Best Gimbal For Canon M50 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Gimbal For Canon M50 2022: Top Brands Review
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The Canon M50 has gained a huge market share since its release. It’s no secret that this excellent camera continues to grow in popularity as it releases new models every month. Many vloggers have upgraded from the Sony RX100 or Canon G7X to the Canon M50, while others pick it up because it is a great piece of kit. In this blog, we will discuss the Best Gimbal For Canon M50

Top Rated Best Gimbal For Canon M50

Zhiyun Crane Plus Zhiyun Crane...
99 Reviews

1. Zhiyun Crane Plus


  • MotionMemory allows you to save any movements you make with your gimbal.
  • The Object Tracking function allows objects to be moved within the frame.
  • The app on your smart phones allows you to control the gimbal.


  • De ZY Play app is niet beschikbaar voor Windows telefoons.

It is no surprise, if you are a regular reader, that the Zhiyun Crane Plus is our top-rated Gimbal for Canon M50 cameras. We think it is undoubtedly one of the most popular gimbals currently on the market. Gimbal’s reputation within the community is impressive, so it seems like other people are agreeing with us.

Zhiyun took all the knowledge they had gained with other products over the years to create the Crane Plus. It has everything that a mirrorless camera user could want. It delivers excellent performance, great battery life, an impressive maximum load capacity, professional build quality, and a very affordable price for what you get. We also have a Zhiyun Crane Plus review, which we published just recently, that might be of assistance.

Design and Quality

We have already mentioned that the Crane Plus’ design is flawless and performs flawlessly. Two major gimbal launches from a rival brand have occurred recently. This has made us nervous, but Zhiyun didn’t let that stop them and released an exceptional piece of kit.

The Crane Plus was based on the success of the Crane gimbals in the past. They delivered. This Gimbal can withstand a lot and still provide excellent image stabilization for your M50.

This is an important benefit if you plan to carry your Gimbal around in luggage for a lot of time. It gives you the assurance that it is strong enough to withstand any bumps in transit.

Performance and Functionality

The Crane Plus was created to replace the Crane V2, which has held the top spot in the mirrorless camera market for several years. Zhiyun set the goal to beat the already superior v2 with Crane Plus. They delivered, as you would expect from Zhiyun, who insisted on innovating with every generation of gimbals they made, and they blew away the v2 in every way.

The Crane Plus’ maximum load capacity is 5.5 pounds, which is more than the v2. In addition to the increased battery life from 8-12 to 12-18 hours, the charging time of the Gimbal from empty to full has been cut to just 3 hours. The Crane Plus’s price is about ten percent less than the v2, but it still has all these improvements.

The sample footage shown in the embedded video was shot using both the Canon m50 and the Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 axis gimbal. It shows how well they work together. The excellent image quality of both the m50 and the Crane Plus’s image stabilization in many situations can be clearly seen.

As we have already mentioned, the Crane Plus weighs in at approximately 4.5 pounds. This means that it has a little over one pound of body weight. This spare payload is sufficient to support any camera rig you may want to mount onto a 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer.

We are currently unable to find any compatible lens, external microphone, light unit, or field monitor that would take up even 4.5 pounds of payload weight. The Crane Plus is always there to help you, no matter what mounts you need for your session.

The Crane v2 was a groundbreaking product, but it is now showing its age. Zhiyun realized that the Crane Plus had to address the weaknesses of the v2 and outperform the competition. They reprogrammed their balancing algorithm to give it the best possible performance. They also modified the gimbal motor to be able to support heavier payloads and require less power.

Zhiyun also completely overhauled many popular modes on other gimbals to make the Crane plus more efficient. These modes include the point-of-view mode, night lapse mode, and motion memory mode. The intelligent object tracking mode is also available. This ensures that the Gimbal can provide everything your Canon m50 needs and more.

User Interface and Control System

The control system for gimbals has also been updated slightly over the previous Zhiyun versions. It is still based on the same system, but it feels more responsive and is easier to use. This is quite an achievement, especially when you consider how simple the airline control system has been in the past.

You will be able, even if you are a novice user of gimbal stabilizers, to pick it up quickly and get the best image stabilization possible. The Crane Plus is also compatible with Gimbal’s control system. This allows more experienced users to move to it easily.

The Smartphone App

We want to consider the Zhiyun smartphone application, as shown in the above image, as an independent piece of kit that can enhance the performance of your Zhiyun Crane Plus. It is not a key feature. This is fair, as the app can be used with any Zhiyun gimbals available. It also allows us to continue our claim that the Crane Plus mirrorless camera gimbal is the best.

The Zhiyun still needs some work. The app didn’t work when it was released. It was then updated and made better. Finally, it was broken again. Now, it’s a pain to use, even though they attempted to add some features.

We hope Zhiyun makes the app more useful. It has great potential and, in our opinion is the only advantage that other brands’ gimbals have over the Zhiyun Crane Plus. We’ve heard from a few people that the app is going to get a major update soon. This will fix all the problems again.

Zhiyun Crane Plus Zhiyun Crane...
99 Reviews

2. DJI Ronin SC

  • Three-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
  • This is designed for mirrorless cameras
  • One-Handed Operation Maximum 4.4 lb Load
  • Force Mobile Smartphone Control
  • High-quality video footage, thanks to an industrial-leading stabilization algorithm


  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to achieve smooth results
  • Affordable


  • Camera size limits
  • It takes time to set it up
  • The built-in battery cannot be changed

Sport mode allows motors to respond quickly and accurately to track. This provides a superior tracking experience in high-action shots.

The DJI Ronin SC, which has been on the market for only a few weeks, is the next on our list. The Ronin S is the big brother to the Ronin SC. Although the Ronin S has been around a while, it’s well-known as one of the most reliable gimbals available for heavier DSLR rigs. DJI wanted to offer a strong competitor on the market for mirrorless cameras, so the Ronin SC was born.

We feel DJI has done an excellent job with the Ronin SC, and it could work well for your Canon M50. However, we don’t see any reason why you would spend more for a smaller payload or a shorter battery life than the Zhiyun Crane Plus.

This is not the primarily recommended Gimbal to use with your Canon m50. We will be merely brushing it over to save time and make the key points for Ronin SC.

Quality and Design

DJI is well-known for making sleek devices with a high design and strong build quality. The Ronin SC is just as robust as the Crane Plus and has a comparable build quality. Even though the Gimbal can be used for long periods without stopping, it is very comfortable to hold. It is also lightweight for its strength

Performance and Functionality

The Ronin SC can support a maximum weight capacity of 4.4 lbs. Although this is more than any previous generation of gimbals, it’s still better than anything the Crane Plus could support. However, the Crane Plus has over a pound of extra payload and costs around $100 less. The Ronin SC has a maximum battery life of 11 hours, while the Crane Plus offers 12-18 hours. If you use a lightweight camera such as the Canon m50, you can get close to 18 hours every time.

Next, we want to mention that the Ronin SC takes approximately two and a 1/2 hours to recharge, and it looks better than the Crane Plus. The Crane Plus takes about half an hour to recharge, while the Ronin SC only charges two-thirds of the Crane Plus’ maximum battery life.

The DJI Ronin SC is a great companion to your Canon m50, as you can see in the video above. This clip was shot using an m50 with a Ronin SC. It shows off what you can capture with the paid and provides a solid example of what the DJI handheld gimbal is capable of.

User Interface and Control System

The interface for the Ronin SC has seen a lot of improvements compared to the Ronin S and other DJI gimbals. You can adjust the performance of the SC according to your requirements while using your thumb. This allows you to keep your other hand free to support the Gimbal or your camera.

The Smartphone App

The DJI smartphone application blows away both the Zhiyun and Feiyutech apps and is a fantastic piece of kit. The Ronin SC may be the best DJI gimbal, especially if you’re a DJI fan or use the DJI Mavic Drone and other DJI bits that the smartphone app can support.


3. Feiyutech AK2000

  • 6 lb Payload
  • Angled Motor Arm
  • 360deg Pan, Tilt & Roll Motion
  • Handwheel for camera movement/Focus/Zoom

We will end our review of gimbals to use with the Canon m50. This is the Feiyutech AK2000. In all honesty, however, we recommend you choose one of the other gimbals mentioned in this article rather than the AK2000. Feiyutech has a solid range of gimbals, but we don’t feel the AK range is worthy of being a primary or second recommendation. We wouldn’t have included the AK2000 if the Gimbal didn’t have a good reputation and a few Canon m50 users were using it as their gimbal choice.

You can read our Feiyutech AK2000 Review to learn more about the problems with the Gimbal. Random vibrations are a problem with 20-30% of AK2000 and AK4000 gimbals. It can also cause problems when you are using timelapse mode. The camera will slow pan to the left, ruining your footage. Finally, the handle grip slides up and hits the control pad. This causes the tilt function to kick in randomly.

Quality and Design

The AK2000 is a sturdy, well-built product with a great design. However, the rubber grip that slides up the handle while in use makes it a little less user-friendly. Recording a gig and then having your gimbal tilt randomly because the rubber grip touches the tilt button is not something you want.

Performance and Functionality

If your AK2000 doesn’t have vibration problems, it can still be a sturdy piece of kit. It can carry a maximum weight of 6.17 pounds of body camera and has a life expectancy of 8-12 hours. It can support the full weight of Canon m50, including all accessories. The battery life is also sufficient to ensure that the Gimbal will last for the entire session.

User Interface and Control System

The touchscreen interface on the AK2000 is a great feature. In fairness to Feiyutech, it is simple to use, and we think you will be able to find your way around the navigation menu quickly because it is laid out so clearly. You can also use the magic wheel on the focus aid and a few other features of the Gimbal.

The control system for the AK2000 is a wonderful feature, and we think Feiyutech did a fantastic job. The Gimbal was unable to compete with the rest of the field due to the issues we discussed earlier.

Feiyutech Smartphone App

The Feiyutech smartphone application is known for having many issues, just like Zhiyun. It needs to be completely overhauled to be even close to the DJI app. The Feiyutech’s connectivity to your Gimbal is not good at all.

4. Zhiyun Crane V2

  • Working Current: 110mA
  • Working Voltage: 8.4V
  • Battery Runtime: 6h-12h (26500 Li-ion batteries); Charging Time: 3h
  • Minimum Angle Tolerance when holding: +-0.1deg max. +-0.3deg
  • Minimum Angle Tolerance for Moving: +-0.5deg max. +-0.2deg
  • Tilt, roll, and pan angle range: 360deg
  • Valid Payload: 350g 800g
  • Dimension: 173* 188* 374mm
  • Weight: 950g/Unit
  • Working Temperature: -10°C 45°C

Zhiyun Crane V2 is one of the top gimbals available for Canon M50. It offers image stabilization, functionality, and a price that’s unbeatable.

Crane V2 is controlled by a 2-button, a switch, and a touch-centric pad. You can use your thumb to control your important gimbal stabilizer functions. You can also switch between modes easily whenever you like.

Crane v2’s amazing Bluetooth compatibility lets you control the gimbal remotely using the remote control and the iOS or Android apps. You can move the gimbal from one place to another while maintaining excellent stabilization. Zhiyun Crane V2 is one of the most reliable gimbals available for Canon M50. It is also the preferred choice of most vloggers.

Crane V2 supports Canon M50 easily with a maximum load of 4 lbs (1.8kg). The gimbal’s 12-hour battery life makes it unbeatable at this price.

The 3-axis gimbal is strong and durable. The company used sturdy materials to design and build the gimbal. However, it is lightweight so users can take it with them wherever they go.

Overall, the Zhiyun Crane V2 would definitely be my first choice when it comes to gimbals that Canon M50 can use.

Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis...
167 Reviews

5. Zhiyun Crane M2

  • This is a small camera-friendly model, such as the Canon M50 and G7X Mark II.
  • Joystick with 4-way function
  • Thumbscrew, Quick-Release Plate
  • 0.01deg accuracy within 0.25ms
  • Android/iOS app
  • Battery life of 12 hours


  • Well made
  • Stabilises cameras up to 720g
  • Lots of shooting modes


  • Fiddly to setup
  • App is unintuitive
  • Expensive

Zhiyun Crane M2 gimbal is a fan favorite. Most photographers and vloggers recommend it due to its outstanding image stabilization capability.

Crane V2 is the best in battery performance. It could be described as the equivalent of the gimbal above. It has all of the functionality and features Zhiyun’s gimbals have (e.g. Bluetooth support, Zhiyun remote controls, etc.). ).

Crane M2 weighs only 0.67 lbs and is preferred by travel bloggers as they are constantly on the go and need smaller, lighter cameras.

Let’s discuss the Modes. Zhiyun created modes such as Vortex mode and Locking mode.

It is one of few Canon M50 gimbals that even comes close to Crane V2.

Zhiyun Crane M2 [Official]...
116 Reviews

6. Feiyu G6 Plus

  • Maximum Payload: 800g
  • Net Weight: 663g
  • Work Time: 12h
  • 26650 (5000mAh) Battery
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Tilt: 260deg
  • Roll: 320deg
  • Pan: 360deg
  • Water-proof Grade: Splash-proof.

The Feiyu G6 Plus is a must-have on any list of top gimbals. It is a top-quality gimbal for Canon M50 that offers top-tier performance and outstanding build quality, while also holding the top spot in the vlogging scene.

G6 Plus’ maximum load capacity is 1.76 lbs, which allows you to support your EOS M50 perfectly. The battery lasts for 12 hours and takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. This is extremely convenient.

G6 Plus’s software and hardware work together to produce the best image stabilization. The control system, just like the Crane V2 mentioned above, is unique and simple to use. You can access all important gimbal functions with your thumb.

The G6 Plus gimbal is a beast, weighing in at 1.46 pounds. Feiyu has managed to pack all the features of the gimbal into a small package that I can’t help but admire. The best thing is that you don’t compromise on design. This allows you to hold the gimbal longer without any hassle.

There are many modern gimbals available, but the Feiyu g6+ is still very popular. Independent videographers have posted reviews.

FeiyuTech G6 Plus [Official]...
110 Reviews


Gimbal For Canon M50- FAQs

Is the Canon M50 capable of stabilization?

Digital image stabilization is available on the Canon M50. This is a very different technology than the IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization), which we have on Olympus, Sony, and Panasonic. IBIS allows the entire sensor to move in order to maintain sharp and stable images.

How can I connect my crane M2 to Canon M50

Is Canon EOS M50 compatible with Bluetooth?

EOS M50 has both Bluetooth and WiFi. You can hook it up to your home network or to the Canon app on your smartphone to do some quality control before sharing.

Is Canon EOS M50 compatible with Bluetooth?

EOS M50 has both Bluetooth and WiFi. You can connect it to your home network or to the Canon app on your smartphone to do some quality control before sharing.

Canon cameras can have image stabilization?

Canon EOS R5 & Canon EOS R6 were the first Canon cameras to have 5-axis in-body Image Stabilization (IBIS) and can deliver an industry-leading eight-stops* of IS* when paired with certain lenses


At the last of this article, you find our recommendation for the best Gimbal for Canon M50. In order to choose the right one, we have placed all devices according to their characteristics and functions. The list has been built as easily as possible in order to help you make a decision. With the help of our review, you will be able to choose the perfect Gimbal for your Canon M50.

In our opinion, It is our choice for the m50 camera and will be a great addition to your camera accessories collection.

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