Best Cheap Drone 2022: Top Review For You

Best Cheap Drone 2022
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A drone is a device that flies without human input. It can be controlled by either remote control or programmed to fly autonomously, and it’s used for many purposes including photography, exploration, communication, and transportation of goods. Drones are also popular with hobbyists who use them as toys in their spare time.

In this blog post. LucidCam will look at the best cheap drones on the market today. This list will include both inexpensive drones from well-known brands as well as quality off-brand products to fit any budget!

What is the best cheap drone?

Best Cheap Drone - easy to fly

These days, the best cheap drone doesn’t have to be micro RC drones that suddenly stop working. Mini drones with cameras are inexpensive and affordable for beginners, children, and those who want to learn how to pilot.

These cheaper drones usually offer easy-to-fly and take-off and landing controls, 4K video, GPS flight modes such as Follow Me, and flight time times between 7 and 30 min. Each model has its own set of specifications, features, and control styles, so it can be difficult to find the right cheap drone.

The best cheap drone for under $100 will come with a dedicated controller that allows for more control and a stabilized HD camera. They also have more powerful motors and a variety of intelligent flight modes.

Top Rated best cheap drones For Beginners

NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones with 720P HD Camera...
1,573 Reviews
NEHEME NH525 Foldable Drones with 720P HD Camera...
DROCON Mini Drone for Kids, Great Drone for...
670 Reviews
DROCON Mini Drone for Kids, Great Drone for...
  • 【Having Fun】The drones can...
  • 【Won’t Lose Direction】In...
  • 【3 SPEED MODES】3 speed...
  • 【SEARCH LIGHT】Equipped...
Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners Toys Gift,V2...
1,381 Reviews
Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners Toys Gift,V2...
  • 【30 Mins Flight Time 】4DV2...
  • 【Multiple Fun and...
  • 【360° circle and fly】:...
  • 【3 Speed Control】3 speed...
  • 【Mini size&free...
Mini Drone for Kids, RC Drone Quadcopter with LED...
  • ✈ Child Safety -- Propellers...
  • ✈ Easy for Beginners: The...
  • ✈ Easy to Play: With...
  • ✈LED Lights -- Start a...
  • ✈ Mini & Portable -- This...


The best affordable camera drone on the planet, period

  • Battery life: 30 minutes of flight time
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera. Yes
  • Camera. Yes
  • Weight. 0.55lb


  • Palm-size
  • Excellent price
  • Shoots amazing 2.7K video and stills


  • No obstacle avoidance

This drone is perfect for anyone who wants to take photos or video quality and has a budget of at least $400.

The DJI Mavic Mini drone is the most popular high-quality camera-carrying drone. The drone weighs in at 8.78 ounces (0.55 lbs) when fully loaded. This is just enough to register with the FAA.

This drone is small enough to be concealed under an iPhone or tucked into a jacket pocket. The drone’s small weight and flexibility in the front propellor arms give it an advantage when it comes to surviving a crash.

The Mavic Mini camera can shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second, and sharp 2.7K at 30 frames per second (believe us, we know that 2.K is sharp enough to be seen on an average computer monitor). The 12mp stills are well-detailed. The craft, despite its size, is stable and agile in flight. It can also be flown in Sport mode which allows for a more fluid and responsive flying experience. The drone can fly up to 30 minutes on one charge, and it can travel up to 4km (which is far beyond what the FAA requires). The drone does not have obstacle avoidance. However, we do not consider this a problem.

This is the drone for you if you have $400 or less to spend on a high-quality camera drone. The drone is extremely stable and reliable, easy to fly and control, and produces stunning cinematic footage. Do you want to learn more? Check out our complete DJI Mavic Mini Review

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera,...
271 Reviews
DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera,...
  • The Drone and MicroSD Card May...
  • This bundle contains the DJI...
  • Drone: Weighing less than 0.55...
  • Drone: Mavic Mini supports...


  • Best for: Learning the ropes
  • Type: Mini drone/education
  • Weight: 2.82 oz.
  • Camera 720p HD, 5MP


  • Flight technology designed by DJI
  • Programmable
  • Lightweight


  • Tello Not foldable

This is one of the best cheap drones. Ryze drone is a tiny but highly-equipped’selfie’ drone. Tello can hover on the spot for up to 13 minutes of flight time, has digital image stabilization, and shoots video at a decent 720p. $449 at Amazon Best beginner drone Ryze Tello DJI If you or your kid are looking for a simple way to learn the ropes, this inexpensive flying drone model is a great place to start

The Tello is just 2.82 ounces in weight and measures 3.85 inches wide at its widest point. It is small enough to be tucked into a jacket pocket, even though it is not foldable like the DJI Mavic range. This little craft was primarily designed for indoor flying but can also fly outdoors if it isn’t too windy. Without GPS, it may drift in the breeze and not make it back.

Simply launch the Tello app on the phone and select hand launch. Then, you can launch it in the air by using the virtual joysticks. The camera streams everything to your phone, and the footage it records is amazingly smooth thanks to digital stabilization. There are a few preset EZ Shots that can be used with the app, including circle (the drone flies in the direction of the user while the camera is pointed inwards), and drone (the pilot controls the drone as it flies away from him/her). The Tello can perform aerobatic stunts and has a range of 100 meters.

Not only is the Ryze Tech Tello a fun drone to fly and a toy drone, but it’s designed to help kids learn to program by dropping blocks of code, LEGO-style into an app, using the Scratch programming language.

Ryze Tech Tello - Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for...
2,166 Reviews
Ryze Tech Tello - Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for...
  • Equipped with a high-quality...
  • Camera features 5MP...
  • Tello has two antennas that...
  • Thanks to all the tech that...
  • What you get: RyzeTech Tello...


  • Ideal for: Learning the ropes
  • Type of Toy drones
  • Weight 6.73 oz.


  • Very easy to fly and fun to fly
  • From one of the most renowned drone manufacturers in the world


  • No video or photography capabilities
  • Too light to fly outside

For kids who are interested in learning how to fly a drone, the Potensic A20 is an excellent choice. It is a great beginner drone. It has all the necessary features: well-protected propellers to prevent any bumps or scrapes; an emergency stop button in case your little ones fly too close to the dog/oven/baby; and an alarm that can be ignored at low power.

You can fly it indoors or outdoors, even in the wind. Altitude hold keeps the drone stable, and the one-touch take-off and landing controls make it easy for kids to learn the basics of drone flight. It also comes with two rechargeable batteries which reduce the chance of the drone going out of control. This drone is a top-of-the-line budget option.

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone Easy to Fly Even...
7,658 Reviews
Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone Easy to Fly Even...
  • [Easy to Play]: -One Key...
  • [3 Battery for More Fun Time]:...
  • [Headless Mode]: -Won’t lose...
  • [A Great Gift for Kids]: -With...
  • [Durable and Safe Guard...


This is the best cheap drone for beginners in aerial photography

  • Battery life: 15 minutes of flight time
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: No, but camera angle adjustable


  • 1080p HD camera
  • Adjustable camera pitch
  • Great price


  • No camera gimbal

Next one of the cheap drones is The Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV. It was designed to introduce beginners to aerial photography. It features a fixed 1080p WiFi camera with a 120-degree field of view and a 90-degree adjustable angle. This allows you to capture decent footage and stills, and allow you to experiment with different perspectives. You can also use the drone with FPV (first-person view) goggles.

Holy Stone can automatically follow a subject and keep it within the frame. This is great for taking epic selfies or fast-moving action.

GPS positioning is also available on the Holy Stone HS100. This ensures a smooth flight and allows for a quick return to the take-off point. Pilots can concentrate on their flight and take care of the stress with ‘Headless Mode’ and ‘Altitude Hold’.

The Holy Stone HS100 comes with a powerful hand controller and a sturdy cradle to hold your phone. This model is much cheaper at Walmart than Amazon and is an excellent value for money.

Holy Stone 1080P GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with HD...
4,009 Reviews
Holy Stone 1080P GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with HD...
  • The Largest & Wind-Resistant:...
  • 1080P Optimized 120° FOV FPV...
  • Easy to Assemble & Carry: The...
  • GPS Assisted Flight: Provides...
  • Flying Time Up to 18 Mins /...


One of the best drones to take selfies

  • Ideal for: Selfies or autonomous flying
  • Type: Camera drone
  • Battery Life: 16mins of flight time
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: Yes


  • Takes amazing selfies and 1080 video
  • Flies extremely well
  • DJI reliability


  • Propeller arms don’t fold
  • Gesture mode is not always a hit and miss.

The DJI Spark, a cute little drone from China, is a bit rough around the edges but it’s still worth a look. It’s made by DJI, a Chinese company that knows more than anyone about drones. The Spark is about the same size as its nearest cousin, the Mavic Mini. The Spark’s propeller arms are not foldable so they can’t be stuffed in a jacket pocket as well as the Mini. This air-snap drone is extremely portable and can be used in five different colors.

DJI Spark has front obstacle avoidance, and it is stable indoors and out. The Spark’s camera can shoot very good 1080p video at 12 megapixels and has a two-axis stabilizer to produce smooth video. It can fly for around 16 minutes, which is quite good for a drone this small.

You can use Spark in one of three ways. With hand gestures or a mobile device, you can also control it with a dedicated controller. For a greater range (up to 1.2 miles), you can also use a dedicated hand controller. Although it is not intended for high-quality videography it still captures great footage.

It is also extremely strong as nails. This was evident at a DJI event when it was accidentally flown at full speed (that’s 31mph) into a tree. Only the prop was damaged; all other equipment, including the camera, worked flawlessly. Another reason to buy one. It is top 5 out of 12 cheap drones for everyone

DJI Spark With Remote Control Combo (White)...
43 Reviews
DJI Spark With Remote Control Combo (White)...
  • This Certified Refurbished...
  • DJI Spark Remote Control Combo...
  • 2-Axis Stabilized Gimbal...
  • FlightAutonomy with Obstacle...
  • Top Speed of 31 mph in Sport...


DJI Mavic Clone with 4K Camera

  • Battery life: 15 minutes of flight time
  • GPS: Yes,
  • 4K Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: No


  • GPS and 5G video streaming
  • 4K camera
  • Stable flight


  • Footage is uncertain

If you don’t want to spend the $400 / £400 asking price of the DJI Mini 2, however, you will find a more budget-friendly 4K option in the Eachine E520S. The folding drone is proof that budget drones don’t have to be expensive. The E520S is a miniature version of the DJI Mavic, while the hand controller, complete with a spring mount to attach an Android or iOS smartphone is nearly identical to the Mavic Air. It’s still a good intermediate package and can be used to help you get started on your journey towards a real DJI model.

The E520S is equipped with GPS and 5G wifi streaming at a distance of up to 250m. It also has a USB-charged battery that can last for about 15 minutes. The E520S also has a host of automated features, including a return to home and auto takeoff, land, waypoint and follow-me, orbit, and return to home. This is a great deal for a drone that costs less than $130.

The jury is still out on the quality and reliability of the fixed front-mounted camera that shoots in 4K. Although the image quality isn’t bad, it isn’t as good as the 4K footage produced by the Parrot and DJI drones. The camera is not attached to a tripod, so any video you capture will look jumpy. However, you can tilt the camera manually before taking off.

The E520S is noisy but still manages to fly well. It’s very stable and fun to fly.


An affordable sub-$200 option for budding videographers

  • Battery life: 20 minutes of flight time
  • GPS No
  • Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: No


  • 20 minutes of flight time
  • An excellent option for anyone just starting to get into drone photography
  • Decent transmitter range


  • The camera does not have a gimbal
  • Video quality is poor

The next cheap drones are Potensic’s D80. It can shoot 2K video, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to learn drone photography and videography. The D80 is packed with features that make it ideal for beginners. There’s the Point of Interest function which instructs the drone to fly around a single point clockwise to capture a complete image of the object, and the option to create custom flight paths. This allows you to use Potensic’s app to program your drone so it follows pre-set routes. It’s a great way for testing your drone’s capabilities.

You’ll find plenty of features that will keep even more experienced flyers busy. With a 300-meter transmission range and a 20-minute battery, you can fly for a long time. It also features a brushless motor which is stronger and lasts longer. It doesn’t have a gimbal, so video footage can be jittery when the drone is moving. Despite this, the drone can still take decent images for its price.

Potensic D80 Drone with Camera for Adults 2K UHD,...
  • [Powerful Brushless...
  • [5G WiFi 2K HD FPV Camera]-The...
  • [Dual GPS Pinpoint Positioning...
  • [Faster & Wider Range]-this...
  • [Long Last Battery]-1800mAh...


A portable drone with many tricks up its sleeves

  • Battery life: 14-16 minutes of flight time
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: Yes


  • Foldable design to travel
  • Fairly decent 1080p Camera
  • Performs stunts


  • Not the best videographer in town

The DJI Mavic Air Clone delivers excellent budget aerial photography performance in an extremely compact package. You can fold the controller and drone down to store in your backpack or suitcase and be ready for flight at a moment’s notice.

A 720p/1080p HD camera is onboard. It has a 120-degree field of view and adjustable angle. This allows for acceptable video and stills. The drone’s stability is due to its 6-axis gyro, and Altitude Hold Mode that helps keep it hovering. The maximum distance that the E511 can be controlled is 200 meters.

You can also use Trajectory Flight Mode to give you more control over your shots and increase creativity. The upgraded model also features GPS. The Eachine E511 can plot a flight path on your smartphone screen. You can also add VR/FPV goggles for immersive 3D VR Mode flight.

This drone is not just for photography. The Eachine Fly app has a 3D flip, stunt, and three-speed modes that can be used to help you learn the ropes, or test your piloting skills.

The 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo battery included can power the transmitter for up to 16 minutes of flight per charge. However, it is worth noting that 3x AA batteries are required to power the transmitter, so stock up if your flying will be frequent.


Best drones for GPS and stable flying

  • Battery life: 20 minutes of flight time
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera: Yes
  • Gimbal: No


  • Ultra-compact drone
  • Selections of autonomous modes
  • GPS enables steadier flight


  • Fixed camera

The original Hubsan X4 revolutionized the micro-drone industry. Several generations later, the tiny X4 H501S remains a formidable craft. It weighs 15.9 ounces and features full GPS, which allows steady flight that is more like larger drones.

The GPS makes it easy to use the X4H501S outside. Advanced features like ‘follow me’ allow you to get the drone tracking you automatically. This drone is a great choice for beginners because it features an auto-return to home feature. If things go wrong or you lose sight or control of the craft, just push the home button to bring the H501S back safely to you.

The X4 H502S’s flight time is 20 minutes. This is among the fastest in its class. The X4 H502S now has a fixed 1080p camera. However, this camera is mounted on a gimbal.

Hubsan H501S X4 BRUSHELESS FPV Quadcopter Drone...
  • 【HUBSAN H501SS Functions】:...
  • 【1080P HD Camera】:...
  • 【5.8G FPV Live Video】: Has...
  • 【Automatic Return...
  • 【Brushess motor&Powerful】;...


Get pole position with the best drone for racing

  • Ideal for high-speed flight
  • Type: Racing drone
  • Weight 3 lbs


  • Immersive FPV Experience
  • Top speed: +25 mph
  • Cheap drone


  • Viewing through goggles isn’t great

The Nikko Air DRL Racing Vision 220 Pro FPV Pro is the perfect place to begin if you are interested in a career as a racing drone pilot. The Nikko Air was developed in partnership with the Drone Racing League. It can fly at speeds up to 25mph and can be controlled using a controller that has an integrated color LCD screen or the included FPV glasses to provide a fully immersive drone racing experience. Although the view through the goggles can be a little blurry, it is clear enough to see the drone’s direction.

To help pilots learn the controls slowly, there are three flight modes that limit speed. Propeller guards are also available for complete beginners. 16 preprogrammed stunts can also be done at the touch of one button. The 130-degree wide-angle adjustable camera lens is located upfront. This gives you a wider field for maneuvering around difficult obstacles or racing.

Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220...
  • 5.8 GHz analog transmission...
  • Includes LCD screen and FPV...
  • Includes LCD screen and FPV...
  • Practice your piloting skills...
  • With 3 variable flight modes...


Features-filled and affordable

  • Best for Flight practice
  • Flight time: 8-10 minutes of flight time
  • Camera: 720p


  • Fairly Affordable FPV Drone
  • Comes with controller
  • Multiple batteries


  • Unreliable phone connection
  • Wind and wind struggles

With cheap drones, The Snaptain S5C is a great option for anyone who wants to learn how to fly drones but doesn’t need to spend a lot. The Snaptain S5C is a drone with a lot of features. You can often find it for less than $70.

The S5C’s 80m range and simple take-off/landing controls have lights that provide visibility. The box also includes a spare battery that can be used to fly for longer periods of time.

Although it’s not ideal in windy conditions, the camera quality is not up to par. However, you get the drone experience without spending a lot. The S5C comes with two matchbook-sized rechargeable batteries, each of which can power the drone for about 8 to 10 minutes of flight.

12. DJI Mini 2

  • Weighing 242g
  • Dimensions folded: 138x81x58mm
  • Controller: Yes
  • Video resolution: FHD 60fps, 4K 30fps
  • Camera resolution: 12MP
  • Battery life: 31 minutes of flight time(2250mAh).
  • Maximum Range: 10km/6.2 miles
  • Maximum Speed: 57kph/35mph


  • Very portable
  • No registration cost
  • Beginner-friendly app
  • Some prosumer features


  • Responsible to gusts
  • Price increase from predecessor

The DJI Mini 2 arrived earlier than expected to refresh an already excellent drone. It also retains key features such as its weight of less than 250g, which is required for pilot registration in the USA and China, GPS-based return home, and other features. Additionally, it comes with very easy-to-share QuickShots. The drone is able to do almost all the things you would expect from a folding drone that costs twice as much, except for all-around object collisions.

This remote control, which is completely new in FAA areas, can be used to take your drone out in wind up to 24 mph and still keep it in contact. The camera gimbal can keep images horizontally and vibration-free while recording a 4K video. There are also a variety of effects that DJI has only recently released, such as panorama (and even the sphere panorama). Photographers have the option to choose from Raw, manual exposure, bracketing, and other features that they would expect to find on the ground.

The Mini 2 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a drone to be your first. The Mini 2 can also hover indoors with its downward-facing sonar and visual distance sensing systems. These systems can be used to help it hover even without GPS. There are optional propellor guards that can prevent accidents when flying close to obstacles. If you don’t want the wait to get home, the app makes it easy to download images from your phone.

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo – Ultralight Foldable...
10,579 Reviews
DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo – Ultralight Foldable...
  • PACK LIGHT, FLY FREE: at less...
  • OCUSYNC 2.0 VIDEO...
  • 4X ZOOM: there’s no need to...
  • QUICKSHOTS: with just a few...


Cheap drones

Like most things, the higher you spend the better you will get. While there are some exceptions, the majority of flying drones less than $50 can frustrate you due to their limited features, primitive controls, and short flight time. Here are some key points to keep in mind as you look at the various options.


Most drones come equipped with remote control. They often look similar to game controllers and can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or a combination of both. You can get a first-person view with some drones.

GPS Support

GPS (or GLONASS in Russia) will improve flight stability, landings, and reduce crashes. Many drones equipped with GPS have a “return home” function that allows you to recall your GPS coordinates if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Sensors Gimbals and air pressure sensors that can assist with altitude assistance will allow you to focus on your drone rather than having to adjust the throttle.

Battery life

Most drones can run for between 15 and 25 minutes on a single charge. However, a growing number of mid-tier models like the DJI mini 2 can fly for up to 30 minutes of flight time. To extend your flight time, spare batteries are required. They cost between $45 and $70 for DJI drone models.

Rules, regulations, and restriction

In the USA, if your drone is 250g or more, you will need to register the drone with the FAA. US national parks and many state parks are also off-limits. Remote control aircraft are regulated by most counties and municipalities. Based on the drone’s weight, the UK has the same rules as the EU. No matter where you are, always ensure that you fly legally.


1. Do drones make a sound?

All drones make noise. It is described by many as a buzzing sound that sounds a lot like a bee. This noise is caused by the propellers spinning at a very high speed. This noise is most evident when it’s closest to you, but it’s not as noticeable once it’s higher up in the air.

2. Can you fly a drone nightly?

Although most drones can fly at night, we don’t recommend it until you have a lot of experience. When operating at night, it is important to keep your drone in sight. Drones that can fly at night have lights that can be seen at night.

Remember that drones don’t have night vision, so video taken during night fly won’t be lit by ambient lighting such as streetlights or moonlight.

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3. Is it possible to fly a drone in the rain?

Drone manufacturers advise against fly your drone in the rain. The majority of cheap drones are not waterproof or water-resistant. This means that even small amounts could cause damage to the motor and battery. Your drone will stop working if it is exposed to moisture. As a rule of thumb, don’t fly your drone in the rain, fog, or other humid conditions.

If you are caught in such conditions, make sure to land quickly. Once your drone is dry, disconnect the battery and let it dry. To remove water from the interior housing, shake the drone gently and allow it to dry. You can use the same techniques as drying a phone. After drying your drone, you should test it at low altitudes before you start flying it again.

4. Are drones required to be registered?

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires you to register your drone according to how you intend to use it. You must also mark your drone with your assigned registration number. Registering drones weighing over 0.55 lbs (250g) or less than 55 lbs is required. This applies to all drones currently on the market. The registration must be renewed every three years.

Also, proof of registration must be carried at all times. Commercial fly is not permitted under the license. Drone flights are not allowed below 400 feet and in Class “G” (uncontrolled) airspace. These rules are your responsibility.

Some states require drone pilots follow additional regulations. Before you take off, make sure you check the laws in the state where you’re flying.

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5. Are you required to have a pilot’s license in order to fly drones for beginners

Drone pilots who are hobbyists or recreational drone pilots do not require a license at this time. Additional certifications may be required for commercial flying.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the best deals on high-quality products and services. We carefully select what we cover and do so independently. Prices, details, and availability of products and services in this post are subject to change at any time. Before you make a purchase, be sure to verify that they are still valid.

Digital Trends could earn commissions on products that are purchased via our links. This helps us support the work we do to help our readers.

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We have reviewed the best drones on a budget in 2022. If you are looking for an affordable drone that can capture high-quality photos, video, and FPV experience with ease, then some options below should be able to do so. From beginners’ drones to professional-level drones – there is something for everyone! We hope you found the best drone, and good luck finding your perfect match.

Flying a drone can quickly turn into an expensive hobby with professional drones can cost thousands or hundreds of dollars. There are many affordable drones available that can be used by beginners. Some of these drones produce a video so great that it would be difficult to believe that they were made with a beginner drone. We hope this review is helpful for all of you when buying a new drone

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