Best Gimbal Sony A6000 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Gimbal Sony A6000 2022: Top Brands Review

Sony A6000 has become a very popular camera, so finding Gimbals to fit the Sony A6000 can seem daunting. Many people search for recommendations for the best Gimbals to fit Sony A6000 every day. In this blog, we will share all the knowledge that we have accumulated to help you find the Gimbal for Sony A6000.

Top Rated Best Gimbal Sony A6000

Top Rated Best Gimbal Sony A6000

DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
457 Reviews
DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
  • 10lb Tested Payload – At a...
  • Carbon Fiber Construction –...
  • 1.4” Full-Color Touchscreen...
  • Professional Mounting Options...
  • Efficient Balancing Between...
DJI Ronin-S - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal...
  • The Ronin-S stabilizer for...
  • Offers a suite of advanced...
  • The Ronin-S gives independent...
  • The detachable, modular design...
  • Compatible with - Canon: 5D MK...
DJI Ronin-SC - Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Handheld...
1,886 Reviews
DJI Ronin-SC - Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Handheld...
  • Lightweight and Compact -...
  • Tracks the Action - The Ronin...
  • Dynamic Stability - Even in...
  • Automated Features - Ronin-SC...
  • Easy to Handle - The buttons...
Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer for...
233 Reviews
Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer for...
  • Tiny but Mighty: Thanks to new...
  • ViaTouch 2.0:  The response...

1. DJI Ronin-S

  • Supported Cameras: A6600, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6100, A6000
  • Max. Payload: 8 pounds
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours (Non-removable, 2400 mAh)
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Connections: Bluetooth 4.0, USB-C
  • Smartphone App: Yes
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Special Feature: Panorama, Time-Lapse, Motion-Lapse, Tracking, Optional Focus Wheel & SmoothTrack Technology


  • Battery Life Long
  • It is easy to set up
  • Multiple accessories can be combined at once


  • None

DJI launched Gimbals specifically for smartphones and lightweight cameras. DJI also introduced Ronin-S, a new 3-axis gimbal. This model supports almost all types of DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras and can carry a payload of up to 3.6 kg. It is, therefore, the most suitable Gimbal to use with the Sony A6400.

The Ronin-S framework is built to hold more weight than other Ronin models. It also allows for a clear line of sight. The roll motor of the Ronin-S Gimbal is so efficient that even at low angles, it maintains a safe distance from the camera and roll axis.

The trigger button on your Gimbal is a great tool for controlling camera movement. It locks the camera axis for a stable shot. Double- and triple-clicks bring the camera axis back to the center and enable a selfie mode. It is the same feature that Ronin’s Osmo version inherited.

When the included cable is used to connect the focus wheel with the camera, it allows you to adjust the focus in the camera and regulate the on-off recording if necessary. This makes it easier for users.

The M-button, which lets us switch between three user-profiles and allows us to take fast-moving shots without fluctuations, is another great feature. You can use the joystick to control your camera with one hand while keeping your other hand free for other tasks.

The Ronin app allows you to unlock more features on the Gimbal and give you professional video-making capabilities. You can use the built-in automated features such as Panorama, Timelapse, and Motionlapse, as well as Track.

You can attach additional modules to the camera via the mounting point. The battery is 2400 mAh and can record continuously for up to 12 hours.

The Ronin S weighs about the same as the Crane Plus, making it lightweight enough to use with a mirrorless camera such as the Sony A6000. However, the Ronin S also has a large payload. Many of the other gimbal stabilizers that offer a payload of 7 pounds or greater are pretty heavy The Ronin S is a good choice if you plan to get a heavier DSLR and ditch your a6000. It will also make your hands lighter.

It is simple to attach the camera to the Ronin S. Ronin App’s autotune function allows you to check whether your camera is properly balanced. You can take long shots easily with a comfortable grip. The detachable feature allows you to save time and also makes it easy to store.

DJI Ronin-S - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal...
  • The Ronin-S stabilizer for...
  • Offers a suite of advanced...
  • The Ronin-S gives independent...
  • The detachable, modular design...
  • Compatible with - Canon: 5D MK...

2. DJI RS 2


  • You can easily access many features via the LCD screen
  • Raven eye eliminates the need to mount your phone.
  • Sturdy body and stylish finish


  • It is confusing to use additional equipment on the Gimbal
  • The battery’s runtime is limited by the size of the gimbal

DJI has created a new RS 2 with an improved and better Ronin S. The RS 2 has a weight of 1.3kg and can carry a maximum payload of 5.8kg. This is due to the fiber arms that have an attractive design element. They make the body lighter but still strong.

This DJI model can be considered the flagship Ronin S or Ronin RSC.

The battery can be detached and has a runtime of up to 12 hours. You can keep a spare battery in case the battery runs out. This allows you to continue filming without interruption.

The best thing about RS 2? Its 1.4-inch touchscreen with full-color, which allows you to access various features of the Gimbal from your smartphone without having to open the app. The touchscreen also allows you to access active track 3.0 directly from your smartphone, making it even easier.

You should be careful using the touchscreen as it is sensitive. You can lock the LCD by pressing the power button and then continue your videography.

You can attach the RS2 to your iPhone without mounting it. If you’re willing to use Active track 3.0, you will have an additional attachment option. The Raven eye works perfectly in tracking your subject when it is connected to the Gimbal using the cable included.

The wireless transmission allows you to control the Gimbal from your smartphone using the Raven eye. You should make a note of this feature and ensure that your camera is compatible with the Raven Eye feature of DJI’s DJI system.

You have several options for follow mode, including Pan follow, Pan tilt, FPV, and 360o roll. You can control the 360o roll feature with the joystick attached to the Gimbal. This allows for more precise shots.

The dual-layer camera mounting plate has a double-layer design that not only keeps your large lense camera elevated but also allowed you to choose between Manfrotto or Arca-swiss standards.

The safety feature tells you when the motor is being stretched while using heavy lenses. This prevents you from creating unstable footage and helps to avoid motor failure. This will give you an idea of what type of lens to use with this gimbal.

DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
457 Reviews
DJI RS 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
  • 10lb Tested Payload – At a...
  • Carbon Fiber Construction –...
  • 1.4” Full-Color Touchscreen...
  • Professional Mounting Options...
  • Efficient Balancing Between...

3. DJI Ronin-SC Pro


  • Lightweight
  • Balance of individual axes
  • Compact and strong design


  • Cameras with DSLR lenses are not compatible

The Ronin-SC Gimbal was specifically designed to support low-weight mirrorless cameras with a payload of up 2 kg. The Gimbal has a flared handle and provides reliable gripping with 11-hour battery life. The SC Pro can also charge compatible sony models using the standard C-plug, without the need for external cables.

This model’s best feature is the multiple axis lock system. You can lock each arm on one axis to prevent unwanted dangling. It also gives you the ability to take stable shots from multiple angles, adding versatility to your filmmaking skills.

The phone holder attachment is designed for use with Active track 3.0. This feature allows you to use your phone’s camera as an object tracker. The movement on the Gimbal is then translated into your phone’s camera.

Simply mount your phone to the camera’s top with the bracket provided and then select the object you want to track with your phone’s display.

Force mobile, which is one of the new features of the device, allows you to replicate the movement of your phone using the gimbal-axis connection via Bluetooth. To use this feature, you must have your phone compatible with the SC Pro gimbal.

It includes a plate that can be quickly released and a slider that will block the camera’s position on the plate. It memorizes the position of the camera, which saves time and effort when mounting the camera. A riser plate is included with the kit to raise the camera’s frame from the lens.

You can now take 360o roll photos by activating the 360o 3D roll option on the Ronin App. Another amazing feature in the Ronin app is the virtual joystick. This allows you to control the movement of the Gimbal with just one finger touch.

Because it is lightweight and compact, it can be carried anywhere without feeling tired. Its body is strong and reliable, thanks to its aluminum and magnesium finish and high-quality composite material.

Ronin-SC Pro Combo also includes an extra focus motor that is only compatible with this model. It is not difficult to connect the adapter and camera cable, but it can be confusing for novice users.

DJI Ronin-SC Pro Combo - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis...
1,873 Reviews
DJI Ronin-SC Pro Combo - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis...
  • The Ronin-SC stabilizer for...
  • Offers a suite of advanced...
  • Axis locks on each arm allow...
  • Use the Ronin App to get...
  • Compatible with - Canon: EOS...

4. Zhiyun Weebill S


  • Extremely light
  • Battery life is 14 hours
  • All axis lock mechanism


  • The sync motion isn’t very responsive

The Gimbal is small and lightweight at only 2 pounds. It can be used to capture tiny areas easily. It works flawlessly in a transitional shot, where the Gimbal is moving from an upright to a lower position.

Because it is lightweight, you don’t feel tired and can shoot for hours without needing to stop.

It can be difficult to hold the gimbal handle while pressing all buttons. Zhiyun has solved this problem. Double-tapping on the LV button will lock all other keypads, preventing you from having to use a tripod to hold the Gimbal.

Zhiyun Weebill makes use of the ZY Play app for remote control features. The motion controller is one example. This feature is now much more user-friendly and faster than in previous versions.

Zhiyun Youbill S compact can also be called a tiny giant and, despite being so small in size, can carry a payload up to 3kg.

You get a 14-hour runtime with a 2×18650 LHon battery. The battery is located at the back, not at its bottom. This saves you the hassle of carrying a heavy handle. You don’t need a special case to transport the Gimbal. A simple backpack can do the job.

The Gimbal comes with a multi-axis locking system, with or without a digital camera. This means that you won’t need to worry about your camera hanging all over the place. You can also take perfect angles of shots.

You may get a robotic-looking shot, but not a natural one, if you use the Gimbal underslung while moving left to right and vice versa. This horizon is not ideal for the axis to work.

Zhiyun created a Transmount image transmission module. It connects to the camera, then sends video to your phone via the wifi.

Two quick-release plates are included in the mounting system, the Manfrotto or Arca-swiss. These plates help you mount the camera quickly. It can also be used to quickly unmount the camera and then rebalance the camera without any extra effort, as the name implies. This gimbal is ideal for small mirrorless cameras.

Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer for...
233 Reviews
Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer for...
  • Tiny but Mighty: Thanks to new...
  • ViaTouch 2.0:  The response...

5. Zhiyun Crane 3S


  • The maximum payload is 6.5kg
  • Trans mount Powerplus battery system
  • Smartsling handle
  • 2-step axis lock system
  • Axis Extension Facility


  • Slinghandle material does not meet the mark

High-quality cinematic video production demands large cameras and camcorders in order to capture every aspect of the scene. Zhiyun’s Crane 3S is designed to hold large DSLR cinema cameras and bulky camcorders.

This Gimbal can hold up to 6.5kg of payload. Cameras such as red digital cinema camera and Sony Fx series, along with other brands such as canon, Blackmagic pocket camera, can easily be mounted on it.

The camera setup is guaranteed to be stable with the 2 step axis lock mechanism. It also allows you to lock on the extended grip.

Crane 3S has an expandability feature that allows you to add a module to the roll axis to create a large-format cinema camera setup. You can also remove the sling arm to make it portable for a smaller DSLR setup.

Manfrotto has redesigned its quick-release plate for the Gimbal. You can now attach lenses support to larger lenses and attach follow & zoom motors.

You can access various shooting modes by pressing the mode button on your Gimbal. The bright LED light that is above the mode button lets you know which model you’re in. A function key was also added to the gimbal handle that locks all buttons when it is switched on. This ensures safe and unobstructed operation.

Zhiyun crane3S has upgraded its zoom and focus system in order to accommodate larger lenses. The Smartsling handle makes it easy to control this feature. This is especially useful for light setups.

Crane 3S is able to provide a constant and greater power supply for large cameras. Crane 3S provides a 3x2400mAH support battery that can run the Gimbal for up to 12 hours.

This is just the beginning. With their Transmount Powerplus battery pack that includes 6x2400mAH cells, you can continue shooting longer without worrying about your battery life.

They also allow for direct charging via their DC-IN port. This is great for charging between shots.

The motor’s improved placement allows for a clear line of sight. It also provides enough space to mount large cameras without the motor rubbing them.

Zhiyun Crane 3S Easysling Kit [Official] 3-Axis...
123 Reviews
Zhiyun Crane 3S Easysling Kit [Official] 3-Axis...
  • CRANE 3S is constructed with...
  • Wider compatibility is the...
  • To complete challenging...
  • CRANE 3S provides ultimate...

6. DJI RSC 2


  • It folds up easily for easy transport.
  • Rapid charging
  • Battery life is long
  • OLED screen


  • For one-handed use, heavy

The Arca plate does not work with all cameras

Ronin RSC 2 is the upgraded version. It has a stronger body than RSC, which felt fragile with or without a camera attached to it. This Ronin model’s unique feature is its foldable design. It can be easily transported and stored.

The Gimbal folds down to a size equivalent to an A4 paper. Even though it is compact, the quality of this Gimbal is still excellent.

It is a lightweight gimbal that weighs only 1.2kg, but it can support a wide variety of cameras up to 3.6 kg. This is due to its aluminum finish which provides it with great stability and strength.

DJI’s Ronin model features a 1 inch OLED screen that allows you to choose multiple features from the Gimbal using just one fingertip.

You can select various settings options such as follow mode, autotune and joystick advanced settings from the side dial. With additional settings, the front dial can be used to control camera focus and focus motors.

The dual locking tripod plate mechanism makes video-making easy. The Arca-swiss plate can be easily mounted to the Gimbal with no additional adjustment.

Arca-swiss plates are very useful when changing the battery or removing the camera from handheld shooting. It takes just 5 seconds to unmount the camera.

Manfrotto standard is another plate that allows you to space between your camera lens and the tripod plate. This allows you to use a riser system and prevents your lens from touching the plates.

This gimbal offers 14 hours of battery life and quick charging.

DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
452 Reviews
DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and...
  • Foldable Design - DJI RSC...
  • 2.6 lb Weight / 6.6 lb Tested...
  • 1" OLED Screen - A 1-inch...
  • Quick Switch to Vertical...
  • Max 14hr Fast-Charge Batteries...

7. Zhiyun Crane 2S


  • Ideal for heavy installations
  • Setup Flexmount
  • Autotune can be done without using the app


  • For single-handed use, heavy
  • Rotor motors block the sightline

The Zhiyun’s new Crane 2S model has a 7-pound self-weight. It is designed to hold mirrorless and high-end DSLR cameras.

The handle is made of carbon fiber, which gives it a lighter feel while still ensuring the Gimbal’s strength and loading capacity.

The Flexmount system includes a horizontal and vertical mount. This Gimbal has one of its best features: you can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical video modes in just a few seconds.

This Gimbal may not work well if your camera has a flip-out screen. If you consider the motor position, this Gimbal could be considered outdated. If you use a camera that has a non-flipping display, it will block your line of sight.

Zhiyun offers the option to use a built-in extension that can be used to lower the motor position, so you have a clear view of your camera.

Zhiyun crane2S has the advantage that you don’t need to use the ZY app to balance your Gimbal using the autotuning feature. You can just navigate this feature directly from the Gimbal.

The crane 2S has a larger screen of 0.96 OLED. This allows you to navigate through different menu options and switch between the various modes according to your needs. Vortex mode captures 360o images, and the go mode captures movements in the immediate vicinity of the camera.

The battery runs for 12 hours on 3 18650 Li-ion replacement batteries. You can also use it as a dedicated image transmission transmitter to allow you to work with a wider range of people.

It also has a built-in focus wheel, which makes it an attractive choice. The camera’s focus control system is now much more accurate. Let’s be very clear: the focus motor is not included in the kit. You will need to buy it separately.

Zhiyun did not give a payload rating for the Crane 2S model, which is a strange fact about this Gimbal. Based on the Crane 2 model, which has a payload capacity of 7 pounds, we can assume that this Gimbal can support a payload of 7 to 7.5 pounds. It also has long motor arms, which are designed to support heavy cameras.

Zhiyun provides a PDF that explains the types of lenses and cameras it supports. This includes the Sony A6000 series cameras.

Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for...
  • 🏆【STABILIZATION】Crane...
  • 🏆【Powerful but...
  • 🏆【Bigger Screen 】The...
  • 🏆【Digital & Mechanical...
  • 🏆【COMPATIBLE with MOST...

8. Pilotfly H2


  • Extended battery life is the norm.
  • Construction with strength
  • Impeccable performance.
  • Unbeatable view.


  • Ordinary screen display.
  • It is a little expensive.

The Pilotfly H2 has the longest battery life. The Pilotfly H2 can be used continuously for 26 hours after one charge. This sony gimbal is packed with the best features, including an incredible battery.

The aluminum alloy construction is strong and compact. It is strong and durable thanks to this combination. It includes 32-bit technology, a brushless motor, triple MCUs, and the highest level of stabilization.

This gimbal can be used with either one or both hands. The gimbal is lightweight enough to be carried in your backpack with your Sony A6000.

It can also be used with all camera models, as it has a maximum payload of 2.2kg (4.8lb).

Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Sony A7...
21 Reviews
Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Sony A7...
  • The Pilotfly H2 introduces a...
  • The ergonomic lightweight...
  • The new brushless motors were...
  • The 3 axes of the gimbal...
  • The Pilotfly H2 is the next...

9. Nebula 4200lite


  • Modifiable handles
  • It is easy to transport.
  • Different profile options.


  • The battery backup isn’t that great.
  • Only for lightweight cameras

Another amazing gimbal is the Nebula 4200lite. It has a five-axis design. This stabilizer gyroscope is extremely reliable and compatible with the SonyA6000 digital camera.

There are many amazing features included in the gimbal. The profile settings can be set to suit your preferences. You can also save five profiles for later reference.

This gimbal is also lightweight, making it an appealing choice. The 1.2Kg gimbal can hold up to 1.6kg/ 3.53lbs of payload.

You can even change the handle of the gimbal to suit your needs. It can be set to hold with one hand, or you can use it twice.

The gimbal’s 32-bit dual-sensor allows seamless Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it easy to use your smartphone remotely.

Nebula 4200lite 3-Axis Gyroscope Stabilizer for...
2 Reviews
Nebula 4200lite 3-Axis Gyroscope Stabilizer for...
  • Nebula 4200lite 3-Axis...
  • Compatibility: 5dsr, 5d3,...
  • Battery hours: 4 hours
  • Payload: 1.6kg / 3.53lbs

10. FLYCAM HD-3000


  • Smooth, efficient operation.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Easy to transport, lightweight


  • It is possible to feel a bit overwhelmed by controls.

Flycam HD-3000 is the ideal solution for creating stable videos at an affordable price. It is a great choice for beginners.

This manual gimbal is not as powerful as an electronic one. Your footage will be as stable as your camera.

Flycam HD-3000 provides maximum stability for the camera rig. The control option at the joint allows you to tilt and pan your camera as needed.

Its build quality and construction merit a separate mention. The gimbal’s robust and simple body is just what you need to get started as a videographer.

Guide to Buying

Best Gimbal for A6000- Guide to Buying

You need to be aware of a few things before you buy a Gimbal stabilizer for Sony A6000. It is not enough to just buy another Gimbal stabilizer just because it has a brand name.

You need to get the one that matches your videography/photography style. Consider the following points to find the best Gimbal to fit your Sony A6000.

Payload & Weight

Gimbals typically weigh between 3 and 5 pounds. However, the maximum payload capacity of a gimbal depends on how it is constructed.

A basic gimbal won’t work well with advanced camera setups. Some gimbals can only be used with smartphones. Before you buy a gimbal, make sure it is compatible with your Sony A6000.

Stabilization Options

Gimbals are designed to take steady, stable videos and images. You need your camera to be stable, especially when taking motion shots.

When you are looking for a gimbal to fit the Sony A6000, make sure to verify that it offers micro balancing.

Battery Life Expectancy

Rechargeable batteries can power almost every type of Gimbal. This is why the longest battery life is so important for a gimbal.

Gimbals can have a very long battery life. You should also check other features before purchasing a gimbal.


A basic gimbal can be purchased for between $250 and $350. High-end gimbals can cost up to $600, depending on the features they offer. Budget is an important consideration when buying a gimbal.

Additional Accessories

The Gimbal is not the only accessory you will need. Gimbals can be equipped with joysticks and remote control for remote control.

Some gimbals also have an app that allows you to set different modes for taking photos and videos. You can make a time-lapse or a panoramic video. The most important thing is how you intend to use the Gimbal.


Gimbal Sony A6000 - FAQs

1. Is the Sony A6000 a good camera to start with?

The Sony A6000 is very compact, mirrorless, and very light. It is extremely reliable and has a high response time. This is why it is so easy to use for beginners.

2. Can you take pictures with a gimbal?

Gimbals can be used by both photographers and videographers. This allows you to capture images from even the most difficult angles.

You can also shoot steady, blur-free footage without a tripod.

3. Should I buy a gimbal or not?

Vloggers and videographers who need to capture video while moving will appreciate a gimbal. A gimbal is a great investment.

It’s the ideal device to keep the camera steady even in motion.

4. Is Ronin SC compatible with Sony A6000?

Compatible with Sony Alpha Series A3000 and A3500, A5000 and A5100, A6000 and A6100 A6300, A6400 & A6500; Sony A7, A7 II, A7R, A7R II, A7S, A7S II.


Gimbals make it easier for videographers and photographers to capture the best shots. The advanced balancing technology ensures a steady and smooth video reel every time.

It’s very handy, especially for taking cinematic shots. Do your research before you buy a gimbal. This is important as it will ensure that you get the best Gimbal to fit your Sony A6000.

The Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal is a great choice for the Sony A6000 if you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to read through the specifications. This Gimbal is the best you can find, and it delivers the most extraordinary performance.


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