Best Android Camera App 2022: Top Full Guide

Best Android Camera App 2022 Top Full Guide
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Camera programs were made to take far better images. Thus, what’s the Best Android Camera App for you?

Most apps for your camera are compatible with lots of browsers such as IOS, Windows, Android… But not all programs can accomplish that. Consequently, in the following guide, we offer Android camera-related programs.

Top Rated 13 Android Phone Camera Apps Brand

Top Rated 13 Best Android Camera Apps Brand

1. ProCam X ( Android)

Not to confuse the similarly-named iPhone app, ProCam X for Android is a different ( and more straightforward) venture. It is best thought of as a superior choice to Open Camera, using fewer features but more immediacy.

Everything the program provides is within easy access. Manual control choices sit over the shutter. Next into the camera buttons to correct the photos and videos style and change between your device’s cameras. At the opposite end of the display, you locate a share button, HDR timer, toggle, flash settings, and control.

The preferences are well worth working through since they may be self-evident. You will want to work out what specific options mean from mysterious icons. But as soon as you’re sorted, you will locate ProCam X, a speedy, efficient program for powering up your Android camera.

At least, you most likely will. It worked nicely with our test telephones, but Google Play comments indicate that is not true with each smartphone. Luckily, you could always test the free lite version and determine how it fares in your apparatus.

2. Adobe Lightroom along with Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editor rather than a camera program. But in addition, it includes a camera program built. The camera is pretty decent and contains extensive keyword features such as HDR, RAW support, social media, and various manners and presets.

Plus, it’s the definitive collection of manual camera controls should you want that too. The good news is Adobe Lightroom is among the best camera apps android for mobile right now so you can use the cam program and instantly dip it into editing.

Adobe also introduced Adobe Photoshop Cam ( Google Play connection ) in 2020 using many different attributes, such as various filters, real-time Photoshop effects, auto-tone, portrait style controllers, and much more. It is essentially a camera for societal networking types, but it is still an adequate alternative all around.


VSCO is a third-party camera program that has among the most outstanding photo editors built. Take notice that as a cam program, this one is relatively straightforward.

The true magic lies in the picture editor facet of things VSCO has become the go-to picture editor a lot over time, for a good reason. This program delivers many filters, effects, and preferences for picture editing, over most other editors on the market.

4. Google Camera Port ( Top Choice)

Arguably the very best characteristic of the Pixel telephones is the leading cameras. Nevertheless, it is not the hardware that generates the fantastic outcomes. Google’s camera program includes a few fancy tricks up its sleeve.

Users can enhance the camera quality on other apparatus with the identical program. We’ve got a user manual with a listing of Google Camera ports for a variety of devices. Please test it out to see whether your device is contained!

5. Photoshop Camera ( Android/iPhone)

Photoshop is interchangeable with luxury photographic retouching applications, so it is curious to see that it implemented for this imaginative – yet frequently goofy – dwell filters program.

This is enjoyable, lively stuff as you pick a filter and have it change a spectacle. If you are a more conservative kind, you can undoubtedly do with creating your lunch to seem somewhat friendlier or substituting the skies with a bluer you need was there.

But much more creative cuisine lurks, such as sparkling pop-art, glitches, and giant lollipops by which to pepper the landscape.

The camera piece will not win any awards. There is a timer, flash controller, and also aspect ratio change. But what is reactive – remarkable, given what is happening – and you always have the option to prevent the camera by simply loading existing snaps and utilizing the program for a filter’s editor rather.

Android owners will need to know about a gotcha. However – the program’s support on that stage is strangely scattergun, restricted to specific apparatus. Quite, why Adobe’s partaken in that type of filtering,” we have no idea.

6. Bacon Camera

We will be honest. We believed Bacon Camera was a joke program if we first saw the title. Nonetheless, this is an officially good camera program. It boasts manual controls like focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and much more.

You also get support for RAW and DNG Together with the Standard JPEG. It boasts support for manual controls on devices that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API.

We did not have some evaluation apparatus that didn’t support it, so we’ll take their word on it for the time being. A few other features include GIF support, a panorama mode, and timed shots.

That can be amazingly good, and the pro version is surprisingly affordable. The sole issue is upgrading support. This one has not seen an update since 2019 ( at the time of the writing). Therefore it might not be supported.

7. Camera MX

Camera MX is a third-party camera program that’s been available for quite a very long moment. This is a perfect option for your default camera program, and it will glow in certain aspects.

This is most likely the best quality cam apps for making GIFs or a minimum of one of the greatest ones. It’s a superb GIF manufacturer built. However, it is a lot greater than that since it provides many choices to pick from.

This program supports all ratios and resolutions your default cam program does. It’s possible to enable grid lines within this program, as you can even mess up with exposure worth.

Disabling camera audio is also an option, as are plenty of additional standard features you’d expect. This cam program will not include more advanced options, which you would see in manual modes on a few cameras. Overall, it is well worth trying out.

8. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 has been taken out of the list some time back because of a lack of upgrades. But, it appears FGAE was not done for this one, however.

The present model of Camera FV-5 is, in fact, pretty good. It’s a swatch of manual controls, exposure bracketing, and more technical stuff like a built-in intervalometer.

The list of attributes is just too long to get a simple list for this to encircle. The program runs for $3.95 and has regular updates at the time of the writing.

The only disadvantage is some telephones appear to act poorly with this one, so be sure that you give it a proper evaluation within the refund period if your phone is just one of these.

9. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is among the very best camera apps in the marketplace. The program includes a slew of filters for your selfies, plus they are pretty varied, and it can be a good thing.

It is possible to swipe right and left to experience the available filters before finding the appropriate one. The program also will come with a few editing programs, which behave for decor purposes.

These tools include slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.

Candy Cam also includes a lot of stickers you may utilize. In addition to that, it enables one to shoot hushed selfies or snapshots. Character is built here if you would like to make a collage from selfies or anything like this.

You can pick from several grids and designs, which make this program a potent grid manufacturer too. The program’s UI layout is excellent, and due to it, the program is simple to use.

10. DSLR Camera Pro

Placing “best DSLR camera app for android” from the title of your cam program brings some exalted expectations together. This program mainly backs it up using manual controls such as white balance, ISO, exposure, and RGB histogram support. If you overlook the physical two-stage camera real cameras, this program mimics using a two-stage camera tap.

11. Filmic Pro

Filmic Guru is just one of the newer cam programs on Android, which is also the most expensive camera program on this listing. It has some unique features also.

Including some particular manual controllers. For example, it’s a dual slider for focus and exposure, a white balance adjustment matrix, and a gamma curve control.

Additionally, it includes a few additional analytics, a dwell RGB controller, and far more. This one had a very shaky beginning. On the other hand, the developers appear to be actively accepting user feedback and upgrading the program to repair bugs.

It is going to be good, hopefully. Make sure you try this one entirely inside the refund period if you would like to give it a try.

12. HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam two is a part of the open-source Open Camera program. It requires the winning mix of simplicity and attributes and adds them to a couple of added features.

This variant can also be open source, incidentally, and the connection to get the code is at the Google Play description. This one carries many manual controls, HDR and DRO ( dynamic range optimization) photos and videos styles, various customization components ( such as turning off the camera audio ), and things like facial detection support.

Open Camera is perfect. This one is somewhat better but also a bit more complicated. It is possible to select the one you enjoy more.

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13. Manual Camera

Manual Camera was among the first programs to make the most of this Camera2 API. It has been some time since the last upgrade, but the program still works excellent.

The interface is comfortable and reminiscent of a proper cam. It’s manual controls for focus, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and much more. It’s possible to shoot in RAW also.


Programs for your camera will probably be no stranger to you after reading this report. To get a more pleasurable experience, ProCam X is going to be the wisest option.

We outline all of the in-depth product information that you know readily. In case you have any queries, please contact LucidCam through the comments section below.

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