Best GoPro Gimbal 2021: Top Review For You

Best GoPro Gimbal 2021: Top Review For You

GoPros are great video cameras. However, it is clear that they were made to capture the action. The compact size of the GoPro makes it an excellent choice for videography, whether you are shooting extreme sports or walking around a city. This blog will show you the Best GoPro Gimbal for creating immersive video experiences.

Top Rated Best GoPro Gimbal

GoPro Karma Grip for GoPro Hero7 Black/Hero6...
  • Capture amazingly smooth shake...
  • Compatible with GoPro body...
  • Includes karma harness for...
  • Karma harness for Hero4 black...
  • Built in camera controls;...
FeiyuTech WG2X-Official 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro...
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】Comes with...
  • 【MORE EXPANSION】Compatible...
  • 【AUTO-ROTATION】Intelligentl...
FeiyuTech FY Feiyu G6 3-Axis Splash Proof Handheld...
  • 【CAUTION】 Please set the...
  • 【Compatibility】G6 works...
  • 【Wifi + Blue Tooth ( Dual...
  • 【Feiyu On App】With...
  • 【TimeLapse】Shooting nodes...
Zhiyun Smooth 4 with Adapter Ring for Mic,3-Axis...
  • 👍👍【Filmic Pro】The...
  • 👍👍【Control...
  • ✅✅【MUST KNOW】Balance...
  • 👍👍【PhoneGo...
  • 👍👍【Time Lapse & Object...

1. GoPro Karma Grip


  • It can be attached to a helmet or backpack.
  • Built-in water-resistant buttons.
  • The camera can also be charged by the built-in battery
  • You can really get rid of the shakes.
  • Compatible with other devices: Ships with a harness for Hero5 Black, Hero6 Black, and Hero7 Black


  • There are no tilt or pan controls.
  • Battery life is shorter.
  • Motors make a lot of noise.
  • Is not compatible with non-GoPro cameras or phones.

The Karma Grip is a GoPro-made Gimbal. It has a premium feel.

Just by holding the GoPro, you can instantly tell it is top-quality. The Karma Grip eliminates any shakiness while filming videos.

GoPro offers a limited warranty on the Karma Grip gimbal. This warranty will be very useful if you need to replace the device or any of its components.

Gimbal provides great support for the hand. Although the design is compact, there are some compromises. The battery life of a gimbal is not more than 3 hours.

You can solve this problem by purchasing spare batteries that you can use when the battery is low.

The Karma Grip by GoPro is a great Gimbal. It’s compatible with all GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7, and 7 models due to its 3-Axis stabilization and quality build.

GoPro Karma Grip for GoPro Hero7 Black/Hero6...
  • Capture amazingly smooth shake...
  • Compatible with GoPro body...
  • Includes karma harness for...
  • Karma harness for Hero4 black...
  • Built in camera controls;...

2. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal


  • Smooth footage
  • High-quality construction
  • Zoom/focus wheel
  • Battery life is very long
  • Two-way charging
  • Controls Zoom capacity and focus pull. You can power on/off, turn off, use the function button to start/stop recording and dial. Has “Vertigo Shot” “POV Orbital Shot” “Roll-angle Time Lapse” buttons.


  • Weight
  • No joystick control
  • Limit on payload
  • Face tracking is not a good idea

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is a 3-axis gimbal. It can help you capture smooth footage and much more. This compact Gimbal can be tilted and turned at 240 degrees.

The Smooth 4 can be used as a tripod, making it easy to execute shooting setups.

The Smooth 4’s battery life is 12 hours. You can charge it for 3 hours and be good to go.

The grip camera controls are intuitive and flexible. With your thumb, you can zoom in and out, turn the Gimbal on or off, record or stop, and power it with just one finger.

You can activate several modes with just one click. You can activate things like Vertigo, POV Orbital Sho, and a Roll-angle Times Lapse with a single click. The Gimbal can also be splashproof.

Last but not least, you will need a mount to attach the Smooth 4 to your GoPro. It is included with most kits.

To be certain, make sure you read the contents of the box. A fantastic Gimbal that is worth your time and money.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 with Adapter Ring for Mic,3-Axis...
  • 👍👍【Filmic Pro】The...
  • 👍👍【Control...
  • ✅✅【MUST KNOW】Balance...
  • 👍👍【PhoneGo...
  • 👍👍【Time Lapse & Object...

3. Removu S1


  • Rainproof
  • Remote control via wireless
  • Outdoors are great!


  • Loud motor noise
  • Expensive

The REMOVU 3-Axis Gimbal S1 is ideal for outdoor environments and other settings.

This device is perfect for outdoor use. It is made of aluminum and has a waterproof design. The waterproof housing will protect your GoPro Hero against the elements. This allows for a wider variety of shooting environments, including splash zones, ski slopes, and humid climates.

The handle can be detached to allow you to mount the GoPro Hero on any other item, such as tripods or harnesses. The motors will not work properly if they are completely submerged in water. It is one of the very few gimbals that can withstand both rain and water.

It comes with wireless remote control to adjust settings and angles, as well as handheld controls. You can change any angle you want without needing to remove your action camera. The wireless remote can be used to control four modes of stabilization.

Removu S1 Rainproof Wearable/Mount Anywhere 3-Axis...
  • REMOVU S1 is the 3-axis gimbal...
  • The S1 can be mounted anywhere...
  • The S1 also comes with a...
  • The motors and body are...
  • Powered by a removable...

4. Hohem iSteady Pro 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal


  • 12-hour battery life
  • Mode of inception.
  • Compatible with many cameras
  • Simple to use controls


  • Indicators not visible in daylight.

The Hohem iSteady Pro is our third-best GoPro gimbal. The Hohem iStedy Pro’s splashproof design and well-built quality have earned it a place on our top 10. It is easy to grip and does not feel cheap.

The control panel has many buttons that allow you to control the camera and the Gimbal. To attach additional accessories, the unit comes with two mounting screws—one on each side and one at its bottom.

The control panels also include the usual buttons such as the joystick, record button, mode, and mode buttons. It doesn’t have a display that indicates different parameters and has indicating lights that aren’t visible in daylight.

The trigger button is located on the back of your handle. It has the ability to reset the Gimbal or enter go mode. The motors respond better to movement when the button is pressed for a long time. The Gimbal has four additional stabilization modes. These are PF, TTF, LK and AF.

The GoPro Hero 7 gimbal includes a 3600 mAh battery that will give you 12 hours of continuous runtime. It will be a joy to capture long time-lapses and not worry about the Gimbal turning off in the middle.

You can also capture stunning videos using the inception mode. The impressive panorama shot is possible because it allows for 600deg rotation on the pan axis. The Hohem App can be used to remotely control the Gimbal.

It is easy to connect the Gimbal and app. Once it is done, you will be able to feel the smartphone as an integral part of the Gimbal. The phone controls are easy to use.

The iSteady Pro 3 works with the GoPro HERO9/8/7/6/5/4/3+/3 and other similar-sized sports cameras such as the DJI Osmo Action Yi 4K, Yi 4K+ and AEE.

Removu S1 Rainproof Wearable/Mount Anywhere 3-Axis...
  • REMOVU S1 is the 3-axis gimbal...
  • The S1 can be mounted anywhere...
  • The S1 also comes with a...
  • The motors and body are...
  • Powered by a removable...

5. EVO GP-PRO 3Axis GoPro Gimbal


  • Extremely durable
  • Produces smooth, stable footage
  • Use it in many ways


  • It is slightly heavy for its size

The EVO GPPRO 3Axis GoPro Gimbal can be used to stabilize your GoPro Hero or other cameras.

Its CNC Aluminum construction is the most prominent feature. This aluminum build instantly gives it a solid, premium feel. This Gimbal’s material is the same as aircraft, which proves its durability. It’s also very easy to set up – there are no software configurations or camera stabilizing settings required. A joystick is attached to the handle that controls pivoting.

Although it takes some getting used to, this is a great device for capturing even the most minute movements and footage. You can also “override” the gimbal settings to capture last-minute footage. You have four options to choose from in order to capture any type of footage.

This is one of the best GoPro gimbals on the market. It is also extremely stable and built for speed. The device has a combined refresh rate of 4kHz, which allows for extremely fast reaction times and stable shots.

A 3.5mm AV audio/video outlet port is included on the GoPro gimbal. This allows you to connect to an external monitor so that you can view your footage on a larger screen. This is a great option if you plan to stream live videos. The handle also features a 1/4-20″ standard thread so that you can mount it on tripods and extendable reaches. This is one of the most versatile gimbals available.

This Gimbal has very few faults, other than its small size and weight. It’s a great product, and the price is reasonable considering its material.

EVO GP 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3,...
  • 3-Axis Precision: Eliminates...
  • Easy Setup: The EVO GP...
  • Versatility: The EVO GP...
  • Multiple Shooting Modes:...
  • Unprecedented Warranty: Backed...

6. Feiyu Tech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer GoPro 7


  • Premium build quality.
  • Splashproof design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Silent motors
  • Compatible with other devices: GoPro Hero 7/6/5/4/3/Session, Sony RX0, Yi Cam 4K, AEE Action Cameras.


  • For long-term use, bit heavy.
  • Large carry case

Feiyutech’s 3-axis splashproof Gimbal has an amazing battery life and intuitive controls. There are many amazing stabilization modes available on the G6.

You have the option to choose from lock mode, panoramic mode, and selfie mode.

The camera can be tilted and panted 360 degrees. You’ll also have a 320-degree rolling range. This allows you to take more shots. The G6 delivers smooth butter performance, regardless of which mode you choose.

The G6 can be used with GoPro’s action camera line, as well as other brands of cameras (with a special mount).

The G6 will always be there for you, regardless of what happens to your cameras.

The Feiyu Tech G6 is the gold standard in quality GoPro gimbals and other action camera gimbals.

The G6 exceeds all expectations in many ways. If you are looking for the best, the G6 is highly recommended.

Users were frustrated by the inconsistent rotation of the GoPro gimbal in the early versions. Recent firmware updates have fixed this issue, and the Gimbal now produces smooth footage using the 3-axis Gimbal.

However, noises from the motor can sometimes be a problem. Although it is not always obvious, the camera picks up vibrations from the gimbal stabilizer, and this can cause noise in the footage. This noise can be reduced by calibrating the action camera and the Gimbal, but it is almost always impossible to mask with music.

FeiyuTech FY Feiyu G6 3-Axis Splash Proof Handheld...
  • 【CAUTION】 Please set the...
  • 【Compatibility】G6 works...
  • 【Wifi + Blue Tooth ( Dual...
  • 【Feiyu On App】With...
  • 【TimeLapse】Shooting nodes...

7. FeiyuTech 3-Axis Gimbal Feiyu Tech WG2X for GoPro Hero7


  • It is light.
  • Splash-proof design.
  • Impressive stabilization.
  • Unrestricted rotation on tilt and pan axis.


  • In colder temperatures, poor performance

This is the FeiyuTech WG2’s successor, so many things have been improved in this wearable gimbal.

It is light at 238gm and removes jerks and shakes easily, making footage smooth. This little device can be attached to your helmet or car. It will balance all disturbances.

It is also splash-proof, meaning your adventure trips won’t be affected by rain. Its all-metal construction guarantees long life and unrivaled performance for many years.

Balancing the camera is easy. The Gimbal can be started by pressing the button on its side. It will then go into standby mode to protect motors. It can balance the cameras provided that the camera’s weight is below 135gm.

The back of the unit contains a record and wifi buttons. You can also reset your Gimbal by pressing the WIFI button. When the button is pressed three times, the gimbal switches to selfie mode.

The Gimbal can be worn as a handheld device. This Gimbal has three standard stabilization modes: PF, follow mode, and LK mode. Unlike popular wearable gimbals such as the Zhiyun Rider-M and Hohem XG1, WG2X offers unlimited motion in the tilt and pan axes, rather than 320 degrees.

The 1500 mAh battery provides 2.5 hours of running time. The Feiyu On app allows the controller of all functions of the Gimbal from your smartphone.

Because it is compact, you can wear it with shoulder straps or chest harnesses. It can be attached to desktop tripods or selfie sticks and handlebars that are compatible with its universal quarter-inch thread needle.

It has an intuitive and clutter-free interface. You can also control the gimbal movements from there. You can update firmware and control the strength or response time of your motor.

The unit is still as reliable and performs well as its predecessor. It is also one of the most wearable gimbals available. You can use the Gimbal for mountain bike riding.

FeiyuTech Feiyu WG2X Splash-Proof 3-Axis Wearable...
  • 🎿【WIFI Control & Rapid...
  • 🎿【Innovative...
  • 🎿【Multi-Mode】: Action...
  • 🎿【Lightweight and...
  • 🎿【Warranty And...

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Here are some things you should consider before you buy a Gimbal to mount your GoPro there.

Stabilization Quality

It is important to know how many axes your Gimbal uses. Usually, you’ll find three axes listed. This is what you should aim to. Some gimbals have only one axis, which can cause problems with stabilization.

You should also inquire about the motors’ fluidity and responsiveness. Before you rush to buy, make sure you read reviews.

You will also want to list the motors as brushless. Brushless motors are quiet.

Weight of the Gimbal

The GoPro and Gimbal will be with you for a while. It stands to reason you will want the lightest product on the market. This is logical, but it’s important to remember that each gram of weight adds additional features.

Gimbals that have larger batteries and longer operating times are generally heavier. The weight of the Gimbal is also affected by its material. Metal gimbals weigh more but are also stronger. Make sure you balance features and weight.

The Durability of The Gimbal

Although this sounds a bit sinister, you should consider what type of shooting you will be doing with the Gimbal.

You can choose a lighter plastic model if you don’t intend to do any damage, such as extreme sports shooting.

You’ll need something stronger if you plan to ride the Gimbal.

It will also be larger because the Gimbal will have a strong but large handle, while casual gimbals will feature a shorter handle.

The Gimbal is weatherproof due to its stronger build. The camera can be used underwater, but it.

is more suitable to be used in the rain.

Camera Compatibility

Some gimbals may not be compatible with all GoPro Heros. It’s usually limited to a certain range and requires the purchase of an adapter or mount that can be used with a different GoPro camera model. You won’t need to buy additional accessories if the Gimbal you choose can hold your camera.


Some gimbals can be used immediately, while others require manual calibrations. Each one is different, depending on your level. For beginners, plug-and-play or easy calibrations will work well. Professional videographers will appreciate the extra functionality and precise parameters that come with manual calibrations in order to capture the best shots.


A 3-Axis Gimbal can be tilted, rotated, and pan to almost 360 degrees. This is ideal for taking the most diverse types of footage. This may not always be necessary, especially for beginners. For casual users of a GoPro Hero, sometimes simple movements and excellent stabilization suffice.

Battery Life

Gimbals can be motorized and require constant power. The battery life can last anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. It all depends on your use of the battery. Consider how frequently and how long you’ll need to charge it between uses so that you don’t lose work.

If you are interested in knowing more about other information, then check here:



1. Are GoPro Gimbals waterproof?

While GoPros and other action cameras are now generally waterproof, most GoPro gimbals do not have waterproof capabilities. Gimbals have rotating pivots powered with brushless DC motors. It is difficult to protect these moving parts from water damage when submerged. However, many GoPro gimbals are weather and splash-proof. These are the results of the tests on the gimbals:

  • GoPro KarmaGrip Weather Resistant (Light Rain and Snow)
  • Hohem iSteady Pro2: Splashproof (Heavier snow and rain)
  • Feiyu G6 is Splashproof (Heavier snow and rain)
  • Feiyu WG2X: Splashproof (Heavier snow and rain)
  • Removu S1 is Weather Resistant (Light Rain and Snow)
  • Feiyu Villa G: Not weather-resistant
  • Zhiyun Smooth4: Not weather-resistant

2. Can I use the gimbal to record GoPro footage?

The gimbal works with the GoPro Hero5 and Hero4 action cameras. You can safely use the gimbal in the rain, snow, and near splashing.

3. Is a gimbal necessary for GoPro Max?

The MAX 360-degree camera is capable and comparable to some of the most powerful on the market. HyperSmooth is the most prominent feature of MAX. This, combined with MAX’s exclusive horizon-leveling function, creates some of the best-stabilized video footage that you can get from any camera with no gimbal.


The Removu S1 may be the right choice for you if you are interested in the possibility of carrying a gimbal around with you. Although its modular design can be fiddly and the motors are louder, it is still a versatile GoPro gimbal.

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