

The silver button in the corner of your camera allows you to choose menu options such as camera resolution, time, and so on. On the front is the main power button. This camera also comes with many accessories.


Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera - Performance

You can capture precious moments with the Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera (16MP). It has revolutionized photography with its wide-angle lens of 170-degrees. It also supports 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60 frames per second video recording. The optical zoom ranges from 1.0x to 4.0x, and the viewfinder offers a wider field of view, which allows you to capture distant shots even in low light conditions. This means you can click more shots in few times.

The Dragon Touch camera lets you use two lenses simultaneously. You can focus on distant subjects while zooming in on close ones.

Wireless Remote-Control Wristband

Dragon Touch 4k - Wireless Remote-Control Wristband

It comes with a 2.4GHZ wireless wrist remote that makes it easy to capture stills and videos. It has a light grey button that records video and a red button that captures still images. The remote control can be synced with any camera within 33 feet of the device.

Your camera is already mounted on your helmet or selfie stick, so you don’t have to search for it. You just need to press the appropriate button on the remote control, and you’re done.

Connectivity and Storage

WiFi connectivity allows you to instantly share photos and images on social media. To turn on WiFi, you just need to download the XDV app on your phone or tablet and hold the UP button for 3 seconds. You can then view the live images and videos on your Android and iOS devices and share them instantly via social media. The WiFi signal can be ranged up to 10 meters.

The camera can be connected to your computer via the USB cable or to your TV via HDMI to view the images on a larger screen. The camera has a 10-micro SD card slot that can store up to 64GB. This allows you to continue capturing precious moments and not worry about storage space.


The waterproof case for the Dragon Touch camera protects it from the water up to 98 feet below. It is capable of recording and storing both stills and underwater video. This makes it a popular choice for scuba divers. This camera is ideal for underwater activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and diving. It will allow you to capture the most memorable scuba diving in Dubai experiences, which you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Additional Interesting Features

The Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Manual is for all levels of photographers, amateur or professional. The manual will help you customize the settings to suit your needs.

When you use the dashcam as a camera, you can activate the image rotation feature or driving mode. The loop recording feature can be turned on to make sure that the camera clears any leftover videos from the past and starts recording again.

Time-lapse lets you play your video at normal speed when time seems to be moving faster. The slow-motion feature allows you to create slow-motion videos. Another exciting feature you can enjoy is burst photos.


The charger comes with two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. These can be charged using the included charger. The batteries can record at 1080p for approximately 90 minutes. They can also be combined to provide a total recording time of 180 minutes. This action camera is a great addition to your list of scuba diving equipment.


Dragon Touch 4k Action Camera - Accessory

This Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera is different from other action cameras. It comes with many accessories, including a waterproof case and a waterproof backdoor. This camera is a must-have accessory for anyone who is passionate about photography.

Video And Image Quality

Dragon Touch 4k action camera is the perfect device for capturing amazing footage while you’re on the go. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go, and it delivers stunning 4k video quality that will amaze you. Whether you’re skiing down a mountain, biking through the forest, or simply taking a walk around town, this camera will help you capture all the action. Capture 4k video and stunning photos

The built-in image sensor forgoes a bulky lens in favor of a fixed f/2.8 aperture, meaning you’ll be able to capture amazing low-light photos without needing a flash. The camera will automatically adjust the exposure settings based on the surrounding light to produce an image that’s crisp and clear.

The Dragon Touch 4K action camera is perfect for capturing amazing images on your outdoor adventures. This camera has a resolution of up to 3840×2160, so you can be sure to get stunning detail in all of your photos and videos. Plus, the camera’s 170-degree wide-angle lens ensures that you’ll be able to capture everything in your surroundings.


It is amazing that the Dragon Touch camera comes at such a low cost and has so many features. Although it is hundreds of dollars less than its competitors, it still offers comparable features such as 4K recording, 16 MP cameras, waterproofing, and more. You get two spare batteries and many accessories to enhance the value. This camera is a great value for money, so there is no reason not to get it. The Sony FDRX3000 is a waterproof camera that can dive deeper than normal.


Dragon Touch 4k action camera is the perfect tool to capture your outdoor adventures! The camera is small and lightweight, but it still packs a punch with its amazing features. With its 4k resolution, you can capture stunning videos and photos of your adventures! The camera also has a built-in WiFi that allows you to easily share your photos and videos with your friends and family.

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