Can You Play VR Games Without VR 2023: Top Full Guide

Can You Play VR Games Without VR 2023: Top Full Guide

Can you play VR games without VR? This is a question that Many people have recently been asking. With the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, there has many people insterest in VR gaming. But, Some people who are not sure if they can play these game without VR headset or not.

In this blog, Lucidcam will answer this question and guide about how to play VR games without VR.

How to Play VR Without A Headset

How to Play VR Without A Headset

Some VR games may be played without a VR headset. However, to be clear, they cannot be played with a VR experience, which requires a headset.

Certain titles, such as The PlayRoom VR, will, however, support local multiplayer modes that allow a PS VR user and other players to play together via the PS VR’s Social Screen, removing the requirement for a headgear. However, such games are extremely unusual.

However, VR games can still be enjoyed without a VR headset.

VR Games Can Be Played without a VR Headset

Some of them can. Some games can be played in VR, meaning they require a VR headset. However, some games can also be played flat without the VR experience.

How Can You Tell If These VR Games Are Compatible With A Headset?

Some games can be enjoyed in both VR experience and flat gaming. It is important to know the differences between VR experience and cross-play games.

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These VR games can be played in VR, but you can also play them flat.

VR Only games can be played only with a VR headset.

If you’re looking for VR games that can be played without a headset, these are the two options.

Can You Play VR Games Without A Controller?

Can You Play VR Games Without A Controller

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is one of these games. It only requires a third-party addon FlyInside. Even more amazing is the fact that this game is a flat and non-VR game. It clearly shows that non-VR 3D games are possibly be converted to VR with great realism.

Smash Hit

This VR game was originally developed for mobile devices and can be fully played with just a headset.

VR Roller Coaster

It can also be played in VR without the use of a controller using only headsets. The VR mode lets you experience the thrill of riding the coaster you have built. The best thing about this game is you don’t need a controller to enjoy it.

Deep Space Battle VR

If you have an Android device, you can jump into space with your VR headsets. Your ship will automatically fire when you place an enemy ship in its crosshairs. That’s it. Simply move your head to achieve the right aim.

End Space VR for Cardboard

If you don’t have an Android smartphone but still want to play VR games, End Space VR is the perfect solution. You can shoot the game using your VR headset’s trigger button. You can disable the headset’s trigger button in the options to use head gaze-based shooting.

You can also play VR games without controllers such as Darknet and VR Street Jump, VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360 (VR Racer – Highway Traffic 360), Snow Strike VR, Trooper 2 VR X-Racer, Trooper 3 and many others.

The Best VR Games that Can be Played Without a VR Headset

The Best VR Games that Can be Played Without a VR Headset

VR Only title is designed to be played through VR headsets. You will not be able to hack your way in using traditional televisions or monitors.

There are also virtual reality games. They are becoming more flexible in that you can choose to play them flat or fully immersed in the environment by wearing a headset.

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The Playroom VR

Users will be able to play virtual reality mini-games while they are playing the game. Playroom VR offers a fun and enjoyable experience that is reminiscent of a futuristic PlayStation recreation of Nintendo’s Mario Party.

The Playroom VR supports local multiplayer. Players without headsets can still join the fun using the PS VR social screen. This is actually the purpose of Playroom VR, which is a brilliant and intelligent move by PlayStation. Unfortunately, this type of game is a unicorn.


You may not be aware that the Skyrim videogame has been available in nonvirtual realities for some time.

Although there is a virtual-reality version of the game, those who have the game can use Skyrim non VR options to transform the original game into virtual reality.

Skyrim’s massive, player-defined gaming experience revolutionized open-world gaming. Now, the VR edition of the game takes you further into the Fatherland than ever. Contrary to popular belief, the VR Skyrim Special Edition is the exact same game as its VR counterpart and was specifically designed for flat-screen use.

There are two versions of the game, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is the latest. You can also purchase the Steam key to allow you to play the game from your PC.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazards

Resident Evil 7- Biohazards

The eighth installment of the long-running horror survival series is, for the most part, everything you’d expect. It includes fascinating, disturbing and even horrifying features.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazards, which is a flat-based game like the Bound series is, is compatible with PlayStation VR. This allows you to play the game with or without a virtual world headset. On the PS4, a game like this is PS VR compatible. This allows users to decide whether to play the game in virtual or real reality.


Bound is a videogame that combines elements of platforming and artistic features. The central character in the game is a dancer. Sony Interactive Entertainment released the PlayStation 3 version on November 15, 2013.

Bound takes the player on an adventure with a dancer through a fairy-tale world. Even if they don’t have a virtual reality headset, people can still enjoy this beautiful and epic journey. They can play both traditional and virtual reality modes.

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Alyx Half-Life

Alyx Half-Life

Half-Life: Alyx was released by Valve Corporation in 2020. It is a virtual reality first-person shooter game that can be accessed on PlayStation VR. Windows users can now download it via a link made publically available.

It is a virtual-reality game but can still be played with a VR headset. Half-life: Alyx, a survival game in the vein of Resident Evil, has a distinctive visual aesthetic.

Although this game was originally intended to be played in virtual reality, many players have modified it to make it flat-compatible.

Fallout VR

Fallout is an open-world, post-apocalyptic adventure that you must play. If you are looking to save money, you can buy the standalone flat version online and then play it on your own computer.

The VR version of Autumn 4 VR features the entire core game, new combat, crafting and construction systems, all completely redesigned for virtual reality. It is impossible to imagine the freedom and joy that comes from exploring the wasteland. You realize that you are the only survivor of Vault 111 after you wake up in a world completely destroyed by nuclear war. You can play in the flat version regardless of whether or not your VR headset has been connected.

Doom VR

Doom VR

You can experience the most horrific parts of Doom on either a flat-screen or virtual reality depending on which version you choose. It is also possible to purchase a non-VR version on the internet.

We are pleased to announce Doom VR’s release. This VR version delivers the fast-paced, dangerous action fans have come to expect from this DOOM franchise.

You can experience life as a robot survivor who was reactivated by the United Autonomous Corporation to resist the demon invasion, keep it operational, and prevent a terrible tragedy. The performance of shooters in combat determines their fate, and Doom VR is an exceptional example.

Dooms VR’s locomotion-free version has been released due to player feedback regarding teleportation issues. This is great news for all players around the globe.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Let’s say you’re familiar with the Star Trek franchise and television show. The Star Trek videogame, available in both virtual reality and nonvirtual reality, will immerse your mind in the Star Trek universe.

Red Storm Entertainment published Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a virtual reality adventure video game. It’s available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Oculus Quest platforms, as well as the PlayStation Vita.

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After the game was developed, Red Storm Entertainment distributed it, and Ubisoft published it. You can play the single-player role of Captain on the USS Aegis or the USS Enterprise while participating in Star Trek: Bridge Crew’s Ongoing Voyages feature.

AI will control each member of this crew, including the Helmsman and Tactical Officer.

Except for the PlayStation 4, there is no need for a virtual reality headset for Star Trek: Bridge Crew to be played on any platform.

This clause covers the interaction between virtual reality (or non virtual) reality on any platform, regardless of forum. When playing on a computer that does not use virtual reality technology, keyboard and mouse assistance are provided.

There are not many games that can play in both virtual and nonvirtual realities. This is because game developers would need to create two games to integrate controls from both environments (keyboards and mice). It’s rare that a game can be played in both virtual reality and non-VR. Virtual reality games are difficult to play in a flat environment.

Most VR games are impossible to play within the limitations of flat gaming. You can use VR to see two things at once. It is impossible to replicate that experience with just a TV and controller.

Is There A Way To Trick Your Computer Into Thinking You Have A VR Headset?

Is There A Way To Trick Your Computer Into Thinking You Have A VR Headset

You can trick your computer into thinking you’re using a VR headset, but it’s challenging and might not work for many VR games.

To achieve this result, all the controlling parts of headsets, including head tracking, are replaced by other methods. Follow the steps in the next section to give it a try.

  • Navigate to the Library by opening Steam.
  • Click on Tools to choose the right option from the drop-down menu.

Download the SteamVR driver first. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install the VR driver.

  • Steam VR can be accessed either via the Steam window or by right-clicking on the Steam icon in your system’s taskbar. It all depends on which method you prefer.
  • A chat box will appear stating that the Steam VR window is not yet available. You can close the dialog window by clicking on the OK button. To toggle the feature on/off according to your needs, ignore this dialog and click on Enable/Disable TVR in the VR window.
  • You can enable the time-shift recording function by selecting the appropriate option from a drop-down menu located in the TVR’s recording box.
  • Steam should be restarted and shut down if necessary. You will see the graphics of the game when you turn on your VR headset. This window is called VR Output. This time, there will be no headset problems.
  • After setting up your VR headset, you can adjust it to your preferences. To get the best VR experience, start in an empty area.
  • To activate the full-screen mode, the keys Alt + Enter should be simultaneously pressed.
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For optimal performance, connect two gaming controllers.

This is done by closing the Steam VR driver and reopening it.

  • Launching the software Tracker Manager is required.
  • Drop-down menu. Select Open the window for toggling device support from the list.
  • After that, you’ll be presented with a list containing compatible devices. You can find the control you are looking for in the list. Consider the Switch Joy-Con controllers as an example. These wireless devices must be connected to your computer in order to be used.
  • It is vital to allow tracking to continue.
  • To make virtual tracking possible, use the Steam VR driver’s set menu. Select the Virtual option Tracking in the Hand Tracking drop-down menu.
  • Select Tracker manager using the drop-down menu.
  • When viewing each tracker, arrange your controls in the order that you wish them to appear.
  • You can now configure your virtual reality environment as normal after the Steam VR driver is restarted.
  • However, a Kinect can be used for full-body tracking in gaming, which can be very useful.
  • Start by installing the Kinect to the PC adapter. Next, download and install appropriate Kinect drivers from Microsoft’s website.
  • Navigate to Steam’s driver menu, and select Kinect Skeleton in the drop-down menus. This will enable you to track the head and hands.
  • Select Startdriver4VR in the drop-down menu to the right.
  • Click on the drop-down menu on the right to see the visual representation of your space. Then, select Kinect device settings.
  • You can verify that the tracking works by placing yourself in the middle of the play area and then moving around a bit with the Kinect.
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The headset offers more 3D movie options than any other headset, unlike other models. All of these are available in the Oculus Shop, so you can access them all within a few clicks.


FAQs about Can You Play VR Games Without VR

1. How do you use VR cardboard for playing PC games?

Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Use the drop-down menu to select USB tethering from the drop-down menu on your smartphone’s Settings-> More-> Tethering & mobile hotspot-> USB tethering menu. After that, you can start both the Trinus Server application on your Windows PC as well as the Trinus Virtual Reality app on your Android smartphone.

2. How can I open a VR file from my computer?

Navigate to the 360deg video area using the Movies & TV App. Click on a video to play it. You can drag your mouse across the screen to view 360deg films if you are viewing from Windows 10.

3. How can a game run at 60 frames per second, but we see it at 120Hz in PS VR?

PS VR applications and games use a feature called “reprojection.” It takes the last output image at 60Hz and creates a new image of 120Hz using the head movements of the user. This is different from video frame interpolation, and it does not cause any lag to the images presented by the PSVR OLED screen.

4. Will PS VR games run natively at 120fps or 90fps?

Yes. Yes. There are games that can run natively at 90fps. As developers get more experience with making games for PS VR, we might see some games running natively at 120fps.

5. What is the Processor Unit?

The Processor Unit, which comes with your PSVR, is a small box that connects to your PS4 or TV. It also provides HDMI cable management. This allows you to output Social Screen TV, 3D audio processing and Cinematic mode.


We’ve included the guide that we mentioned before. In some cases, it is really beneficial. Lucidcam thinks that after you’ve grasped the concept, it will be easy for you to play games without a controller. Thank you for your time!

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