Best Gimbal For Sony A7S III 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Gimbal For Sony A7S III 2022: Top Brands Review
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The Sony a7S III is among the best cameras for videography and picture quality. Sony a7S III is capable of shooting UHD 4K 120p video as well as internal 10-bit 4;2:2 sampling. You will be able to capture better videos with a gimbal stabilization for the Sony a7SIII.Additional features

Our product experts have compiled a list of the Best Gimbal For Sony A7S III. We will review each latest gimbals individually and offer some buying tips to ensure you get the best deal. Let explore with Lucidcam

Top-Rated Best Gimbal For Sony A7S III

DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal...
592 Reviews
Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis...
83 Reviews
Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal...
19 Reviews
MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Handheld...
122 Reviews

1. DJI RSC 2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer


  • Weighs less, but carries more
  • 1-inch OLED display
  • Switch easily from vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical
  • Safety optimized
  • It is compact and easy to transport
  • Running time of 14 hours
  • 360-degree rolling possible


  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • Manual balancing may be necessary if you’re using the maximum payload capacity of the gimbal.

The first one of the best gimbals for sony A7SIII is DJI RSC 2.

DJI has proven to be a reliable supplier of high-quality gimbals with superior performance. DJI RSC 2 has advanced technology and features that will allow you to get better performance from your camera than what it already offers.

Foldable Design – DJI RSC2’s foldable design means easy transportation and storage, along with expanded shooting options. RSC 2 folds down to the size of a sheet A5 paper. This makes it portable and powerful.

This gimbal’s foldability and ease of use are the reason it is so popular. DJI offers a wide range of gimbals compatible with both mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

2.6 lb weight / 6.6lb tested payload – Titan Stabilization Algorithm captures smoother footage than ever. SuperSmooth mode compensates for micromovements and increases torque, stabilizing even 100mm zoom lenses.

Now, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the gimbal can handle the payload when attaching lenses to your Sony A7S III.

This gimbal will be your favorite gimbal because it can charge very quickly and has a runtime that is up to 14 hours. This is what every photographer and vlogger needs. It takes a long time to operate.

DJI’s model features a quick switch to vertical photography. You can be sure of maximum safety with the Manfrotto and Arca dual-layer mounting plates.

This is the first gimbal that we recommend to anyone with a Sony A7S III. It is the best gimbal offered by one of the most respected brands.

DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal...
592 Reviews

2. DJI RS 2 three-Axes Stabilizer for Sony A7S III


  • It’s easy to use
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Different modes- 360, Panorama, Portrait mode, etc.
  • 3D Focus System –
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It is easy to set up the camera and balance it.
  • Stable capturing with motor locks


  • Many cables are required for connectivity
  • Running time is very low

DJI offers a variety of gimbals to users, including those that are compatible with each other.

This gimbal will work with your Sony A7S III if you need a compatible gimbal that can be carried anywhere.

This is the new gimbal model from the DJI RS 2 gimbal. They have covered all features that are needed to maximize your camera’s output.

The gimbal weighs in at 1.3kg. They have also made sure the payload capacity is at least three times that of its own weight. It can therefore carry up to 5.8kgs which is quite sufficient for a decent-sized mirrorless camera and a decent-weight lens.

Carbon Fiber Construction – Monocoque carbon fiber axis arms increase the strength and unbelievable lightness of the gimbal.

1.4-inch Full-Color Touchscreen. An integrated LCD screen lets you quickly adjust parameters and access features in the Ronin app. ActiveTrack 3.0 can be accessed directly from the touchscreen. This gives you creative control. This gimbal can be used to make professional films, but it can also be used to create travel vlogs.

Because of the dual-layer camera mounting that uses Manfrotto or Arca-Swiss Standards, you don’t have to worry about the gimbal being able to balance the payload.

This gimbal is unique because it has a Titan stabilization algorithm that makes it easy to use. It is one of the best gimbals for sony A7SIII

DJI RS 2 Gimbal Handheld...
7 Reviews

3. Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal Stabilizer


  • Strong construction
  • Quick record button
  • It is extremely user-friendly
  • Smooth motion
  • Weighs less, but can still carry more.
  • Simple balance


  • For balance, there is no Arca-swiss platter
  • Built-in batteries are available

You will be amazed at the variety of gimbals available when you go to buy one for your camera. They are constantly improving their efficiency with new technology. Zhiyun offers a variety of gimbals to choose from for the Sony A7S III.

Professional camera enthusiasts adored this particular Zhiyun gimbal. They loved how compact it was and how simple it was to use.

The gimbal is lightweight at 1.5 kg and can carry a payload of up to 5 kg. The gimbal allows you to use your lenses with no extra effort, so you don’t have to give up on them.

This gimbal’s screen is larger than standard ones. 2.88 inches of color flip-out make it easy to change modes while you are taking photos or videos.

The design has been updated to be more user-friendly and comfortable. It is a perfect gimbal for the Sony A7S III mirrorless camera.

If you have more DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, you can also check if that particular camera is compatible with the other cameras that you have.

Zhiyun Weebill 2 Gimbal...
19 Reviews

4. Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Weighs much less
  • OLED Screen 0.96 inches
  • Modifications and controls are easy to change.
  • Flex mount system
  • Switch easily between horizontal and vertical shooting
  • For better stabilization, use the 9th Instune Algorithm


  • You will need to balance the angles if you have a camera and a heavy lens.

Zhiyun is committed to providing the best gimbals for all the mirrorless cameras. Zhiyun ensures that the launch of a new gimbal is done at regular intervals.

This includes fixing any bugs or other issues that may have been present Crane 2S gimbal is fully equipped with these upgrades. With its unique design and great features, it can be carried easily with one hand. Crane 2S weighs just 1.8kg and can handle three times as much.

You can have complete control over your gimbal with the larger 0.96-inch OLED screen. Professional vloggers love this gimbal. It can also be used for sport mode.

With TransMount Image Transmission System (TMITS), focus pullers can focus and zoom in real-time while monitoring the shots. They will be able, if necessary, to adjust the gimbal modes and parameters.

Upgraded Algorithm. Dynamic Stabilization – Highly optimized motor control algorithms and motor power, the CRANE 2S can handle large cameras like the Panasonic S1H, EOS 1DX Mark III, and BMPCC 6K with ease. You can mount multiple accessories to it.

The battery can be charged once the device is fully charged. It will last approximately 12 hours of optimum use. The best thing about this gimbal? You can set it up with Zhiyun’s app.

You can download the ZY play app on your Android or iOS phone to set up your gimbal. You can use the gimbal with any mirrorless camera or DSLRs.

Axis Locking mechanism 2.0: This upgraded axis lock mechanism 2.0 features a two-phase locking system that ensures zero swinging during storage or traveling.

Say Hi to Buttery Smooth Movement: Six gimbal modes, from basic to advanced, are all easily accessible on CRANE 2S: Pan Follow mode, Locking, Following, Full-Range POV mode, Vortex Mode, Go mode.

We know that the Sony A7S III is the best option for travel vlogging if it is your only choice.

Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Gimbal...
26 Reviews

5. DJI Ronin-S

  • Three-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Camera for DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras
  • Eight-Pound Payload Capacity
  • For control, use the Mode and Trigger Buttons
  • A suite of advanced capture features that will unleash your imagination, such as Panorama, Time lapse, and Motionlapse, Track, etc.
  • Advanced features like time lapse, motion lapse, and track
  • Compatible with – Canon: 5D MK III, 5D MK IV, 6D MK II, EOS 200D, 6D, 80D, M50, M6 Mark II, R, RP, EOS-1D X Mark II; Fujifilm: X-T2, X-T3; Nikon: D5, D850, Z50, Z6, Z7; Panasonic: G9, G95, GH3, GH4, GH5, GH5S, S1, S1H; Sony: A6000, A6300, A6400, A6500, A7M2, A7M3, A7R2, A7R3, A7R4, A7S, A7S2, A9.


  • Superb stabilization
  • Strong gimbal motors
  • Shutter and focus controls on-board
  • It’s easy to use
  • The companion app allows for highly customizable options
  • Battery life is long


  • Only a limited number of compatible cameras
  • Very heavy

While the old DJI Ronin S is still a great gimbal to use with Sony a7SIII, it can be combined with the powerful DJI Ronin S to make your Sony a7SIII into professional-grade workflows. The Ronin-S’s single-handed design allows for lighter camera payloads of up to 8 pounds.

The Ronin-S is a large camera, but don’t let that fool you. There are many things going on underneath the hood. You can customize the gimbal to suit your needs by purchasing separate modules for the handle or accessory docks. The Ronin-S can be used with a conventional battery grip and will last for up to 12 hours.

Offers a suite of advanced capturing features to unleash your imagination like Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse, Track.

DJI Ronin-S - Camera...
1,944 Reviews

6. Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S

  • 14.3 lb Payload. Zoom and Focus Wheel
  • New Detachable SmartSling Handle
  • New Axis Locking System
  • ViaTouch 2.0 Remote Motion Control
  • While greater compatibility is desirable, flexibility is offered.


  • For a battery life of 18 hours, an additional module can be added
  • The flexible gimbal that can adapt to any camera
  • Allow enough clearance to the back for your eyepiece not to bump into the Crane 3S
  • Attachable handle
  • 2.0 lock-in mechanism (unlock/half lock, full lock).
  • You can control the Crane 3S Gimbal via your smartphone app


  • Joystick at the bottom. It would be more convenient to have it on the handle.
  • Slow calibration, the app is finicky

You’ll find the buttons on the right side. If you are a right-handed person, you may not be able to see the switch of modes easily.

It is easy to flip locks and ruin your shot while shooting.

You can’t see the controls if the handle is held with your right hand

Flexibility is provided, but greater compatibility is the goal. For larger cinema camera combos, users can attach an extension module onto the roll axis for more space, while for smaller DSLR combos, the extension module can be detached for greater portability.

The new Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S is a professional gimbal that’s more powerful than Ronin-S. This Zhiyun gimbal is a strong redesign of the Zhiyun CRANE S. It features detachable handles, powerful motors, a 14.3 lb payload, and an updated axis lock system.

The external power input can also be used. You can fit your camera with the 55deg angle angled roll axis. It is modular, so you can also add an extension arm to accommodate larger cameras. It is one of the best gimbals for sony A7SIII

Zhiyun Crane 3S Smartsling Kit...
194 Reviews

7. EVO Rage Series GEN2

  • The highest performance is available. You will experience a surreal performance experience with the X3 Parallel 32 bit CoreMark MCUs, which run at a combined refresh rate 4 kHz.
  • CCI Technology. Your EVO Rage handle allows you to control your Sony a7 camera.
  • Versatility. The remote app can wirelessly control the device, even if it is mounted on a tripod. This app works flawlessly with the Sony A7.
  • Various shooting modes. These include Pan Follow Mode, Pan Lock Mode, and Pan & Pitch Follow Mode.

This is the seventh child in this article. It is probably the best Rage series. It is equipped with the Parallel X3 CoreMark 32Bit MPCU that combines with a refreshing speed to provide optimal performance. This gimbal can also be attached to your camera and is quite fast.

You can use Pan Lock, Pan Follow, and Pitch Mode to shoot. You can also use an inverted mode for videos that are recorded in an ‘upside down’ mode.

The wireless feature on this gimbal allows you to point it in any direction, and/or modify its stabilization modes remotely via the EVO Remote App available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

CCI technology can be used with any Sony a7 series. You can connect the a7iiii via a control cable. The

Buying Guide

Best Gimbal For Sony A7S III - Buying Guide

Perhaps you have read our recommendations for the best gimbal for Sony A7S IIii. But maybe it is difficult to choose the right one. In this section, we’ll discuss how you can pick the most suitable gimbal for yourself. So, let’s get started.


Gimbals are designed to stabilize your camera. If it can’t, then your camera is useless. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check out the stability system.

Weight and Size

Professionals will use their camera set and gimbal stabilizer more often than you might think.

It’s great if the gimbal is lightweight and compact. If not, you will be in serious trouble. Compactness does not mean that the product is of less quality.

Battery Life

It is important to consider how the gimbal charges and its battery life before you buy it. You don’t want to have to stop shooting because your gimbal isn’t charging fast enough.

Extra Features

You may pay a little more for certain features, but they are still essential. Some gimbals have a POV mode that can be controlled via an app. Others will allow you to track an object easily.

These are all great items to have but you should only get them if you really need them. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your money.

Mounting System

Gimbals are not meant to be held with just your hands. Gimbals are also compatible with other devices, such as a helmet or car. It is important to plan ahead and determine if you will need this feature.

The mounting feature will cost you a little more, but it will allow you to expand your creative potential


Payload is the key factor that determines whether the gimbal or camera is compatible. The gimbal’s description will include the payload rating.

Next, calculate the total package weight, which includes the camera, lens, and other accessories you may have, such as a mic.

You should also check if the payload exceeds the total weight. You can check if the payload is higher than the total weight. If it is, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will lose your money.


gimbal for A7siii- FAQs

Is image stabilization available on the Sony A7S III?

Sony’s new a7SIII has received a lot of attention. The inclusion of an internal Gyro Stabilization Sensor was however not well-received. Brandon Li, a filmmaker, took a deep dive into the feature and came away feeling that it was a great feature for certain situations.

Can Sony a7siii shoot 8K?

Share All sharing options: The new Sony A7S Mark III does not shoot 8K video. Five years have passed since the A7S II, Sony’s last mirrorless video camera was released.

Can you zoom in with Ronin SC?

The Ronin-SC Focus Wheel can control optical zoom. This is only for lenses that have built-in power zoom such as the Sony E PZ18-105 mm F4 OSS. The Focus Wheel can control digital zoom if a non-Power Zoom lens has been mounted. Your camera must enable digital zoom.


Many gimbals are readily available in the market for Sony A7S3, however, if you want a gimbal with excellent performance and ease of use, any of these gimbals can be chosen with your eyes closed. These gimbals offer the best value for mirrorless cameras. Check out our article on the best Gimbal for iPhone

We hope this article will be helpful for you when making a decision to buy a great gimbal for your great cameras. Thanks for your reading!

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