Best GoPro Alternative 2022: Top Brands Review

Best GoPro Alternative 2022: Top Brands Review
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There are many other factors to consider when choosing a GoPro alternative. Is it waterproof? Does it support 4K resolution videos? What about its field of view? But for some, the best GoPro alternative is the one that gives the best image quality for the price. In this blog, We will walk you through the GoPro alternatives to find out the best.

Top Rate Best GoPro Alternative

AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP...
2,912 Reviews

1. DJI Osmo Action

This is the best GoPro competitor, a high-quality and affordable action camera

  • Weight: 134g
  • Waterproof: 11m
  • 4K videos at 60fps
  • 1080: Up to 240fps
  • 720: Up to 240fps
  • Stills resolution: 12MP
  • Battery timing: 1-2.25 hours (est).
  • Includes basic image stabilization


  • Excellent value
  • High-quality stabilized footage
  • Useful screen for front view


  • Getting old

DJI knew that it had to be competitive with GoPro when it got into action cameras. The Osmo Action is one of the best GoPro Alternatives. It is a small, highly-capable action camera packed with features. RockSteady’s stabilization system ensures smooth video in all situations.

This is perfect for biking, whitewaterrafting, and any other adventure you might want to take your action camera. The 4K 60p footage is particularly impressive and makes images and videos look great. The handy screen at the front is ideal for vlogging.

The DJI Osmo Action is now much more affordable than it was when it first launched. It’s definitely worth the investment. It’s only been around for a while and features have changed – the DJI Osmo Action was designed to compete with GoPro Hero 7. We’re now at the GoPro Hero 9 and there’s no new Osmo Action. DJI, let’s get an update!

2. AKASO EK7000 Pro

It is the best cheap GoPro alternative

  • Weight: 61g
  • Waterproof: 40m (with case)
  • 4K videos: 25fps
  • 1080: 60fps
  • 720: No
  • Stills resolution: 16MP
  • Battery timing: up to 90 minutes
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Remote control watch (to start/stop videos) and built-in WiFi
  • Ships with 2 batteries (1050mAh), dual charger, waterproof housing, remote control, 20+ mounts and accessories.


  • Excellent 2-inch touchscreen
  • Great value for 4K


  • Separately sold -SD cards
  • Lowlight struggles

There are many cheap GoPro alternatives, but you need to be careful as not all of them are worth your time. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives. The Akaso EK7000 Pro is an excellent camera capable of shooting 4K footage with a great touchscreen. However, the touchscreen can only be used when the waterproof case is on.

Although the sensor is not great in dim light conditions, it does a good job otherwise. It’s also very affordable. Although it does not come with an SD card, you will need to add that cost into your total costs.


3. GoPro Action 2

This is the most versatile action camera, bar none

  • Weight: 61g
  • Waterproof: 40m (with case)
  • 4K videos: 25fps
  • 1080: 60fps720
  • Stills resolution: 16MP
  • Battery timing: up to 90 minutes


  • Use compact unit or combo unit
  • Dual touchscreen interface
  • Livestream


  • Lacks 5K video
  • To charge or use memory cards, a second unit must be attached

DJI, the leading drone manufacturer, forced a rethink of GoPro’s design by adding a front-screen on their first action camera Osmo Action. Action 2 is a new vision of GoPro’s world. It starts from a small 39x39mm square camera and allows the attachment – via magnetic clip-of additional units for more connectivity, battery life, and a vlogging display.

It is compatible with the GoPro’s image stabilization options, including the horizon, and features a larger 1/1.7″ sensor. It is about the same size as a GoPro paired. However, paired, it will have a USB socket and the option to add microSD cards.

It works via a touchscreen, although it is limited by the size and weight of the main camera unit. However, the front touch screen attachment perfectly matches the main camera unit making it easier to vlog. The Action 2 has a lot of gadget value and can be worn discreetly in certain situations.


4. Insta 360 ONE R Twin Edition– Best Cheap GoPro Alternatives

A modular action camera that can be used as a 360-degree camera

  • Weight not specified
  • Waterproof: 4.87m (housings available)
  • 5.7K video at 30fps4K Video at 60fps (with optional modules)
  • 1080: 200fps720
  • Stills resolution: 12MP
  • Battery timing is not specified


  • Highly customizable
  • RAW shooting is available
  • AI-powered shooting mode


  • Small screen

GoPro is the dominant action camera brand, so it makes sense that other companies are trying to innovate. One of the most intriguing recent releases is the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition. It’s basically two cameras in one. There are two lenses modules that can be swapped out at will.

One is a 360-degree camera and one is a 4K-shooting action. You can also get the Leica-made 1-inch sensor mode, which is of comparable quality to the Sony RX0 II. AI-powered shooting modes allow you to pick out the most interesting parts of 360-degree footage. This gives you great flexibility in the field.

5. Akaso Brave 7 LE

Another great GoPro alternative for vlogging on a budget

  • Weight: 555g
  • Waterproof: 1m (housings available)
  • 4K video: 30fps
  • 1080: 60fps
  • 720: 120fps
  • Stills resolution: 20MP
  • Battery timing: 2 to 3 hours (or more).


  • Handy screen for front view
  • Effective 6-axis stabilisation


  • Middle frame rates
  • Minimal waterproofing with no housing

Akaso Brave 7 LE is one of the best GoPro alternatives. The budget action cameras from Akaso continue to be a hit, with the Brave 7 LE featuring loads of great features that vloggers who are trying to keep costs low. The camera can shoot 4K video, and it has a 6-axis stabilization that is surprisingly efficient for a camera this affordable.

It’s great for vlogging, thanks to its front-facing screen. However, it is small and may take some time to get used to. It is waterproof without a housing, but it’s still quite minimal, so be aware of that before you plunge it into the sea. The Brave7 LE is a budget-friendly option for those who want a GoPro-lite.

AKASO supports electronic picture stabilization. This is similar to GoPro Hypersmooth. It can be used to compensate for a camera shake while shooting video in motion. The electronic image is changed from frame to frame. Smooth videos can be achieved when you are doing video in any activity, such as surfing, cycling, or skateboarding.

AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP...
2,912 Reviews

6. Sony HDR-CX405

Are you not concerned about waterproofing? Consider a cheap camcorder instead!

  • Weight: 215g
  • Waterproof No
  • Stills resolution: 9.2MP
  • Battery timing: 2 Hours 35 Min.


  • Amazingly low prices
  • Good stabilization


  • No external mic port
  • No automatic lens cover

A cheaper camcorder may be better if you are looking for a GoPro to capture quick video and not as an action camera. The Sony HDR-405 is a great place to start. It’s priced aggressively to beat other comparable camcorders and can produce high-quality 1080p video in a small, portable package.

The HDR-CX405 is simple to use and can be taken everywhere. You might be disappointed by the inability to record 4K or to connect to an external microphone. This will do the job for you, but it isn’t expensive. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives for you

7. DJI Pocket 2

This is the vlogger’s dream: Powerful stabilization in your pocket

  • Weight: 117g
  • Waterproof No
  • 4K videos: 60fps
  • 2.7K: 60fps
  • 1080: 60fps720
  • Stills resolution: 16MP
  • Battery timing: Around two hours (est)


  • Creator Combo great for vloggers
    Small size, excellent stabilization


  • Issues under dim light
  • No waterproofing

The DJI Pocket 2 is another option for those not concerned about waterproofing. It fits in a similar niche to GoPro cameras.  Indeed, it can be bought as part of an excellent Creator Combo pack, including a Mini Control Stick, a case, tripod mount, wrist strap, wireless microphone, a dead-cat windshield, a wide-angle lens, and a Do-It-All Handle with a mic-input jack.

The Pocket 2 is a powerful little camera for vloggers thanks to its class-leading stabilization, small size, and compact form factor. The Pocket 2 has some noise issues in low-light, so be aware of that. However, it does an amazing job in all conditions. 

8. Olympus Tough TG-6

  • Weight: 253g
  • Waterproof: 15m
  • 4K videos: 30fps
  • 1080: 120fps
  • 720: 240fps
  • Stills resolution: 12MP
  • Battery timing: 340 shots (CIPA).


  • Extremely durable
  • Optical zoom lens


  • Pricey for a tough compact
  • Bulkier Than a GoPro

GoPros have a fixed wide-angle lens. This means that you can only see the GoPro view. Olympus Tough TG-6 waterproof compact is equipped with an optical zoom lens. It is a 25-100mm equivalent and has a maximum aperture of f/2 at its wide end.

This compact looks and feels more like a traditional camera than any other on the list. It is also noticeably heavier than a standard GoPro. It’s a tough camera that can withstand a lot and will continue to work if you don’t mind.


9. OCLU Action Camera


  • There are many shooting modes available: loop record, timelapse, burst
  • Compatible with many mounts I made for my OCLU
  • Live cutting editing
  • Wind noise reduction is pretty good
  • LCD screen located on top of the camera


  • No image stabilization in 4k.
  • The picture quality is not as good as with other cameras.
  • To be completely waterproof, you will need an additional case.

How do you capture 4k footage? The OCLU action cam is here. The OCLU action camera is a cleverly designed device that has been making waves for the past few years. It’s also affordable enough to not break your gear budget.

This is my favorite new camera that I’ve tested so far this year. Why? It offers all the features I want in great GoPro alternatives, as well as some unique features that are exclusive to OCLU.

Live Cut allows you to organize your clips while on the move so you can get the best shots even after the shoot is over. It integrates with the smartphone app to give the user quick access to all the settings and modes. Smooth image stabilization can be achieved when shooting at 1080P at 30 / 60 FPS. However, most people don’t need to shoot at 4k every day.

The camera still captures 4k footage at 30 FPS.

Although the camera’s shape can be difficult to get used to, it is small and ideal for anyone who wants to travel light.

OCLU also offers a variety of accessories, including waterproof housing and various helmet and body mountings, depending on the activity. There is also an expandable grip mount that can be used to record vlogs and POV. The waterproof housing can be used to shoot at depths of up to 165ft (50m).

You can also log GPS location data for every adventure. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives for you

10. Akaso Brave 4


  • Clear 4K recording
  • Dual screens.
  • Very affordable.
  • Built-in WiFi


  • The quality of sound is not the best.
  • There is no SD card.
  • Quality is limited above 30 fps

The Akaso Brave 7 LE, a budget camera from Akaso, is a fraction of what the current GoPro cameras cost. You get 4k recording, a remote control, dual-screen recording, as well as a few extra batteries. The Brave 4 LE action camera is a great option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly alternative to GoPro.

The Brave 4LE’s recording capabilities are excellent, with a maximum speed of 30 fps at this resolution. Lower resolutions allow for higher frame rates – 120 frames per second at 720p is the limit.

Although the electronic image stabilizer is built into this camera, it helps eliminate shakes and create smooth videos. However, its effectiveness is less than that of other action cameras mentioned in this guide. Although the microphone of the Akaso isn’t as good as that of a GoPro model, the Akaso has made improvements to the sound quality over the past year for the Akaso version.

Remote control is included with the Brave 4. It can be used to start and take recordings. Although it is very basic and does not offer a live view, it does the job. It also has built-in  WiFi, which allows users to connect with their smartphones through an app (iSmart Pro+).

The AkasoBrave 4 has a touchscreen and all the usual USB, HDMI, and HDMI ports. The camera can be used alone up to 1m, or with the case included, for 30m.

You will need to buy your own SD card separately as the Brave 4 LE doesn’t come with one. The extra batteries can be used to offset the cost of purchasing an SD card. You can also get a wide range of accessories to mount your camera.

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi...
12,245 Reviews

11. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30


  • Solid voice recognition and the G-Metrix system provide excellent connectivity.
  • Compatible with GoPro accessories and mounts
  • High-quality video and photo quality.
  • Full LCD touchscreen and built-in voice control which Shoot hands-free by using voice commands to start/stop recording, take a photo


  • Battery life is shorter
  • Image stabilization is not great.
  • Waterproof, but touch screen and voice recognition require additional protection.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is our top choice for the best GoPro Alternatives option due to its outstanding construction and excellent video quality.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, from Garmin, is a solid product. The VIRB 30 comes without any accessories and is very small. It has a tough shell as well as a touchscreen that is equally durable.

The Garmin VIRB is not waterproof by itself, but it can be made waterproof by adding an external housing. This housing has a water depth rating of 131 feet. Amazingly, the housing still works with voice recognition and touch screen controls.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 continues to deliver in terms of recording quality and video quality. 4k recording is possible for the first time in Garmin’s line and at 30 frames per second. You have several recording options available, including 1080p at 120fps and 720p @ 240fps. The video/image quality is excellent with rich colors, sharpness and even better than the latest GoPro models.

Garmin’s patent technology allows you to find high-precision GPS software as well as a variety of external sensors. This technology can be used for recording things such as elevation and precise locations. It can also be used to measure metrics like heart rate.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 includes a voice control function that, while not perfect, works very well. WiFi connectivity is available and can be used to sync with your phone or stream live videos from Youtube. Garmin’s G-Metrix system is also included. You can overlay various metrics on your videos, including heart rate and distance traveled.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action...
285 Reviews

12. The Yi 4k+- Best Budget GoPro alternative


  • Solid 4k videos recording
  • Large responsive touchscreen.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • There are no additional accessories or waterproof housing.
  • Usability is affected by reliance on touchscreens
  • A GoPro feature-wise, a somewhat stripped-down version.

Yi 4k+ can withstand many GoPros, and it’s almost half the price. This camera is the best budget GoPro alternative, thanks to its 4k videos quality, rugged touchscreen, and long battery life.

The Yi 4k+ can compete with GoPros in terms of optical quality. The videos are crisp and quality-wise equal to the GoPro Hero 4.

4k videos recording can be done at 30 fps, as the name suggests. At 720p, 240 frames per second are possible. The Yi has electronic image stabilization, but it is not as impressive as other electronic stabilization systems.

The Yi 4k+ does not have many of the same shooting mode as GoPros, but popular ones such as slow-motion or time-lapses can still be done. Yi 4k+ images are very appealing and have no vignetting, color aberrations, or other distortions. These tarnish are largely eliminated by in-camera adjustments.

The Yi 4k+ is constructed in a similar way to the GoPro. It’s rugged, small, and utilitarian in appearance. The large touchscreen on the back of Yi4k+ is what makes it stand out. This is where the majority of the settings can be changed. The touchscreen is beautiful and responsive, but it can be difficult to see in bright sunlight. It would have been great to see additional mechanical controls.

The Yi 4k+’s incredible battery life is one of its greatest strengths. The Yi 4k + easily beats the GoPro Hero 4 in recording times at all resolutions. Yi 4k+ can record 4k for more than 90 minutes. This is amazing.

There are also some drawbacks.

The Yi 4k+ comes without any additional accessories, including underwater housing. This budget GoPro alternative will require you to purchase everything individually, which can feel frustrating. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives for you

12. Akaso V50 Pro

  • Weight: 81g
  • Image resolution: 20 MP
  • Battery: 90 minutes 4k recording
  • Water resistance: 30m with waterproof cover
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Ships with 2 batteries (1100mAh), dual charger, waterproof housing, remote control, 20+ mounts, and accessories.


  • Best value for money
  • Large 2-inch touchscreen
  • Many accessories included


  • The quality of sound  and microphone are only average
  • An unstable WiFi connection could be a problem
  • Mini USB cable is used, which can be irritating

The Akaso V50 Pro camera is an excellent product, especially for its price. The Akaso V50 Pro can capture sporty moments in 4K/30fps and 20MP images.

The camera comes with great features such as image stabilization, which will ensure that you get the best results. The tactile silicone chassis ensures that there will be no fingerprint marks on your camera.

You can easily control the menus on the large IPS touchscreen. You can also switch between the various modes (time-lapse and fast motion, night, etc.) as well as resolutions.

The integrated mobile app allows you to control the camera and share files. Although it cannot Livestream directly, it can be used as a webcam.

The best thing about the Akaso V50 Pro? Its incredible array of accessories. You get a waterproof case, remote control, bike stand, bandages, tethers, and ten mounts.

The case comes with an additional battery and a spare protective back door. This Akaso camera truly is worth the money.

This camera can’t provide RAW files, so it is not ideal for those who want the best quality photos. The camera also uses the mini USB format, which can prove problematic if you want to simplify your electronics. It is one of the best GoPro alternatives for you

AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K30fps...
3,678 Reviews

13. Olympus TG Tracker

  • Weight: 180g
  • Image resolution: 8 MP
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Water resistance: 30m, without housing
  • Extreme adventures require rugged design
  • Without housing, waterproof to 30m


  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Includes 60 lumens LED lamp


  • It is quite heavy and bulky for an Action Camera
  • Photo quality is not the best
  • Complex menu and app interface

The Olympus Tough TG–Tracker is recommended for extreme sports enthusiasts who need the strongest action camera. It is the best gopro alternative

This camera is bullet-shaped and can withstand harsh conditions that other cameras cannot. It will capture all your most memorable adventures, from high up in the mountains and deep within the forests to underwater at 30m.

You can call it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. You can also use the 5-axis image stabilization to make smooth recordings.

The Olympus camera features a flip-out LCD screen and a 204-degree field-of-view. It also has BSI CMOS sensors, making it ideal for low-light conditions.

It is heavy at 180g, making it a difficult camera to use. In terms of compactness and portability, it is not comparable to a GoPro.

You won’t need to add any housing to use the device underwater. This is great news for those who go rafting, snorkeling, or diving.

The Olympus TG Tracker also tracks detailed data such as temperature, elevation, and depth.

You can capture every moment from every angle with the right drone for travel.

14. Garmin VIRB 360

  • Weight: 160g
  • Image resolution: 15 MP
  • Battery life: 65 minutes
  • Water resistance: 10m with or without case


  • Unique 360-degree videos
  • Built well and waterproof
  • Sharp, lifelike 5.7k video


  • Battery life is short for 360 videos
  • Only available for 4K resolutions.
  • Action cameras are more expensive

Garmin Virb 360 provides 360-degree video recording at up to 5.7k resolution. This can result in extremely sharp, lifelike videos. This action camera is not cheap.

The quality of the 5.7k is undeniable. However, it’s still necessary to stitch the videos together on your personal computer. Although it can be tedious, a good laptop for traveling can make the process much easier.

This is a great choice if your goal is to capture your moments in VR-like quality in the highest resolution. You can also use the Garmin VIRB 360 to record regular videos at 4K and 720p making it an excellent action camera

This camera’s design is very compact and rugged. This camera is perfect for action cameras. The buttons and settings in the camera are intuitive and easy to use.

The VIRB 360 is built in every way that a Garmin action camera should. The camera can be waterproof for up to 100 feet without the need to use separate housing and is very durable. The VIRB 360’s control system is simple. It has a number of buttons and an LCD screen that allows you to access the in-camera menus.

It does not have any mounting hardware, but it comes with two accessories mounts. The built-in sensors include speed, elevation, and GPS.

This Garmin camera can also be used for rafting or snorkeling trips, as it is waterproof up to 10m without the use of a case. The Garmin VIRB 360 is the best action camera for those who want to shoot in 360.

15. Campark ACT74

  • Weight: 58g
  • Image resolution: 16 MP
  • Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS).
  • Battery: 90 minutes at 1080p
  • Water resistance: 30m, with waterproof case


  • Excellent quality at a very affordable price
  • Four FOVs (170deg, 140deg, 110deg, 70deg) adjustable lens
  • Accessory set included


  • Without the bulky casing, it is not waterproof at all
  • No touchscreen
  • Image stabilization is not very effective

The Campark ACT74 camera is a great entry-level option for GoPro or if you are looking for a cheap alternative to GoPro. The camera is solidly built with an intuitive interface that can take up to 4K videos or 16MP photos.

This camera also features four adjustable lenses. You can choose from different field angles, such as 170deg to 140deg or 110deg. It means that you can capture beautiful landscape shots as well as detailed close-ups.

Campark also offers a variety of accessories and mounts to go with your camera. The package includes a waterproof case, mounts, and adapters, as well as an additional battery.

We don’t like its inability to stabilize motion blur. This is not an issue if you are recording on a tripod or other stable surfaces. However, attaching it to your bike can cause very shaky videos.

Also, the 4k videos can only be viewed at 30fps. This means that the final footage may not look the best.

The ACT74 is an all-in-one purchase and a really impressive product for the price.

16. Polaroid Cube

  • Weight: 45g
  • Image resolution: 6 MP
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Water resistance: Splashproof


  • The smallest and lightest action camera.
  • Cuboid design that is compact and attractive
  • Mounts easily on magnetic surfaces


  • Video quality and image quality are not the best
  • Splashproof only, not suitable for water-based actions
  • Burst mode, no time-lapse, and many other features

Although the Polaroid Cube is an older competitor in the action camera market, it doesn’t mean it’s less relevant.

If you need extreme weather resistance, this camera may not be the best choice. It’s a great choice if you are looking for something small, fun, and affordable.

The Polaroid Cube, true to its name, is a perfect cube measuring 1.4 inches in length, width, and height. You can also fit it in your shirt pocket as one of the lightest cameras available.

The side features a cute rainbow design and is available in three colors: black, red, or blue. You can use the rubber body under light rain and splashproof, but you will need an additional case.

You can watch 1080p videos at 30fps. While this may not be the best performance, it is sufficient for casual video sharing with friends and family. The image resolution is only 6MP, however.

The 124-degree wide-angle lens is designed to capture all the details and help you to create unforgettable memories. The integrated magnet allows you to be the action and will stick to any surface. No need for bands, straps or other attachments.

It is very simple to use and easy to learn. You only need one button to operate the Polaroid Cube. Press it long to turn it off or on, once to capture photos and twice to stop or run video recording.

17. Fitfort 4K Action Cam

  • 4K videos at 30fps with 16MP image, and [email protected] wide-angle lens.
  • Get the free iOS and Android XVA App.
  • The device incorporates complete wireless technology.
  • Rated IP68 waterproof.
  • Two rechargeable batteries are included.

We’ve selected the Fitfort Action Camera to kick off our list. It’s the perfect action camera for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable camera.

This action camera records at full 4K resolution, has 16MP image capture, and a stunning [email protected] wide-angle lens.

What more can you ask for?

You get two rechargeable batteries with every device so that you don’t run out of power while filming.

It’s compatible both with an Android and iOS app so you can capture all your shots remotely. You can also manage your content from anywhere without requiring access to a computer.

This waterproof GoPro alternative is certified with an IP68 rating. It can be submerged up to 100 feet in the water.

18. Sony FDR X3000R

Sony is taking a different approach to action cams. The FDX3000R has a smaller weight and a larger size, which allows for better image stabilization, zooming, and video quality.

It’s larger than GoPro and other GoPro alternatives but it’s still a small camera. It is easily fixed to your helmet or handlebars at 29mm x 47mm x 83mm and 114g.

The FDRX3000 has optical image stabilization that can produce more stable videos than the electronic GoPro. This is the most notable feature.

The maximum speed is 4k/30fps. The camera’s image processing engine, BIONZX(TM), can capture images with greater detail than both the GoPro and Exmor R(TM). This ensures high performance in low light conditions.

How to Choose the Best GoPro Alternative

How to Choose the Best GoPro Alternative

Action cameras are no longer limited to outdoor adventure and sports. They can be used for casual holidays or events.

These are nine important features to keep in mind when comparing cameras that are similar to a GoPro.

1. Video and Photo Quality

The photo and video quality are the most important aspects of your camera. Photographing moments at the highest resolution is important to get great photos for travel.

We recommend at minimum 1080p resolution. The camera shoots video at 4K resolution and 30fps.

2. Camera Size & Weight

You want to be able to carry your camera around easily, so make sure it is small and lightweight. If you plan to take the camera on a trip, it is important to pay attention to its size and weight.

The camera’s shape is also important. If you plan to wear it around your neck, a square-shaped action camera will work best.

3. Built and Durable

It is likely that you will use it to capture fast events, as it is an action cam. It should be durable and capable of withstanding all weather conditions.

It won’t last long, and you’ll have to spend more money to fix or replace it.

Durability is an important aspect of action cameras. Action cameras are often used in extreme environments, such as underwater scenes and tropical destinations. You’ll need to ensure that your camera is durable.

4. Battery Life

Long-lasting battery life is a must for any camera. You don’t want your camera to run out of juice while you are on the road and enjoying your trip.

You can record up to 4 hours on some action cameras with one charge. Make sure you read the specifications!

5. Image Stabilization

Excellent Image stabilization is a useful feature that will help prevent blurred images and videos from being shaken. This is especially important if you are shooting fast-paced sports scenes or dynamic scenes.

Nowadays, most action cameras will come with electronic image stabilization. This should be sufficient for casual use.

6. Water Resistance

Although most action cameras can be used underwater, they are not splash-proof.

A water-resistant GoPro alternative is ideal if you plan to capture underwater videos or travel to tropical islands. This allows you to capture moments while snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and so on.

7. Price

You’re probably looking for a GoPro that is less expensive. It’s important that you know how much money you can afford before you begin.

While an expensive option might offer you many professional features, don’t spend too much on items you won’t use.

8. Accessory

Additional accessories may be required to capture dynamic events with your GoPro. You can use the case to carry your camera or mount it on a helmet.

Make sure you check the accessories included with your camera and how easy it is to find them.

9. Connectivity

People capture images and videos for the sole purpose of reliving those moments. Perhaps you want to share your adventures and memories with friends back home.

10. Video Resolution

Action cameras can offer video quality from professional to basic videography. You can find some truly amazing cameras when you add in technological advances like image stabilization or adjustable field of view.

4k is the current video recording resolution. Many action cameras can shoot 4k videos. Even though these videos have fewer pixels, they are stunning to view. Nearly every action camera can shoot at least 1080p HD quality (except the ones mentioned in this article). You should also consider whether 4k is really necessary. If your videos are only displayed on a 1080p monitor, 4k will be useless.

Framerate (FPS ) is another thing to consider when looking for the best GoPro alternative. The standard speed for most cameras is 30fps. It is what is most commonly used. Twenty-five frames per second, which was once the industry standard in cinematography, gives you a beautiful “motion picture” look.

If you want to capture intense action scenes or slow-motion videos, then you will need to increase the frame rate. 60, 120, and 240 frames per second are becoming more common and will result in smoother slow-motion videos.


FAQs about best gopro alternative

Is there a better action camera than GoPro?

Yes. The 4K video is stunning at 60 frames per second, and the photos are decent. RockSteady’s image stabilization system is just as effective as that in GoPro cams.

Its unique selling point is its dual LCD LCD display with a 1.4-inch front screen. This can be used when you take selfies. The camera supports custom settings and has a Quick Switch button.

What are some cameras that look similar to GoPro?

The cameras we have listed are all similar to the GoPro. The TomTom Bandit offers stunning photos and videos at a fraction of the cost. The Akaso EK7000, while being a knockoff of this brand, offers surprising strong performance.

Are Cheap GoPros Any Good?

Technology has seen a tremendous leap in its quality over the last few years. Cameras are more affordable and better than ever.

The GoPro camera is one of those cameras that has seen such incredible growth and change over the years. A GoPro can be purchased for as low as $100 today!

When I speak about my underwater videography career, one question that people frequently ask is: “Is a GoPro budget good?” The answer is always yes!

GoPro’s biggest competitors are companies such as Sony with their Action Cam line and Panasonic with their 4K camcorder which have been growing at an exponential rate over the last few years.

What is the best cheap action camera in the market?

Based on the current market, Yi Lite Action Camera ranks among the most affordable cameras that anyone could buy to experience photography and cinematography as well as capture beautiful videos.


We’ve covered 16 action cameras and all aspects of them, from budget-friendly options to more advanced models to 360 cameras. This guide will show you that GoPros can still be great cameras, and you don’t need to settle for making great adventure videos with them. Make sure you weigh all options and choose a budget action camera,

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