Best VR Camera 2022: Top Brands For Best 360 Camera

Best VR Camera 2022: Top Brands For Best 360 Camera
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Are you trying to find the best VR camera to take 360 footage? Then, perhaps this is the perfect post for you.

LucidCam is among those few websites which write about actual experiences with VR Camera solutions. On the other hand, the advice we supply is exceptionally essential and detailed.

Follow the article at the bottom of the webpage to locate the ideal product for yourself.

Why Buy a 360 Camera?

Why Buy a 360 Camera

Realtors may use the technology to make virtual tours. You will want to think about it as an extra tool in your luggage. However, not a panacea. It would help if you had a 12-24mm full-frame zoom for both insides and a drone to get aerial shots.

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Creatives are sure to see more usage for the re-framed curved movies. If you go for the GoPro Max or Insta360 One R or One X, you will have exceptional software programs to convert your round video cameras into something viewable on almost any TV or smartphone screen. You can also achieve this with funding cameras, but you will want to bring your software to the celebration.

How 360 Imaging Works

Imagine the scene recorded not as a horizontal rectangle but on the interior of a world. When you see 360-degree pictures or video cameras, then you are effectively positioned at the center of the world, surfing either by moving your smart device, by tapping via a touchscreen or transferring a window on your browser.

Three hundred sixty cameras still use horizontal detectors but back-to-back fisheye lenses, each shooting a 180-degree angle of perspective. The camera combines these two hemispherical pictures to generate a 360-degree spherical field of view all around you.

Back in 360-degree stills, what’s inactive, so what you see is exactly what you get. You can browse the picture at will, picking that portion of it which you want to concentrate your attention on.

But, 360 movies are somewhat more complicated, as you may expect; while you’ve got the liberty to see in which you would like, the activity from the movie will continue no matter your view.

This means it is likely to look at that the “wrong” way if something is occurring. Having a regular video, you can always rewind, but dwell 360-degree broadcasts are increasingly more prevalent due to the greater sophistication of flowing platforms.

10 of the best 360-degree videos ever filmed

One crucial point to notice: when looking at the resolution stats for all these cameras, remember that those pixels need to extend all of the ways around the world’s interior, not only in a rectangle.

So 12MP on a 360-degree camera signifies something much different from 12MP on a DSLR. It follows that plants and edits might not be as sharp and detailed as the settlement indicates as you believe. It is something to keep in mind.

How to take 360-degree videos and photos

It is simple enough to see 360 videos and photos: you can do this directly through intelligent devices or your browser on sites with the necessary navigational interactivity.

Suppose you are in the company of producing them. In that case, it’s also feasible to use the curved raw material made by the camera to robust crop in and create smaller, horizontal windows of this spectacle, providing yourself a little more editing management.

This works for both video resolution and stills. If you have obtained a static 360-degree picture, it is not too complex to use it to produce rectangular wide-angle shots and panoramas.

It is 360 video which provides the most potential, nevertheless, as it permits you to make moving and pan zoom outcomes from a photo taken at a static place. Not bad!

Top Rated 14 Best 360 Camera Brand

Top Rated 14 Best 360 Camera Brand

Bestseller No. 1
Kodak ORBIT360_4K-WH3 PIXPRO...
252 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
GoPro Camera Fusion - 360...
922 Reviews
Bestseller No. 3
Ricoh Theta V 360 4K Spherical...
21 Reviews
Bestseller No. 4
Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Dual Pro...
79 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 5
Samsung Gear 360 (2017...
940 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 6
Lenovo Mirage Camera with...
156 Reviews

1. Vuze 360 Spherical

This highly affordable 4K virtual reality camera includes eight components, letting you image quality 360-degree footage to get an entry-level cost.

For novices that are seriously interested in creating virtual reality movies, later on, this is possibly the ideal camera, to begin with. To get a little over $500, you also receive a tripod and 64GB SD memory cards.

Though the battery life is not swappable, it does provide a respectable 90-120 minutes of recording power, and you can attach an external battery pack if needed. The internal battery charged from empty to full in a little under 2 hours.

2. GoPro Max

The GoPro Max resembles a 360-degree action cam for fans, but anyone can use this camera. The magical of 360 and the GoPro Max are which you could hit list and forget about framing (in reason) and then edit the program’s footage.

We have put our list due to its great excellent catch and microphones and how it could double up as a vlogging camera and an action cam, although not in 4K.

The average 4K single-camera catch could have been better still, along with the program experience could use a while. Still, provided what the Max can perform, it is nevertheless a stunning step towards the future of movie production, and right now, we think it’s the best 360 camera.

StayblCam Smartphone Gimbal...
149 Reviews

3. GoPro Fusion

This one is priced well under $1,000 and includes just two camera components. However, there are excellent reasons why we believe GoPro Fusion among those skilled options for shooting VR content.

It is equipped to take 5.2K 360 videos using high-quality lenses, which may capture much information. It’s excellent performance under low light configurations with suitable dynamic ranges.

And thus, though GoPro Fusion isn’t the camera to take at the so-called “VR blockbusters at 3D”, nor does it perform reside 360 streams. If you’d like to proceed beyond generating hobbyist-level content, then GoPro Fusion is your sensible, portable, and also high-value alternative for you or your company.

4. Samsung Gear 360 High-Resolution

If you want to jump to the virtual reality world and do not need to break the lender, but at precisely the same time desire something a bit more severe than the usual GoPro, this 360 degree Samsung camera is a superb alternative.

It effectively shoots virtual reality videos and includes a conventional wide-angle lens if you need to hit 180 level footage. When you think about the meager cost and watertight, this is a simple option. 130-minute battery life.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017...
940 Reviews

5. Insta360 One X2

A badly impressive action camera that uses its 360º lenses not just for virtual reality but to get a plethora of innovative editing modes for widescreen videos, the 1 X2 always produces exquisite videos and photographs.

It requires time and patience to master, and also its processing-intensive app needs the hottest mobiles, but also for filmmakers wanting to try something different, the 1 X2 can’t be ignored.

Insta360 PRO 8K 360 Spherical...
20 Reviews

6. Z-cam S1

Sold at $2,499, Z-cam S1 is considered among the very used choices among professional cameras. It may take 4Kin 60 fps and 6K in 30 fps; it may do live-streaming; it’s a 3-hour working time a full charge, and it’s in-camera stitching performance.

Suppose you’re interested in finding a single camera that satisfies almost all of the basic needs of expert VR content creation, which does not cost several thousand dollars. In that case, Z-cam S1 is a secure option.

7. KanDao Obsidian

Professional cinematographers who wish to perform VR to the most significant possible degree should start looking in the KanDao Obsidian.

This 8K camera generates breathtaking panoramic photographs, using High Dynamic Range technology which makes it simple to shoot in almost any light conditions, no matter how bright or dark.

KanDao also provides software that produces picture stitching simple and permits for virtual reality streaming. The Obsidian comes in an entry-level version, and in addition to a 120FPS version that’s specially designed to manage actual frame rates; however, the 8K version is your best cameras overall alternative for those without technical demands.

8. Garmin VIRB 360

The VIRB 360 is a rocky action camera that’s watertight to a depth of 10m and features clip-on cradles for both a standard tripod mount and a GoPro bracket.

You can operate it as a standalone camera using a tiny mono screen and three-dimensional buttons, or you can control it through the VIRB program.

The VIRB’s stills display typical sharpness but hardly any color fringing and well-blended shots where both hemispherical graphics are stitched.

Its 5.7K catch should yield improved results, but you require a pc for it. In-app stitching is limited to 4K, with Battery life at 65 minutes.

The program’s HyperFrame Director delivers simple but effective tools for incorporating smooth camera utensils and angle of view changes to make different standalone movies for sharing and saving.

The in-built GPS and G-Metrix detectors also supply information overlays for extreme sports lovers who want their audiences to observe that additional data.

Should you like your experiences rocky, this can be the instrument for the job. However, newer cameras such as the GoPro Max and Insta360 versions imply the VIRB 360 currently feels somewhat outdated.

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9. GoPro Omni

As you can see in the look, GoPro Omni is essentially six single-unit GoPro Hero Cameras bundled together with a ring that turns the entire kit into a VR camera that captures scenes from most angles.

If it comes to GoPro Omni, the first thing that comes to many professional founders’ heads is that the consumers will need to sew footages/photos in the six cameras available.

While that is without a doubt that pain at the post-production procedure, the high quality, and consistency of work made with GoPro Omni are the unrivaled and sound value of prices powered

and attempts.

It may shoot 8K in 25~30 fps and contains a maximum frame rate at 120 fps, reducing footage quality but permitting slow production.

10. Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

As soon as you’ve stitched and shot your digital reality footage, then you will need something to see it on. Oculus Rift has become quickly the most recognizable name in the VR game at this time, and for a good reason.

Their goods were a number of the very first to advertise, and they’ve remained the international media group and leading digital publisher while keeping a comparatively accessible price point. The Oculus Quest two is the flagship product and is very good for watching films in addition to gaming.

11. Ricoh Theta Z1

The first Ricoh Theta Z1 was announced and published in 2019 – back when a 360-degree camera was at least something of a novelty.

Since that time, not much has changed, save for a slightly revamped version found more lately, boasting 51GB of storage than the first’s somewhat restricting 19GB. It is worth mentioning what you’re getting before clicking the “Purchase” button.

The Ricoh Theta Z1 produces impressively high-quality 360-degree video – because you would expect at this cost. It is not quite as rough and ready as other cameras with this listing, without repainting or a protective casing, but it has a sleek design that is comfortable to hold and intuitive to work with.

Its detectors are marginally more extensive than are often found on cameras of the kind, enhancing the dynamic range and possibly constitutes that a few other cameras advantage out it in raw resolution stipulations. It is costly, but that is certainly an option worth considering.

Ricoh Theta SC2 360-Degree 4K...
48 Reviews

12. Jaunt One VR

Jaunt One VR was formerly reserved for professionals and became available on the public market this past year. It is around a camera that combines 24 units capable of shooting 8K 360 footage for 20 continuous hours in extreme and harsh weather.

Other characteristics include built-in media storage, 18-stop vulnerability management, a global shutter, ten stops of dynamic selection, and 120fps catch.

13. HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

Suppose you are seriously interested in virtual reality and eager to devote a bit more to your headset. In that case, the HP Reverb G2 has an exceptional resolution, enhancing any film-watching experience.

The 2160 x 2160 resolution blows off the Oculus Quest 2 from the water, and lots of users have noticed the Reverb is much more comfortable to wear in your face for extended intervals. Consider this an investment in your house theater for another generation of films.

14. Eye Camera

Here is the camera which stands on the peak of the bracket of professional VR cameras using a Hollywood-performance degree. This 360 camera unites 42 connected black magic micro-cinema cameras.

We see that the hardcore VR technology has explosive expansion. While there’s a greater need for simpler and better supply and availability of high-quality VR content, VR intends to become the go-to platform for top-quality content creators and customers worldwide. We look forward to discussing the most effective professional VR encounters by creative abilities to the bulk!

15. Kandao QooCam 8K 360

The QooCam 8K is cinematic and high-resolution. It’s the best quality for quality.

  • Specifications Weight: 245g
  • Dimensions: 145x57x33mm
  • Waterproof No
  • Stills resolution: 29.5MP
  • Video resolution: 7.7K
  • Memory: 64GB internal, 64GB SD card slot
  • Mount: Tripod
  • Battery life: 90 minutes (claimed).

The QooCam8K is the best 360 camera for image quality right now. The QooCam 8K is a huge 360-standards CMOS sensor measuring 1/1.7 inches. It also features 10-bit color and an 8K resolution. The QooCam 8K is unrivaled in 360o for the quality of its videos and photos.

The camera produces photos with a lot of color and contrast that are unlike anything we have ever seen from any other future brands. It is a joy to be able to create great-looking photos from 360o videos.

The QooCam 8K’s ability to produce stunning 360o videos is a huge leap forward for creative filmmakers. Although it does have an audible fan and is waterproof, short battery life. It is also quite expensive.


  • Sharp video of ‘SuperSteady’
  • 4K 120fps slow-mo


  • Loud fan, low battery life
  • Not natively waterproof, but expensive

16. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

Unique combination of 360 and 4K action cameras

  • Weight not specified
  • Dimensions: 72x48x32.4mm
  • Waterproof: 16 feet (optional housings are also available)
  • Stills resolution: Not specified
  • Video quality: 5.7K
  • Memory
  • Mount: Customized mounting bracket
  • Battery life is not specified

The Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition was released at the beginning of 2020. It is a very attractive proposition indeed and could be a sign of the future of 360-degree cameras. It’s actually called the “Twin Edition” as it has two cameras and two lenses modules. They are easily interchangeable. It can be used as a 4K action camera or a 360o camera.

There are many other features, such as waterproofing up to 5m (which can be extended by special housing). AI-powered algorithms can also enhance the different shooting modes, including the impressive Auto Frame mode which automatically picks out the action in 360o videos. The new Leica 1-inch camera mode allows you to swap the 360 modules for an action cam.


  • There are 4K and 360o lens options
  • RAW photos and 100mbps videos
  • Optional 1-inch action cam mod


  • Touchscreens with small dimensions

17. Vuze XR

Seeing double? You can see two modes with one camera

  • Weight: 212g
  • Dimensions: 152x56x39mm
  • Waterproof: Only with a case (30m).
  • Stills resolution: 18MP
  • Video quality: 5.7K
  • Memory
  • Mount: Tripod socket
  • Battery life: 1 hour

The Vuze XR has two cameras at the price of one and is designed to allow you to shoot 360-degree photos or videos at 180-degree angles. You can toggle between 360-degree (2D), and 180-degree (3D), shooting half of a sphere, or full spheres of VR footage with a single press. You can also use the XR to do in-camera image-stitching and live to broadcast.

The handy smartphone app allows you to monitor and control your activities. It’s easy to use for everyday casual usage. However, it is not waterproof unless you purchase a separate case. So don’t take it with you on kayaking trips or similar activities as the GoPro Max. The Vuze XR is a beautiful tool for 360-degree imagery. However, it can be a bit bulky for most users.


  • Switch between modes quickly
  • Excellent footage quality


  • Battery life is mediocre
  • Simple mobile app

How 360 Imaging Works



What’s the difference between VR and 360 cameras?

Virtual Reality transports users into a virtual world. 360 videos capture real-time action and film reality as it happens. 360 videos are shot using 360-degree cameras and can be viewed on any 360 compatible devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, and other apps.

Are 360 videos virtual reality?

It’s technically not true VR when people view 360-videos on VR headsets. This format shows footage from the camera’s 360-degree view. The filmmaker’s setting is all viewers can see.

What is the reason squares and circles can have 360 degrees?

What is the 360-degree difference between squares and circles? The 360deg for a circle is the angle that you get if the center is centered. … The sum of all interior angles in a square is 360deg. A square is not a circle, but it is an equilateral triangle.

How can I view VR videos regularly?

Cardboard 360-degree and VR180 videos

  1. Assemble Google Cardboard.
  2. Open the YouTube app.
  3. You can search for VR videos on YouTube or by searching the keyword “Virtual Reality” in the YouTube Virtual Reality channel. To find the right channel, look for this icon.
  4. Choose a VR video.
  5. Tap the play button to start playback


There are lots of differences between the goods listed above. The very best 360 cameras for VR comprises auto stitching, image stabilization, and settlements up to 8K sometimes.

Additionally, the very best 360 VR camera also has a rotational purpose, allowing you to extract regular video in the 360-degree footage you captured. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below to reply as fast as possible.

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