Top Best Indoor Drones 2022: Top Review For You

Best Indoor Drones 2022 Top Review For You
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Drones are a great way to capture your memories and share them with the world. And Indoor drones can also be a great way for you to boost your spirits and practice skills when the weather is not good, or you are in lockdown.

With so many drones out there, it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. LucidCam‘s blog post will make it easy for you by providing reviews of some of the best indoor drones for beginners and even professionals available on the market today. 

Top-Rated Best Indoor Drones 2022

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini...
8,777 Reviews
DJI FPV Combo - First-Person...
1,292 Reviews

1. Hubsan H111 Drone

Best micro drone indoors

We love the Hubsan H111 indoor drone. It is small and easy to control, but it also has great flying skills. Although the battery is small enough to allow you to fly the indoor drone for 5 minutes on a single charge, it’s strong enough to withstand bumps.

Although the H111 offers basic trim levels, it does not have any flight assistance features, a GPS, or a camera and should be flown indoors.


  • Super safe and small
  • It’s easy to fly but difficult to master
  • Very affordable


  • Not great for outside
  • Young pilots will find it difficult to master the art of fly a drone.

2. Potensic Firefly 20W

This is a mini indoor drone under 30 and is easy to fly. It also comes with a kid-friendly controller.

The A20 is small enough to fit in your hand, and it’s easy to indoor use. The Potensic controllers are confusing and have a variety of buttons for calibration. The camera can be operated with two thumbstick controls as well as the shoulder buttons. There are three speeds.

Altitude hold is a feature that allows you to stop the drone from hovering. Automatic landing is possible, as well as a red LED in the rear that flashes when your battery is low. This mini drone allows you to make sure you are hovering in a safe area.

The A20W drone is part of an organized Porensic line. If you need larger drones, you can look for an A30W. And if you don’t want the WiFi FPV camera (which you view from your phone), then you can look for models without W at their ends. They look identical but place an ordinary LED in the area where the camera would be.



  • Prop guards are less protective than others
Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini...
8,777 Reviews

3. Force 1 Scoot LED Drone

The best indoor drone for kids (and big kids)

This indoor drone is not a traditional remote controller with sticks. Instead, it wants to be up close and personal. It responds to hand gestures inside a protective cage. It is easy to indoor use and provides complete finger protection, making it a great novelty for children of all ages.

Simply lift the indoor drone cage up into the air to get in the air. The motors will then kick in. It will slowly but steadily rotate. There are two IR sensors on the opposite sides that it uses to avoid your hand and detect it. You can also “push” it by simply moving it around. It can maintain altitude but has an IR sensor at the bottom that allows you to push it up.

Finally, the motion sensor will automatically shut off the device when it strikes something. The cage absorbs the impact. It’s simple, but it works. It will attempt to flip if you place your hands on the sensors on both sides.


  • Novel control method
  • Even toddlers can have fun


  • Mastering/using a skill is not a real skill

4. Ryze Tello Quadcopter Drone

This indoor drone under 200 is for you if you want a little more quality


  • You can easily do tricks
  • The simple smartphone control scheme
  • Integral HD camera for video and stills


  • Ships without a rechargeable battery
  • No dedicated remote control device

The DJI Tello Quadcopter drone is one of the most versatile indoor drones. It offers quiet operation and can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone. This drone can perform many exciting tricks such as spins and rolls. The integrated HD camera can stream live video and take amazing indoor drone photos.

Although the smartphone-based control system is convenient, the drone does not come with an analog remote control device. The drone doesn’t come with a lithium battery. However, the company does allow for the purchase of one. You can fly with either the best VR headset or the top VR drone.


5. EMAX TinyHawk II RTF

Best racing drone with FPV

While drones are widely accepted as both professional tools and fun toys by many, there is an additional dimension to the hobby: a dedicated community of hobbyists with their own drone racing and freestyle competitions. This hobby is cutting-edge and requires separate goggles, radio controllers as well as specialist batteries & chargers.

While many drone enthusiasts make their own, the Ready to Fly kit allows you to get in the air much faster.

These micro drones, known as the Whoop category by the fans, are designed to flying indoors. This indoor drone features a tiltable camera that can be adjusted to an aggressive angle, so it is at the right level for FPV drones. It can withstand all kinds of knocks and has a powerful radio. The brushless motors can also reach incredible speeds.

EMAX’s EZ Pilot offers more beginner’s features if you are looking for a halfway house.


  • Rapid and exciting
  • All you need in one case


  • For beginners, manuals are difficult to follow

6. DJI Mini 2

Best Indoor and outdoor drone

Although the DJI Mini 2 is the best mini drone for outdoor flying, it can also be used indoors. It measures 11.3 inches when folded (including propellers) and is able to fly through most doors. To keep your indoor and outdoor objects safe, the DJI Mini 2 comes with lightweight propeller guards.


  • High-quality 4K video indoors or outdoors
  • It can also be used outdoors
  • Exposure control & raw photography


  • This is not suitable for flying indoor quickly
  • Propeller guards are more expensive unless you purchase the Fly More Combo Kit

7. DJI Robomaster Tello Talent

Best drone for education

DJI’s version of the Tello drone is the DJI Robomaster TT. Although the aircraft is largely unchanged, the new connections ports, accessories, and the many ways you can modify the drone make it perfect for indoor use. DJI wants you to learn robotics with this drone.


  • Educational drone
  • Robotics: Learn more
  • Easy to fly and fun
  • Your flight patterns can be coded


  • Toy drone is expensive

8. Snaptain H823H

For safe and secure fun, a solid indoor frame is a convincing choice.

The most serious problem with the indoor drone is the exposure of propellors. However, the Snaptain 823H addresses this issue more effectively than others. The drone is designed for beginners and kids. It has a guard that covers not only the rotating blades but also the top and bottom propellors.

Snaptain has found a way to avoid this. They include three batteries in multiple packs, which gives you the same flight time as a professional drone. The frame allows you to fly indoors and bounce off objects, so you can expect to be flying for a long time.

This controller is best for small hands. Beginners will love the ability to hover in place and take off automatically, with altitude hold and the possibility to increase flight speed.

Snaptain provides different tints for props and thumbsticks to match the pilot’s preferred color, which is a great advantage if you are choosing for children.

There is one problem with this indoor drone, as it does with many others at this price: the buttons aren’t marked clearly or, in the case of the top left shoulder button, have no function. Just check the instructions, and you will be fine.


  • Effective frame
  • Included are batteries and a USB charger
  • Headless mode, one-key return & flip modes
  • Excellent value


  • Every power-up requires pairing

9. DJI FPV Combo

This is the elite option for indoor flight on a grand scale

Flying indoors is more than just about navigating narrow home corridors. You can achieve some of the most impressive feats of indoor piloting in grand arenas specially designed for this purpose and equipped with obstacles and hoops to navigate at high speed.

DJI FPV is the best indoor drone for such challenges, and it also offers sensible safety precautions. Although it’s unfair to compare this flying drone to a toy drone, the DJI FPV is an excellent alternative for aerial thrill-seekers and filmmakers who want to explore unusual angles.

There are some issues – flying indoors in too tight a space might encourage collision protection systems to override caution. But this machine begs for the pilot to find somewhere safe where they can blast around at 140kph.

In addition to having replaceable components and detachable propeller guards, the DJI FPV concessions indoor flying (or over-enthusiastic flying). The pilot can adjust the color-changing LEDs to their liking to draw attention to the DJI FPV.


  • It can also be used outdoors
  • Amazingly fast and powerful


  • Optional propellor guards
  • Not suitable for kids
DJI FPV Combo - First-Person...
1,292 Reviews

10. Parrot Mambo FPV

The best indoor drone goggle is for you if you want a little more quality

Parrot Mambo, the ultimate indoor drone, has seen many iterations due to its flexible design. Unfortunately, Parrot currently only has one Mambo FPV version available for purchase.

It’s worth checking out other editions, such as the Fly Kits set, which contained a small canon, graber claw, and note grip. These were perfect for covert missions in an open-plan office.

The Smart Block attachments, which look like Legos, attach to the drone’s top. In the FPV edition, this clip is used to attach a camera to your phone. This video feeds to the smartphone, and you can then clip the goggles into the very comfortable goggles.

The app of Parrot Mambo allows you to control the drone from your smartphone; however, this edition requires that the Bluetooth remote be used as the input. Your Cockpit Goggles may also be used to clip the phone into the drone.

A barometer, an ultrasound sensor, and a camera are used to stabilize hover. (Parrot is a drone expert, having created it over a decade ago). The parrot mambo drone’s design expertise is also evident in the use of slide-in-and-out batteries and the LED “eyes,” which give it a unique look.


  • Stable hover within 4m (13ft).
  • Goggles for FPV
  • Stable hover within 4m (13ft).


  • It is difficult to find supply chain problems because it makes it difficult.

11. Hubsan X4 H107L

A best cheap indoor drone

This drone is very popular, with many variations. We have chosen the Hubsan HubsanX4 (H107L) because it’s the best hubsan drone indoors.

Although it isn’t the most durable drone on the market, it’s lightweight, making it more resilient and less likely to sustain damage than heavier models. The flight time is also awe-inspiring for a budget drone, clocking in at just 9 minutes.

It’s very easy to control, maneuverable and fast. This little guy is an affordable entry-level option.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Flying with a well-balanced body makes it easy
  • Perfect for beginners: Durable frame
  • Are you ready to fly out of the box?
  • Excellent flight-to-charge ratio


  • Flight time is 6-8 minutes
  • There is no onboard camera
  • The transmission range is limited
  • There is no Return to Home feature
Hubsan X4 H107L Royal Blue...
513 Reviews

12. Holy Stone HS200

Headliners of the HS200 include the altitude hold function, which keeps the drone stable and level, and the camera that captures 720P video and 2MP stills. You can stream videos directly.

Automatic Take-off and Landing is a feature that is often only available on higher-end drones. This is great for beginners and especially helpful for landing without having to crash.

The build quality is not as good as the competition, and the prop guards are too fragile for my taste.


  • Long-lasting and durable. Even after multiple crashes, it can withstand a beating. It is possible to easily obtain spare parts.
  • It is easy to replace the defective drone
  • Design and looks are excellent
  • Even in moderate wind conditions, good flight characteristics
  • It is stable and can be used in different flight modes


  • Mediocre flight time
  • You cannot fly indoors
  • Cameras and FPV of poor quality are not recommended
  • It takes a while to charge, and it does not come with batteries

13. UVify OOri

The OOri is one of the best racing drones that boasts incredible tech. We are sure you can imagine, drone racing is a huge indoor sport. And, it also comes at a high price.

UVify is well-known for its racing drone. UVify claims that this mini drone is the fastest and most agile available. The mini drone has an Altitude Hold system, which is not often found in a smaller drone. This allows for precise hovering and stability. It also features responsive controls.

We also like the video screen on the remote and the ability to change drones’ LED colors at the touch of a button.

To fully realize the drone’s potential and make it a great racing option, we recommend the OOri FPV goggles.

The casing is extremely tough and durable and can withstand light winds. This mini drone makes it stand out from other mini drones similar in size.


  • Fast charging of batteries
  • Fly really fast
  • Flying with LEDs is great fun
  • Different colored propellers, nice design
  • It is very easy to indoor use
  • Low battery warning alerts to you to bring it home


  • Battery flight time could be longer
  • The controls are not sensitive enough and too responsive

14. DJI Spark Indoor Drone


  • FHD 1080p integrated camera.
  • Built-in obstacle detection function.
  • Powerful motor permits top speeds of 30 MPH


  • To record media,
  • Flash memory cards are expensive

The DJI Spark Indoor Drone offers professional-grade features and exceptional quality. The DJI Spark Indoor Drone boasts a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 31 mph. It also features an integrated Full HD 1080p stabilized 2-axis stabilized camera that shines when taking still photos and video. It could also make a great selfie drone. The built-in obstacle detection function was also a big plus. This feature can be very useful indoors, to avoid furniture or the like.

Although this drone is very expensive, it’s worth considering before you make a purchase. If you want to save your photos, the drone doesn’t ship with a flashcard.

This is a useful blog for you if you want to become an expert on DJI spark: Dji Spark Tips And Tricks 2022: Top Full Guide

DJI Spark with Remote Control...
427 Reviews

Buyer’s Guides

Top-rated best indoor drones 2022

Drones intended for flying indoor use must be small enough and light enough not to break or damage objects and maneuverable enough to avoid obstacles.

These drones are unlikely to be light enough to fly in moderate winds, have a good camera, or long-range, so they are not recommended for outdoor flying. These are often very affordable, which is great news for indoor pilots!


The range of a drone is an important factor when purchasing an outdoor one, but not for an indoor drone – unless you have a huge house!

Propeller guards

It is necessary for indoor flying indoors drone to prevent damage to property, people, or props. Some drones are equipped with ducted propellers that can be used in order to avoid damage.

Flight time/battery life

The drones we recommend fly indoors use typically have a battery life of approximately 10 minutes. We recommend purchasing spare batteries to extend your flying time.

Build Quality

Indoor drones must be strong enough to withstand knocks or collisions. The risk of being smashed is much higher than outside.


A lightweight drone is best for flying drones indoor to prevent any damage from happening if you lose control. These drones can be dangerous and easily blown away, so they are not recommended for outdoor use. The drones included in this guide are all lightweight.


Because you will be flying drones in small spaces, you will need a drone with good stability that won’t tip over into the wall or onto the couch.


If you are looking for racing drones, choose one of the smaller, lighter, and faster models that can be used with FPV goggles. Here is a guide on VR drones and headsets/goggles. If the drone crashes, you won’t do any damage, and the drone will give you an immersive view.

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FAQs about Best Indoor Drones

Can I fly a drone indoors?

Yes, you can fly a drone indoors as long as it is the right size and preferably has some stabilization feature that keeps it from flying into the walls. Having prop guards is also a must-have for indoor flights.

Are indoor drones safe?

You should consider the laws surrounding drone flight when taking it outside. If all requirements are met, an indoor drone can be flown outdoors.

Although smaller drones might struggle with the wind, and some toy-class drones may have limited connectivity, there are safety considerations. However, crashing into trees or getting sun is usually as dangerous as for your drone.

What Are The Most Important Skills To Master When Flying Indoors?

The two most important skills when flying indoors are gentle with the sticks and understanding drone’s orientation. Many new pilots have difficulty flying because they are too aggressive with the sticks. All throttle in the sky, no left or right turns, and then crash into the wall.

Hovering in place is one of the most challenging things you can do when flying a drone manually. Auto-hover drones are lifesavers. Toy-class drone owners and race pilots know what I mean. It takes practice to adjust the sticks to hold a drone in the air.

Best Indoor Drones 2022 Top Review For You


We hope that our guide can help you find the best indoor drone. To get started, we recommend reading through this list of the best indoor drones 2022 and compare them to your needs.

If none of these products suit your preferences, don’t worry! There are plenty of drones on the market for you to choose from to make sure that you get a drone that is perfect for what you need it for.

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