Best Drone Landing Pad 2022: Top Review For you

Best Drone Landing Pad 2022: Top Review For you
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Drones are a great tool for taking aerial photos and video footage. So what happens when the drone needs to land? A landing pad helps ensure your device will always be in perfect condition. But there are so many landing pads out there, which one is worth buying?

In this post, Lucidcam will provide all information you need to know in the best drone landing pads review!

Top-Rated Best Drone Landing Pad

VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad...
1,083 Reviews
FlatHat 16' Drone Landing Pad...
7 Reviews
STARTRC Drone Landing Pad Pro,...
1,061 Reviews

1. Hoodman Drone Launch-Pad

  • Springs automatically into shape for easy setup
  • It prevents dust and debris from being kicked up
  • Truly waterproof, protect your drone from getting wet
  • High-visibility for better recognition
  • Collapses to only 13″, small enough to be placed in your backpack
  • 3.2 lb galvanized steel perimeter, weighted to prevent from blowing away by winds. No stakes are needed.
  • 3 sizes are available for different drones.

The Hoodman drone landing pad weight is remarkable, and it can hold its place in any environment without the need for stakes. It doesn’t flap or blow around during landing or taking off.

Many aerial photographers recommend it as a must-have accessory. It prevents dirt and debris from blowing onto your drone and virtually eliminates the risk of damaging your motors and camera.

People also loved the high-visible color. They commented that it let others know where you’re taking off and landing, which in turn keeps them at a safe distance.

You may have difficulty folding it up and putting it back in the carrying bag. This is why you’ll need to practice. Here is a video tutorial.


  • No stakes needed to place it
  • The truly waterproof landing pad
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Three sizes are available for the different sizes of drones


  • A little bit heavy for carrying
  • Fold-up takes time to learn in the beginning
  • Pricey. Currently the most expensive in this category

2. VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad Pro Plus

The VCUTECH Drone landing pad Pro Plus will provide a flat, smooth surface for easy taking off and landing. The VCUTECH, measuring 25 inches in length, is a good landing pad for mid-sized drones and beginners. The landing pad is made of PU PVC and can be folded down for portability.

VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad...
1,083 Reviews

3. FlatHat

The lightweight drone landing pad is made from high-quality polyester and welded to a steel frame.

It is a bit smaller, at 2.5 feet in diameter. The pad comes with aluminum stakes as well as a bag.

FlatHat pads have a bright pattern that may make them ideal landing zones for quadcopters. It is easily visible even in high grass.

The launch pad is very compact so that you can take it on your next trip. It can be easily stored in your backpack. FlatHat pads are recommended for medium-sized quadcopters. This is a great choice for those who love to travel and want to create amazing videos.

4. STARTRC Drone

Perfect landing pad

STARTRC’s 20-inch landing pad proves that quality doesn’t need to be costly. The double-sided pad fits most RC drones, mini and nano quads, and many of today’s best drones of similar size.

The lightweight and waterproof circular surface keep dirt, grass, and gravel away from your aircraft. Four included plastic spikes keep it in place. The universal STARTRC pad folds down in half and can be carried in a bag. It won’t fade under the sun.

STARTRC Drone Landing Pad Pro,...
1,061 Reviews

5. Hooshion

The Hooshion landing pad makes landing easy. You can land your drone almost anywhere with the Hooshion pad. You can use it on any terrain, so you can take amazing aerial photos of marshes and deserts without worrying about your drone crashing. Hooshion only uses high-quality nylon materials to ensure its reliability.

This pad can be used even at night, thanks to reflective strips.

The pad can also be folded up so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. The pad even comes with a carrying case. The Hooshion pad can be used with all types of drones.

6. PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro

It is made from high-quality PU material that is water-resistant and can withstand extreme conditions.

You can fold the landing pad into a rectangular shape about the same size as a small notebook. It fits nicely in the included bag or your backpack after folding.

The proper weight of the item allows it to remain in place without needing to be attached to anything. This saves time and effort when setting it up.

We think this landing pad is ideal for small drones because of its updated design. It’s much easier to take out and use. There is no need for stakes.

Because it is square-shaped, you can fold it in seconds like paper. Learning and practice are not required.

What’s even better is the fact that this is a double-sided landing pad, having both orange and blue faces. Additionally, it also has a reflective sticker for night flying as well as a carrying pouch for easy storage.

There is only one size available (20″x20″/50cm x 50cm). It might be the right size for DJI Mavic Air 2, Mavic mini 2, Mavic mini, Mavic 2, and not suitable for DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone or larger.

PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro for...
2,045 Reviews

7. Drone Landing Pad with Lights (Aurtec)

One of the best drone landing pads

  • To prevent the end from being lost, there are four loops and loops at each of the compass points.
  • It is easy to transport and set up because it is lightweight.
  • It measures 32 inches around when it is open and 12 inches when it is closed.
  • Dimensions: 11.5x11x1.2 inches
  • It is made of high-quality nylon, which is waterproof and sun-proof.
  • Dual-color, high accuracy printing

Are you planning to fly to grassy areas? This is the landing area you want. This pad has a 32-inch area. It provides a large landing area for your drone and protects it from getting dirty during landing.

Because of its four habit reflective strips, and LED lighting, it can be used nighttime.

The landing pad is lightweight and easy to use. You can use it for nighttime flying due to its LED light and reflective strips. All the necessary equipment, including the landing pad, carrying case, property claws and four LED lighting. There are also eight reflective strips. Anyone can use this drone, regardless of age. The guarantee is for two years.

It’s compatible with several drones, namely Zero Xplorer, Yuneec, the DJI Mavic Pro, Altair, Antel Robotic, UDI drones, Phantom 1/2/3/4/4 Pro, Syma, Holy Stone, Husban, Spark, Inspire 2/1, Eachine, 3DR Solo, Parrot drones, GoPro Karma, Drocon, Force and much more. This drone is great for all flying enthusiasts

8. KINBON Universal

Best Alternative with an affordable price contrary to the Hoodman pad, many desire stakes to correct if putting on the floor. Otherwise, they could move during take-off and landing, especially on windy days.

It measures 30″/75cm in size and is compatible with the most popular drones. It folds down to 11″/28cm, making it easy to take out.

There are eight reflective straps available that can fly at night and are lighter than others. All other items are waterproof and fold up, and they are almost identical.

This is a two-sided nylon pad that gives you 30-inches of space to take off and land. It’s just the right size for RC drones, PVB drones, helicopters, the DJI Mavic Pro Phantom, and similarly sized aircraft.

However, many reviews about this model state that sometimes you cannot peg it on hard surfaces. Even when you manage, the pegs will become undone and the landing pad will easily fly away if pegged incorrectly.

It’s a cheaper option than the Hoodman pad and has additional benefits, but we still consider it the best.


  • Well made and sits well even with strong down-draft from drone
  • Collapse and carry in own bag
  • Easy to peg down when windy
  • Great light strip for night flying


  • Difficult to collapse without a bit of practice
Drone Landing Pads, KINBON...
5,227 Reviews

9. Philonext Portable

  • A waterproof substance to protect against moisture and sun protection to protect from fading and warmth wear.
  • It’s a dual side double color design.
  • It can be used for many occasions.
  • Dimensions: 42cm diameter folded size, 370gs

All of us want a landing platform that can withstand the extreme heat and humidity and still look great. We also require a producer that will guarantee accurate delivery and a money-back guarantee. These high-quality promises are guaranteed to make your Philonext drone landing pad a success.

The lightweight drone is made of high-quality nylon, which is waterproof and folds easily. The bundle includes the 1*75cm Landing Pad, carrying case, three property claws, and eight reflective strips. These reflective strips can be used for nighttime flying by being glued to the outer body of the print circle.

It can be used with various drone models, including the DJI Phantom 4/4 Pro, DJI Phantom 3/2, and Syma drones.

10. FlatHat 16-inch

  • Size open: 40cm (16in).
  • Size Pack: 16cm (6in).
  • Ideal for: Mini drones, indoor drones
  • Weatherproofing: Nylon material
  • Bag:  Yes
  • Weight: 100g (3.5oz)


  • Lightweight pad
  • Graphic design that is strong
  • Racing goal


  •  A small target to land on
  • Could use more

There are many uses for a small landing area. It could be used as the starting and ending point for a competition with indoor drones or to release mostly indoor drones around the world on a sunny day. This pad’s unique design will be appreciated by models like the Ryze Tello which uses optical flow sensors. The pad is 40cm for the DJI Mini 2 (opens in a new window), which will definitely benefit from camera protection during takeoff.

It is unlikely that the pad’s size or weight, especially when packed, will pose a problem. The diameter of the pad is approximately the same length as a real keyboard with a numeric keypad. Even if you are a cautious flyer, you might be able to take off with a drone about the same size as a DJI Air2S (opens in a new tab)., but that would only protect the propellors.

Other drone accessories, you can check here:

Buying Guide For The Best Drone

Buying Guide For The Best Drone Landing Pad

Drones can be described as miniature helicopters. You’ve probably seen a helicopter spin, and you know that the backwash blows debris, dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris everywhere. It is becoming increasingly common for drones to be used as a means of transporting people.

A designated spot is needed for your drone’s landing and pad. You can avoid anyone from walking in your landing area if you are within your backyard.

However, it is different when you are out in public. The brightly colored and designed quadcopter landing pads provide a visual reference to people. They tell them where the drone is going to land. People are more likely not to go near a landing area if they see one.

As you can see, a drone landing platform is a smart investment. It will protect your drone. It can also cover any cameras that you may have attached to your drone. It can also help to protect people from drone spinning propellers by signaling where the drone will land.

Not all landing pads are created equal and you want to be sure you don’t waste your money on a bad one.

Below are some items to be on the lookout for:

Key Considerations


The diameter of your landing pad should be about two times larger than the diameter of your drone, including the propellers. You will feel comfortable landing on the ground. From the farthest reach to the propellers on one side, measure the drone on the other side. A landing pad should be 28 inches in diameter if your drone measures 14 inches.


Because drones produce a lot of wind, it is important to consider the weight of landing pads. They must be able to take off and fly. The wind from the quadcopter can easily blow away the landing pad if it’s too lightweight. If the landing pad is too heavy, it will turn over or ride on the wind like a Frisbee.

To ensure that the pad is secure when landing, it needs to be strong and durable. You can also anchor a landing pad to the ground. It will take effort and time, even if you manage it. You can make a landing pad lighter by using a hammer and pegs.

Many people simply want to be able to land and pick it up. It is better to have a heavy landing pad than a hammer with pegs.

Foldable or rigid

Many drone landing pads can easily be folded. Although they are convenient and easy to store, the pads don’t protect the flat surface beneath them. This is especially true if you land on rocky terrain.

You can make folding landing pads from many materials, including nylon and Oxford cloth. The fabric folding pads are usually made with a metal rim that is sewn into an outer loop. When you remove the metal from its bag, it springs back into its usual circular shape. The bag twists easily in a figure-8 style and doubles up for storage.

You have the option of choosing what material you want. While nylon is waterproof, it does not offer protection against impacts. Oxford cloth is waterproof but can’t cushion a hard landing.

To provide a level landing area, rigid landing pads can be leveled using shims. These pads are more expensive than folding ones, and they’re not as easy to store, but that’s the price.


Features of landing pad


Many landing pads have two sides. Each side can be different. The one side is for day use, while the other is for night use. There are very few single-sided landing pads available. This is something to be aware of when you shop.

Form a pad

Functionality is not affected by the shape of the landing pad. It is more a matter of personal preference. Consumers prefer round landing pads, but there are many square and rectangular options. There is no direct correlation between pad size and shape, so make sure you read the product description.

LED lights

LED landing lights are essential for nighttime operation. While many people attach LEDs to their drones, some pads have LED strips that can feed through loops at the pad’s outer perimeter. This provides an excellent visual reference when you’re watching the ground through an onboard camera, which helps with the landing. A drone landing pad with LED lights is also a great idea.


You can keep your drone dry by using a landing pad. You should make sure that the pad material is waterproof (like nylon) or treated to make it waterproof.

You may find the floor moist from rain, sand, or morning dew on the ground. You don’t need your drone to get soaked (if it doesn’t have a waterproof version).

Wind Resistance

It is possible for your lightweight landing mat to fall off, so it is important to have the ability to attach it to the ground. Although most landing mats are strong enough to withstand mild winds, it is not recommended for use in windy areas. The Hoodman is an exception, as it’s quite heavy and stays in place on its own.

It is a simple bet and tie system that works just like a tent. Consider the floor that you might need to push the stakes into.

Night Flying

Many of these landing pads have reflective strips that can be used to aid nighttime landings (provided that you have lights). The FlatHat also comes with a mild ribbon. You can increase the area of the landing pad. This is a great idea.

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Drone Landing Pad Prices

Prices for budget

Low prices for landing pads start around $13 and go up to $16. A basic, double-sided landing pad can be purchased with a carry case and pegs. These smaller landing pads have a diameter of approximately 30 inches.

Prices in the mid-range

Most landing pads are between 30 and 34 inches in size, ranging from $17 to $25. Some of the landing pads in this price range have pegs, and others are waterproof. You might also find the points of a compass printed on them.

Higher prices

You can find larger drone landing pads measuring 36 inches or more for as low as $25. These pads are often made from higher-quality materials.


  • A landing pad can be anchored in place with two stakes. If the wind is high enough that you need more than that, you shouldn’t be flying your drone, anyway.
  • A thicker, more flexible material will protect your drone during landings and cushion it when it lands.
  • A landing pad is a good option if you live in tall grass. In such situations, a heavier landing pad is recommended.
  • A landing pad provides high visibility. Anyone will quickly see the drone’s location in the area.

If you already have a Landing Pad, but don’t own a drone yet, quick access to the best dji drone to choose a suitable drone for yourself.

FAQs About The Best Drone Landing Pads

FAQs About The Best Drone Landing Pads

What is Dronepad?

Landing pads provide excellent protection for your drone, ensuring your drone stays out of the clutter. Such as debris, gravel, rocks, dust, wetlands, or some unknown accident. The landing pad is made of waterproof nylon material.  A Double-sided and two-color designs can be used to help highlight the position of the drone.

Do I Need A Landing Pad For My Drone?

Why would you need a landing pad? If you are a proud owner of a drone, you probably want it to live as long as possible since they are quite expensive. If you want to avoid debris, dust, or water flying into the drone’s propellers or camera lens, you should consider getting a landing pad.

Can Drones Land On Sand?

If you are not launching and landing from your hand, get a landing pad. Tiny grains of sand can ruin the motors and other internal parts and that damage can be irreversible. Consult the FAA for flight rules and no-fly zones. … When near tourist areas, take flight early or late in the day.

Does The Material Of the Landing Pad Matter?

It can happen in certain circumstances. It must be able to absorb landing shocks and protect the drone from dust and scratching.

It might be advantageous if your landing pad is waterproof. This will allow you to land your drone on wet grass and other areas that are affected by water.

You should be fine if the landing pad protects your drone against shock, dust, and scratches. However, it is a smart option to consider waterproof material.


We hope that this review has provided you with valuable insight into the best landing pad for your drone. There are many options to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the right one. Hopefully, after reading our review of each product’s features and benefits in detail, you’ll have a better idea of which one is right for you! If not, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

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