DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer Review 2022: Best Choice For You

DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer Review 2022: Best Choice For You
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The DJI Ronin SC Gimbal is one of the only three handheld, hand-operated stabilization gimbals on the market. With removable 3D printed parts and easily swapped-out batteries, this gimbal can be customized to fit any filming need. Its brushless motors give it high performance, while the self-stabilizing technology ensures sharp footage.

In this blog, we will go over the features, benefits, drawbacks, and much more of the Ronin SC.

DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer Reviews

  • Type: Three-axis motorized gimbal
  • Payload: 2kg / 4.4lb
  • Battery life: 11 Hours
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Connectors: 1/4in and 3/4in mounting sockets. Camera control port. Accessory port. USB-C
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB-C, and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dimensions (LxHxD: 370x165x150mm
  • Weight with grip 1088g


  • Superb stabilization
  • Strong gimbal motors
  • Shutter and focus controls on-board
  • It’s easy to use
  • The companion app allows for highly customizable options
  • Battery life is long


  • Only a limited number of compatible cameras
  • Very heavy

What is the DJI Ronin S?

What is the DJI Ronin S?

DJI’s latest single-grip stabilizer is the Ronin-S. It works with compact system cameras and DSLRs. It was designed for videographers, YouTubers, and filmmakers at all levels to capture smooth video pans, tracking shots, and dollies while on the go. It can be used to move time-lapse or panning videos and multi-frame panoramic photos when it is mounted on its own tripod.

Ronin-S’s 3-axis tilt gimbal is compatible with almost all system cameras, up to 3.6kg. The built-in controls allow the user to focus, stop/start recording, and pull focus on a few compatible cameras. The accessory mounts allow for optional add-ons like external monitors, LED lights, microphones, and LED lights.

You can adjust speed and performance with the companion mobile app. This app allows you to create up to three presets, which can be quickly cycled by tapping a button at the handle. The Sport Mode is activated by holding down the button.


Ronin-SC’s gimbal has tilt, roll, and pan controls. It also features 360-degree panning for 360-degree motion shots. You can also set a motion lapse or time-lapse.

The SC also has all the modes from the S model such as Virtual Joystick, Timelapse, MotionLapse, Motion Control and Panorama.

Two new modes are available. ActiveTrack allows you to tap on any subject in the app, and the gimbal will follow the subject automatically. Force Mobile allows you to control the gimbal using hand gestures from up to 25 meters away. These modes are both fun and work well. However, for more controlled filmmaking, it is better to use the standard controls.

Build and Handling

Ronin SC review- Build and Handling

It doesn’t feel cheap, and it feels solid. The unit comes with all the accessories and cables you need in a lightweight case.

You will find a record button, a joystick to control the gimbal, and a button to return the gimbal to its default position. You can also use the button to switch between Sport and Normal modes.

The Ronin-SC’s battery is 2450mAh and can be charged via a USB Type C port. It lasts for up to 11 hours. It can also be used to control camera functions such as run/stop and focus pulling by connecting one of the USB cables included with a compatible camera. It worked flawlessly on Sony A7 series camerasTo add accessories, there are 1/4 “-20 and 3/8” -16 mounting threads on each handle.

The Ronin-SC includes an extended grip/tripod and lens support. All you need to get started.

The lighter weight is great for smaller cameras, and you can carry the entire setup with one hand. The rear arm is not angled to block the view of the camera’s screen like some other products.

Greater Compatibility

Ronin-SC is compatible with a variety of lenses and cameras. It also meets strict performance standards. It has been tested to ensure that it can support a payload up to 2.0 kg and still achieve cinematic shots. Most camera brands offer intuitive and easy-to-use controls for shutter speed and focus.

Dynamic Stability

Ronin-SC is able to capture perfectly stable shots even in fast-paced scenes. Ronin-SC’s Sport mode increases the sensitivity of each axis and maintains stabilization. This makes Ronin SC more efficient in fast follow, sudden movements, and complete changes in direction.

Unobstructed Arm Axis Roll

This innovative framework raises the camera payload above its roll axis and keeps the built-in display of the camera clear. This concept was first introduced by DJI and has since been adopted across the handheld gimbal market.

Unlimited Pan Axis

Pan axis allows continuous movement and frees the camera to take more ambitious shots. Filmmakers have the option to create completely new shots with infinite 360deg rolls.

Down to Every Detail

It is easy to access the buttons and trigger for all your essential controls. The flared battery grip allows for extended holding and is slip-resistant. This makes it easy to capture moments throughout the day.

Automated Features

Ronin-SC has a variety of advanced capture features that will allow you to unleash your imagination.

ActiveTrack 3.0

ActiveTrack technology is now available in the Ronin series for the first time. The Ronin app, Ronin-SC, and a smartphone mounted above the camera work seamlessly together to create smooth, precise gimbal movements at all times. This allows you to concentrate on creating shots that match your vision.

Force Mobile

Force Mobile is an app-based version of the Force Pro camera movement control software. Users can tilt and rotate their smartphones to control the gimbal at ultra-low latency. This allows for fluid shots with an intuitive feel.

Ronin App

Ronin App

Ronin-SC has been enhanced for a better user experience. Ronin-SC is professional and simple to use. We’ve improved the layout to make it easier to access preset scenarios. Additionally, we have included a camera balance guide and tutorials to help users master handheld gimbals. This app reduces hardware tuning and allows filmmakers to create great footage.

The app is essential if you want to get maximum use out of the Ronin S. The app is available for Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 devices (sorry, Windows users).

Its primary function is to ensure that the gimbal is correctly set up before every use. The Auto-Tune feature is handy for checking the balance when mounting a new lens or camera.

The app allows you to customize the performance of each preset mode and offers a variety of shooting modes. You can also shoot panoramic photos and time-lapse, motion, and hyper-lapse videos. It can be used to remotely control the Ronin-S’s movements even if someone is holding it or it’s on its tripod.

Although it looks simple, you can explore the settings to determine the behavior of the gimbal. You can adjust a few settings to make the gimbal continue rolling as you move forward. You can see it in action by taking a look at the sample video.

Easy Setup with Safety Features

Each arm has an axis lock that allows for quick storage and individual axis balance. Quick-Release Plate comes with a positioning block that helps you to remember the ideal camera position for quick remounting. The motors slowly power down the gimbal when you turn it on, providing reliability and a fast setup no matter where your shot takes.


Ronin SC_ Performance

The most tedious aspect of a shoot is the setup. For some reason, the Ronin-SC seemed to require at least three attempts to achieve the perfect balance with anything other than the 35mm.

The smaller lens performed well on shots with fast motion. However, the Ronin-S model was more powerful. You can use the 24-70 to fix the focal length at 50mm. Sometimes that balance will be perfect, and other times it may not.

The balance would be achieved through elimination and adjustment. However, even if the mobile adapter was attached, the Ronin SC would still win. I decided to stop using the Ronin SC with any other fixed focal length lenses or zoom lenses, even without attaching the adapter for my mobile phone. The Ronin-SC performed well with the 35mm attachment. It also had features through the Ronin App like ActiveTrack and the lightweight and agility.

Video work has certain advantages due to the lighter, smaller frame of this model. Additionally, the Ronin App features added since the original Ronin-S was released have greatly improved both models.

The Focus Wheel is located on the side of the Ronin S. Once the camera has been connected and set up, you can use manual focusing along with stabilization. This makes a huge difference in the professional look and feel of your footage.

Force mobile is a feature I love about the Ronin app. You can move the Ronin SC by simply moving your phone. Although it is difficult to master, the remote control is possible. The still modes remain robust, and once you have changed the control settings to allow the Ronin-SC to master your camera’s camera, the pano or timelapse modes will be as impressive as ever.

The Ronin-SC mirrorless camera is a great choice due to its being small and lightweight. However, I found that some larger lenses did limit the performance of the Ronin SC.

The Ronin-SC stands out from the rest because of its excellent stabilizing features and quick reaction.

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Why Should You Buy The Ronin S?

Why Should You Buy The DJI Ronin S?

The Ronin-S is a great 3-axis gimbal for small cameras, considering its performance, build quality, and features.

Although PS669 may not be the most affordable, it is a high-quality product that performs well and has thoughtful design features and flexibility. Although it has some minor issues, it’s an all-in-one solution for on-foot filmmaking.

It is a bit heavy and not compatible with all cameras yet, so it is a niche purchase. Although it won’t be a product that everyone will use for video, enthusiasts will love it.

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The Ronin SC is slightly less expensive than other gimbals, but it’s well worth the money. Although some features may seem like gimmicks at times, you will use them when you are out shooting. You can save money by looking at alternatives such as the Zhiyun and Mizzou if you are only concerned with getting stable shots. This gimbal is for you if you are looking for a gimbal with a lot of fun features and is almost as easy as possible, made like a tank and built like a tank.

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